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  1. Thank you teal. Like always, Thank you. I wish there was another word that could express a deep sense of gratitude towards you.
  2. JP2

    Chicago Workshop 2019 - 1/2

    @Alex Shepps Thank you Alex for being vulnerable and going on stage. Your segment was so good, I felt very connected to the things you were saying. big hugs
  3. JP2


    Thank you teal. You are awesome and incredible. wish you all the love of source hehe
  4. JP2

    Chicago Bound

    AWWW teal
  5. JP2

    Salt Flats Shoot

    Wow teal swan is so beautiful, gorgeous and sexy. I have to tell you I had an issue in the past with how her appearance made me feel. To make it short, it had nothing to do with her (heheh) there was an understanding in me that was not accurate. I did some parts work and got to see the reason. My mother and sister where really beautiful women, but very controlling. At one point my father cheated on my mother and he left home for (2 years). After that my mother and older sister where a bit angry at men. So whenever they would see something in me that reflected a behavior from my father that they deemed unacceptable I was made to know about it. I started to resent them and the women in my life, I would see all of them as controlling. I did not want to be controlled, so I would try to be very aware if a woman would try to make me feel attracted to her. There is so much to unpack here, even the fact that I am gay, but well. In conclusion, I felt attracted to teal and that made me feel uncomfortable because of the following erroneous believes: My teachings have to come from someone not so attractive (So that I cannot be controlled with their attraction) Is unacceptable for me to feel attracted to women (I am going to loose myself if I get controlled by one, romantically) I also feel attracted to some women (And that is ok, I am more fluid now even though I identify as Gay) The fact that I can see and feel something, does not mean I need to pursue it (We become more and more an embodiment of everything and nothing) Thank you Teal, you are incredible and a true teacher.
  6. JP2

    Synchronization Workshop FAQ

    Is teal coming to Canada again at some point?
  7. JP2

    If You Were A Drug...

    My side effect would be either reflection or intense focus on things to solve. Hope everything goes well with your brother teal, big hugs.
  8. JP2

    Life In One Word

    I thought it was Exploration. But I think Evolution is better.
  9. JP2

    Dangerous Assumptions

    So funny that Teal talks about assumptions and also about an episode regarding demons. When I myself am dealing with assuming things that I perceived to be demons. This matrix really is a highly sophisticated super computer. Thanks teal. as always you are incredible.
  10. JP2

    Souls & Archangels

    Teal is a genius how she explains things.
  11. 1. Cube a. It was a huge cube, like the pyramids in the desert. b. It was far away enough for me to be able to see all of it form and even what was on the top. If I walked towards it I would get close in matter of minutes. c. The material was alien, very solid, smooth, and not transparent. The color was golden with some hieroglyphics /encryption on it. d. It made me feel like I was looking at something ancient, sacred, alien. It had a magnetic attraction to it. 2. Ladder a. The ladder although it was more of a staircase was made of the crystal jade, transparent and the color was green (color like an emerald) b. The staircase was attached to the cube, going up in a spiral, surrounding it until it would reach the top. c. The staircase was very comfortable to walk on, reliable, stable, long, and beautiful. 3. Horse a. The horse was on top of the cube b. The horse was very playful c. The horse had a light brown color initially, but it would change colors every once in a while. Going through all the colors imaginable. d. The horse was comfortable, very smart, relaxed. He would love to change his physical color e. No saddle, not tied, just very free 4. Storm a. There was a big, heavy and loud storm in the horizon. b. The storm was not moving, it was fixed in that point. c. If I where to put my prolonged attention to the storm, I would move into the storm (with the cube and everything). Otherwise it was always in the horizon. 5. Flowers a. There were thousands of flowers on top of the cube b. There were flowers of every kind and every color. I could see the frequencies in the flowers move. Like they kept their embodied form but also showed that they were made of energy. c. They were in several areas on top of the cube. d. They made the horse happy.
  12. JP2


    Wow, soooooo interesting. Thank you teal. Love everything about sacred medicinal plants.
  13. JP2

    We're Our Parents

    Yay Black. So awesome Man. Keep at it.
  14. JP2

    Empaths Are Not Extrasensory

    Very Very interesting. And yes, it is true I used to see Teal as someone who could do anything. She is the best.
  15. JP2


    That would be something amazing to see. Would love to watch it.
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