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    Ah, I guess i was not aware of this. Thank you for letting me know.
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    New episode idea Hello. I hope Teal herself reads this. I just submitted a possible idea for a new future episode. It's meant to be an equal opposite about the video on how to recover from wanting to kill one's self. It would be about how to recover from wanting to hurt or kill another instead for causing pain on to you. It's about revenge. Why we want it, whether its necessary or not, ways of going about it, and how to eventually find a way to forgive if at all possible. I think this video might be appropriate for some people who have been hurt in life by other people. I should know. whether its form experience or not is another story. If at all possible, please someone, see if this can be shared directly with Teal Swan herself so she can do this video idea at some point. I would just like the information and advice that comes form it to be used to help other people who are suffering through problems not of their own making.
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    Hello form Arizona Hello. I'm Austin T. from Phoenix, Arizona. I'm looking forward to learning some about how i can possibly help people in need and especially help myself when need be. Don't hesitate to contact me via my profile if you wanna chat about anything.