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  1. "How secure are you financially?" ehm... just as much secure as the banking system is heading towards the next mega-crises?? Im financially as secure as the european central bank... how much "Choice" do i and the EU have with that, hm? the Banking problems will not just dissapear, we will pay. all of us. the Situation in Europe is very very intense and is getting even worse. Dont know how much Choice do i have here... just hoping that everything will be just fine? all the issues? dont think so. - banking system will fail - social support and wellfare will lower / people losing their jobs - no trust in government anymore - corruption and unfairness everywhere - intense refugee crises - climate topic - pharma-issues, antibiotics-crises - Europe will have civil war did i miss something? and now we have to just hope in humanity or what? i dont think so...
  2. DarkFarmer

    Unspoken History

    they were seen as develish.
  3. DarkFarmer

    False Humility

    @Moonfish well you said just what she said: its not about having a degree or not. its about your competence.
  4. DarkFarmer

    Toxic Masculinity

    next an add about the female shadow please ...?
  5. DarkFarmer

    Tidying Up

    whats with those people who go a little bit far with that and jump on this whole minimalism thing and just throw out litteraly anything ...
  6. Although my father was neglectfull, the positive side of this was, that there were no super strict rules. There was no "you have to do x, because i told you so.". He always explained why he wanted us to do xyz, what the goal and benefit of that was and what would probably happen when we did not do so. But we were free to not do so. We were free to do otherwise but we understood that he was kindn of right, because we found it out by testing it out for ourselves. He always explained to us from youngest age what will happen when we will do x or y and then let it up to ourselves to mess it up and therefor learn from it. He also made no rule when to go to bed. I automatically went to bed when i was tired and i willingly went to bed earlier because i knew i would feel like crap the next morning when i was tired. so i kinda learned to take responsibility for my own choices in some form. He kind of trusted us with our own choice. He wasnt always happy with the choices and he rediculed a lot, that was the shitty part, the downside. I quite often felt like it was my own fault when something went wrong or when i had horrible experiences and i had to swallow those consequences now, but without his support, because he warned me and no i was the stupid one. I would have wished for more emotional support with the bad choices he forsaw. Not like this "well i told you so, now your pain is not my responsibility anymore..." - kind of thing. I think children need to be free to make there experiences without massive restrictions and unexplained rules. And they need to know, that their parents will always be there for them to comfort them when there where bad experiences and choices that led to pain. I really missed that.
  7. DarkFarmer

    Spirit Guide Trauma

    Sounds to me more like a ghost or exiting tulpa, not a guide? ghost thought forms can actually hurt you physically. i dont know if spirit guides can do that, their just there watching and wittnessing i thought.
  8. I recently realized that i need to feel comforted and safe. I get almost into crisis when i have to endure physically uncomfortable situations. It extremly stresses me out and makes me upset like hell. I would love to be treated very well and that my physical and sensory needs are met, like temperature, smell, light. i would love to be treaded supperior, but i cant affort financally ....... what to do about it? ?
  9. well i meant what teal said and that is that we attack them with our thoughts. how does that go? I at least never felt somehow attacked by my exs and they for sure thought not so nice stuff right and had for sure no best wishes...
  10. I really like Zac. I could watch and listen to him all day. Lets hope he manages to release his resistance ?
  11. everything you think DOES affect them?! how? i never watched anything like that ... not on me, not on someone else. who cares what an ex thinks and how should this affect another person? doesnt is just affect themselves?
  12. DarkFarmer


    I feel really overstrained and frightened. Im most of the time a bit confused about how to do all of this internal work in practical ways for resolving the resistance. Thats very frustrating, too! That also feels like opposition and efford and i feel very threatened and preshured to do it, otherwise i will be screwed and my life will get even worse and more of the hell it already is and so on... i feel really threatened and preshured by the universe and yes it feels like: whatever we are doing, its just not enough or not right enough... i wish Teal could release more videos on the HOWs, how to do the work, even more than she already has. more practical examples, just more help on how to do it in practical terms and a little hopespending motivational stuff. I feel really overstrained with all of this and sometimes like the biggest failure. Her videos are great and informative, but the how is often enough too abstract in my oppinion.
  13. DarkFarmer

    Soul Streams

    @Casia what does it explain?
  14. 10 working days have already past ? im curious and want to see the upload ?
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