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  1. same here. i start something but i always get doubts and i drop it again. what it this? it feels like low self esteem or some kind of a depressed feeling of uselessness and pointlessness. I havnt found a solution yet. does someone has an idea?
  2. Haha, thanks, this whole thing really made me laugh. This MistaRender person demonstrates in a hilarious way whats wrong with this world. Why are you guys actually answering him in a serious manner? I mean come on, there is no discussion possible with those kind of people. They dont want a solution, they want the drama. So dont waste your energy on that... But really entertaining. This video about the emotional health was just the cherry on top in this whole context here...
  3. @Inquisitor Sorry, you sound like some lawyer whos emotionaly completely disconected from what hes talking about. A lot of talking and emotionally very distanced. When your so neutral how you state you are, why then does your post has this same kind of vibe and feel to it than those typical teal-hater-comments? Where those people try to find "flaws" in her teaching that they can pick on and use against her. You found the potential "flaw" and instantly started the judging. Feels really unhealthy and negativ. Now you can argue against it, but this lawyer vibe will probably stay the same... Maybe you should argue less and instead make more use of her processes to reconect yourself with your feelings? Just some idea.
  4. I dont know. I think suppressing and controlling feelings or disconnecting from them, is fragmentation. Aspects you can switch between at will are probably protector parts. So there must be some splits. The question is how aware you are about these aspects you switch away from and what do they need. So why is there a need to change feelings and aspects and which feelings and parts are left behind. I mean its a good question... i dont know the answere.
  5. @Inquisitordo you actually understand the concept of parts work? its not about what others would not want to see, its about which aspects she wants to protect for herself in that specific moment when she feels that this one aspect of her is disableing her to go on stage. So she is aware she has this aspect and chose to take loving care of it with leaving it where it wants to be, which is not on stage. This has not so much to do with authenticity, but more with knowing your aspects and if its necessary protecting those and taking care for ones parts. Everyone does this all the time, with the difference, that these shy aspects are hiding in your subconscious. She is authentic with knowing her parts and being open with those and with the fact that she needs to take care of them. I dont understand the harsh critique towards her...
  6. she talkes about it a lot. i think these are videos for you:
  7. conscious fragmentation means to consciously decide to leave some aspect of your personality behind to perform only on some other aspects of yours. Teal for example says she can do that when she goes on stage and therefore leaves behind shy aspects of hers that are frightened to be on a stage. how this works in practical terms... i dont know. i believe i did this in school when i had to talk in front of the class, too. you only embody the outgoing aspect of you and "pause" the shy part of yourself.
  8. Hi, in the future she plans those every month. When you subscribed for the mail-newsletter you will get informed.
  9. Hi, she talkes about it for example there:
  10. Yes, sorry, i meant that person. I dont know about those abraham-teachings, i just remember her talking about it. I tried to look the video up in which she talked about it. I found at least this blog: I thought she calles it spritiutality 3.0. 1.0 positiv focus (allowing positiv, flow) 2.0 shadow work (allowing negativ, integration) 3.0. choise, deliberate creation for the sake of chosen experience (Peace is the absence of internal conflict and therefore absence of external war.)
  11. She talked about it in her latest online Workshop and here:
  12. Thats right, she says it neglects adressing the shadow and is therefor a form of denial and plays into the resistance. She says its a limited understanding of the law of attraction and will probably fuel denial. She also explaines why this person died the death he died.
  13. Name: Isabelle Question: im very fascinated by relicts of ancient technical highly evolved cultures like the pyramids and angkorwat etc: why do we discover them and how to understand them? I understand that my question is not guaranteed to be answered: I understand that my question is not guaranteed to be answered
  14. @Yerrot Hi! Remove yourself, avoid further abuse and close the situation. But presence at least is always good. Reading her book on "Completion Process" may help you!
  15. @together as one hello, i have a similar issue which i am working on. It drives me nuts when i feel like someone didnt listen, or didnt listen "good enough" or i have to repeat and explain again and again, plus mentioning that im tired of doing that and that its disrespectfull not to listen and they please should tell me that they dont listen before i put so much effort and energy into the talking. I hate it. I found out, that this must me something from when i was very little (age 0-4?) and i was unable to controll the attention i needed to be given to me. My parents were dismissiv and it didnt matter what i did, how i did it and with which intensitiy, i never was really successfull to get my message through to them and my needs met. My parents rediculed me for being so crotchety, mad and whining and reminded me that i was fake and a malingerer. All my energy i used for trying to get through to them just dissapeared into thin air. I still feel the same way today. im unheard, i cant get my message through, people dont "see me", i get mad and whining and so forth. This is one of my worst triggers that can get me really aggressive and wanting to hit the other person out of complete powerlessness and despair. so: its always the childhood problem that repeats itsself and needs to be solved. after i worked on that a little, i realized, that its not anmore that much important for me to be heard in all detail or not. sometimes it still is, but it doesnt happen on a daily basis anymore.