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  1. my-alteregos-and-me

    I really like Zac. I could watch and listen to him all day. Lets hope he manages to release his resistance 😉
  2. my-alteregos-and-me

    I feel really overstrained and frightened. Im most of the time a bit confused about how to do all of this internal work in practical ways for resolving the resistance. Thats very frustrating, too! That also feels like opposition and efford and i feel very threatened and preshured to do it, otherwise i will be screwed and my life will get even worse and more of the hell it already is and so on... i feel really threatened and preshured by the universe and yes it feels like: whatever we are doing, its just not enough or not right enough... i wish Teal could release more videos on the HOWs, how to do the work, even more than she already has. more practical examples, just more help on how to do it in practical terms and a little hopespending motivational stuff. I feel really overstrained with all of this and sometimes like the biggest failure. Her videos are great and informative, but the how is often enough too abstract in my oppinion.
  3. i thought suffering is just resistance to the negative emotion. and hopelessness and powerlessness to ever get the needs met makes things unbearable. but cp can help? i think every incarnation makes sense, otherwise they would not be.
  4. its "when you feel like youve gone backwards...".
  5. have you already mastered relationships and intimacy? I thought this was the issue of modern humans? maybe this is why you maybe feel bored and empty with life, because there is something missing for you? and this is very typical for todays humanity: depression and feelings of emptiness due to isolation and seperation. i mean: how do you feel about that? depressed? bored? that nothing makes sense?
  6. my-alteregos-and-me

    where is the problem with that? why are you trying to have an "academic" discussion with teal swan, just to argue yourself out of being relationally dependend? you just are and you always will be, if you like it or not. i think she said all there needs to be said.
  7. my-alteregos-and-me

    @Treyoung1990 but you understand that humans are relationally dependend on each other and that the todays level of "independence" and disconnection for the sake of "autonomy" is what makes people suffer and what makes it possible to start war against each other. i think she explaines it in the video "how has it come to this - the collapse into independece". Maybe her video "i can have me and i can have you too" may help you? and having unhealthy relationships indeed makes people sick.
  8. my-alteregos-and-me

    why not?
  9. my-alteregos-and-me

    Has anyone here ever heard of "visual snow" (seeing constantly white dots like television static)? I have this "condition" since i can remember and learned just some years ago that this is actually not "normal" and that other people normaly see clear without this constant flimmery bright thing in their view. until now i couldnt find out what it is and why some people have it. On a physical level my eyes are completly healthy, like its the case with all others visual snow-"sufferers". i dont suffer, i just recognize that its always there and that just i see it. i just can not make sense out of it and dont know what to do about it. the only thing i already realized is, that it gets "worse" or lets say even brighter and more flimmery when im in distress of some kind. does anyone know this or has an idea?
  10. my-alteregos-and-me

    because its not an emotion. its something that is done. emotion is a result of it. for example you judge a table to be a table, you limit its energy to that of a table. how you feel about it is another topic.
  11. my-alteregos-and-me

    @Done Now oh funny, look she released a video on balance vs. integration. wasnt that somehow the topic recently? 😉
  12. my-alteregos-and-me

    just found some Quote of teal that does fit into the talk we had here: "We assume that our physical surroundings are the stable, firm basis of reality. As if density and form itself are the true test of what is "real". But we are wrong in our assumption. It is the density of physical form that obscures the truth from our physical senses. Reality... is actually completely 100% relative to the vibratory frequency of the observer." - Teal Swan
  13. my-alteregos-and-me

    shit happens? cancer results out of deep grief youre unaware of. you can harm your body energetically by putting foods into it that are of low energy. but it depends on your own personal energy (or also said suppressed energy) which diseases you will manifest in your body. your body is just your physical expression. i think the word thought should be replaced with believesystem and personal attitude. your believes and attitutes come from childhood, but you can unhook from them by reintegration. that will make the energy flow again and will prevent diseases.
  14. my-alteregos-and-me

    You already decided to eat meat, why do you care about other peoples opinion. you dont need to explain yourself.
  15. my-alteregos-and-me