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  1. JP2


    This was Gold, so awesome you have each-other.
  2. JP2

    Career Perspective Exercise

    I am robot, suddenly I am activated. I see around me a society of robots that are working through the motions; every robot has something to do. I look around; I see how everyone is adequately equipped to do their jobs. I look at my hands and I wonder what am I equipped to do in this world? The days go by while I reflect on my purpose. Meanwhile everyone is doing their important jobs. Then suddenly, I fret, the robots that were activated with me seem to know their places in the production line. Could it be that I am defective?? … I stand up, motivated to get away from my thinking spot, and I
  3. JP2

    Bed Wetting

    This happened to me too. I remember I was like 5 or 6. I used to wet the bed and in the morning I would be punished. I even remember one time I was sleeping and I woke up because my mother was hitting me (it was not repeatedly, just maybe 3 or 4 times, off course it was scary I was half asleep). It affected me, one time I did DMT with a shaman and all I could say to the shaman was : I am sorry I peed myself, I am sorry. Did I pee myself? I am sorry. I think I am better now, I think so.
  4. JP2

    Childhood Story

    That is True Jem. I was the responsible one, the good grades kid, the one who behaves. Also, I had to grow up very quickly.
  5. JP2

    Childhood Story

    Sailor moon is the best, in any presentation (anime, american cartoon, manga, etc) . My favorites are Sailor moon and Sailors Mars
  6. JP2

    Childhood Story

    The character that I always loved as a kid and still feel a Special connection with, are: 1- Batman - He always carried such a heavy burden, but was always prepared for anything. the stoic Batman is always looking at the Void, always in the edge, but never falling in. There was a movie where He even he said: stare enough at the Void, and the Void will stare back at you. He is able to look at the most horrible scenes and still hold it in. He is able to go to the most darkest, hidden, terrifying places and he won't don't break down (Not at the moment when he is needed, then alone, you
  7. JP2

    The Most Difficult

    To do anything. I have so much time to do whatever I want. To be productive, to do other new stuff, to gain a new skill, to shadow work, to improve my spiritual gifts. But what do I end up doing, nothing. Just tv, Netflix, anime, or just killing time online. I am struggling with being productive when I am not forced to be productive
  8. JP2

    Happy Mother's Day

    Happy mother's Day to Teal Swan and to all the mothers in the tribe.
  9. Teal is so strong, courageous and have so much conviction.
  10. JP2

    Lucid Dreams

    This video was incredible. Teal was looking at my soul in real time hehe. My whole life dreams have been very interesting to me. I have had Out of body experiences and lucid dreaming. Both of them are super fun. Although I would like to have a bit of more conscious control. In the past I have dreamed with Teal, Graciela and Blake. It is always great when I get to see you guys.
  11. Thank you teal. Like always, Thank you. I wish there was another word that could express a deep sense of gratitude towards you.
  12. JP2

    Chicago Workshop 2019 - 1/2

    @Alex Shepps Thank you Alex for being vulnerable and going on stage. Your segment was so good, I felt very connected to the things you were saying. big hugs
  13. JP2


    Thank you teal. You are awesome and incredible. wish you all the love of source hehe
  14. JP2

    Chicago Bound

    AWWW teal
  15. JP2

    Salt Flats Shoot

    Wow teal swan is so beautiful, gorgeous and sexy. I have to tell you I had an issue in the past with how her appearance made me feel. To make it short, it had nothing to do with her (heheh) there was an understanding in me that was not accurate. I did some parts work and got to see the reason. My mother and sister where really beautiful women, but very controlling. At one point my father cheated on my mother and he left home for (2 years). After that my mother and older sister where a bit angry at men. So whenever they would see something in me that reflected a behavior from my father th
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