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  1. I don't know why this came up in my Facebook feed when the post is from 2015, but I didn't notice the date until after I'd written out what came to me. It's probably nothing more than you know already now, since the dream was three years ago, and I hope this doesn't intrude, but I don't just get rid of my dream interps when they come to me, when I see dreamers wondering. Maybe this can help something you need from it now, this 2018 year that seems so determined to begin new chapters. So here goes: Isuzu trooper – Vehicle – Direction in life. White with black covered tire on back – White – Innocence, purity -- Black covered tire – Escape plan. 4 white handprints of family – Hand – choice -- Handprints – effects of choices -- White – the good. Family attached to car – family choices attached to life direction . Sit back in the seat – which seat? – released/out of control. Only conscious being – the others are not moving with purpose. Red rock cliffs – Rock – earth – foundation, solidity, what feeds you -- Cliffs – danger or Fool. Motel – State of mind – busy -- Red - Passion, inner fire. On top of a perfectly manicured green – diamond in the rough, oasis, nurturing environment. Poplar trees towering over -- Protection -- Trees are quaking and swaying – Disturbance. Something is “off” but manager is smiling – Appearances are deceiving. Two Westies chasing – Dogs/family -- Shadowy figure evading dogs – Danger lurking, chased by family protectors. Teal’s mother yelling at family protectors to return – Danger acknowledged. Only Teal sees the shadow and is horrified – Only she sees the danger. Parents casually chatting again – Danger “resolved”. Brother on Gameboy – ignoring environment. Stepping backwards – retreat from oasis. Stepping – Direction in life. Step backwards into death – Direction is stagnated motion. Raven corpse – Raven, luck, magic, protection – Corpse, death – Death, transformation. Bent and twisted in perfect lawn – Disturbance below surface. Silent screaming – Lack of control, can’t alert or find protection where it should be found. Waving hands – Silent choices that do not catch attention – silenced voice. Crawling away – direction in life – insufficient transport. Vomit – expulsion – crawl through it – crawling through mess of own making to escape. Trial by fire. Leaving alone – Saving self. Roadside – South on empty road – direction in life. Gravel hurting knees – Difficulties. Standing – Direction in life – under own control. Horizon and heat and sand – State of mind/body/soul. Ancient gas station – another oasis, fuel. Deserted – No help. Lights off – Subconscious. Turn around and see the outline of a person in the corner – watched. Shadow person in corner – nonhuman – cannibal. Dodge and slip – Saving self efforts and then slipping due to shock. Floor of gas station – foundation of ancient oasis. Blood – Life. Flowing from a boy – Death, witnessing death – Danger, caution, the boy was the previous victim of the creature you face. Running South again down the road – Direction in life under own control. Sound behind – parents’ vehicle. Flagging vehicle unsuccessful, obvious family – They still don’t see, but “unconsciously” steering the vehicle showing they don’t WANT to see. Running after vehicle screaming and crying – Desperation for outside aid from family (understandable). Missing handprint – No longer family of choice . Trying to replace handprint unsuccessful – refusal to move forward. Running – Feet disintegrated – Running in spite of pain (plain as that). No feet – No foundation, no footing, lack of grounding. Dropping to ground and rolling off road -- The road so far – full of loss. Losing the will to live/life/living/what was/all past self. Screaming at sky – Sky, air – Intellect. Lucky penny – Chance, loyalty, trust, humble. Cold marble – Solid ground. Smelling blossoms – growth. Hear geese – Living things. Geese – Traveling South for Winter – You hibernated. Left body for scavengers – No, left the old Self. A big question I have for this dream is – Why could your parents not see it, and why did the brother ignore it all? They would have their own perspectives, which would help with knowing, but maybe it's your perspective of what you saw of them. And you've Integrated what you can of where you've been. Sometimes the Unresolvable is a need to simply Refocus your attention on your Heart and its true road so that it stops being lost in the past echo. Running from the first false oasis and masks. Then running from false oasis. Skipped by parents (unacceptance of daughter’s place in family). Traveled South to hibernate your soul. Yes, I agree with you that this is your mind’s attempt to resolve – not so much resolve as comprehend, try to make sense of, to find some reason, maybe to understand motivation – your past, but moreso that you lack definition of your future. You have left behind the past and what it entails, but you have not made peace with it. But who or what have you become? What do you want to see, Be? If your Inner Child needs a witness, I – and so many others, with what you have shared – am witnessing it. I would be in a somber mood too, dreaming that over again. I used to have a dream that came back to me over the years from when I was a young child until it came to pass. Perhaps such dreams signal major transformations that lead to live purposes. Best wishes.
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