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  1. Please whoever edits these videos add a compressor to the audio track so that we don't have to have the volume all the way up when they're whispering and then it's BLASTING when someone bursts out into laughter.
  2. There should be a zero tolerance policy for holding the mic a foot away from your face and whispering on stage
  3. jm105

    49:40 Teal's "coping mechanism-oriented spiritual teacher" voice is hot
  4. jm105

    Practitioners Is anyone interested in taking on a case working with CP and law of attraction? I'm at my wits' end. I don't have any money, sorry. If anyone is interested I would appreciate it.
  5. jm105

    Wheat People say horrible things about wheat, and I've been personally warned about it by people but I'm not sure if that's some kind of test of whether I'll choose for myself whether it's good or bad or if it's just objective truth. I understand all of the scientific and chemical reasons about why it's supposed to be bad, but I don't know if it's true or if it matters and if it would hurt or benefit or be neutral to my body. I haven't eaten it in years and I would love to be able to, it's so convenient. Ze fuck?
  6. I just know that there is so much criticism ready for me when I act or speak, again this varies depending on who I am around, whether I feel empowered in reference to that person or ashamed. Even if they wouldn't outright criticize me it would be justified, and I also can't stand when there is obvious judgment (in my possibly delusional opinion) but the person acts nonjudgmental. But the origins of it seem so simple. I think I look stupid and pathetic in my body and with how I would express things if I did, so I keep myself all stiff and silent to put as little of myself as possible into the world so I don't have to see my reflection at all. And also because on some level I can never be happy anyway because of the way I look and the way I am so I don't get pleasure out of things the way I would if I were healthy. I KNOW that this is true because I went through years of knowing that I would act and speak and express myself physically very differently if I looked the way I wanted to. Then I would have created a life for myself that included myself my desires my personal taste etc rather than becoming this other weird thing that operates through layers of sickness from building a life of self-denial.
  7. What makes you say psychopath? Schizophrenic I understand. I do act very different with different people. With some people I can hardly be unhappy. Others I'm paranoid and can't seem to act as a free agent. I do also spend an inordinate amount of time in fantasy, on delusional pursuits, and/or anxiously trying to find "the right thing to do" so that I can move forward, but in truth I am just hauntingly disappointed with my life and body and can't get away from that. The intention is to find a more suitable path that makes it easier to not drown in emotional pain and to have more relief and more pleasure and more freedom And to feel free to be able to physically move and exist in a way that makes me feel comfortable, I mean body language and using my voice and everything, since I have long been suppressing my physicality
  8. For allowing shadow personality splits to take over and acting out of alignment, being an escapist and extremist and irresponsible and immature, paranoid and delusional, probably using a lot of bullshit justification for my actions and definitely projecting a lot, knowing better than that. I really feel like I don't deserve things despite what people in my life tell me and despite that whole idea of inowning instead of deserving. I'm just a crazy stubborn immature bitter lazy avoidant unappreciative arrogant melodramatic loser who abandons responsibility hoping to be taken care of by the idea of god and then just complains and self-condemns when it becomes unbearable, putting people off, being egocentric and insufferable. And I should not be refusing to work and refusing to take care of things, I am entitled as fucking shit and so unwilling to be uncomfortable. The details are copious but I feel like I'm objectively wrong and ridiculous
  9. When you see how fucked up you are and you know that it's pathetic and that shame is justified because you're objectively wrong
  10. Recognizing split personalities has been shocking and I'm embarrassed and humiliated by everything, I'm such a fucking piece of shit in a lot of ways, I don't really know how to deal with it, and I'm paranoid about what people think and don't know how to proceed at all either everything is going to collapse again or I have to be able to make miracle happen, but am I just insane thinking that I can just be irresponsible as fuck because I'm lazy and just hope a miracle happens, probably yes, where am I creating my reality vs being objectively delusional?
  11. jm105

    Omg Teal's automaton voice
  12. Thanks. I don't know how I can ever tend to my in-the-moment needs and also create such an elaborately fulfilling life that takes years of skills and so much throughout lifetime stuff. It feels horrible like "You're young, you've never had fun, and you can't really do anything you really want to do but maybe you can have some bitter lols in between playing out a life that is ultimately extremely sad whose purpose you have failed to fulfill. If you can still get out of bed."
  13. "True to yourself": I have some important decisions to make that will influence my life forever and I don't really know what to do, and I want to start making things happen now but I don't even have the experience to know exactly how I want to approach anything. I don't know how much to dedicate to pursuits that I could end up wishing I did or did not spend time on, and I feel like I have to choose between one sort of fulfillment or another. I can keep moving but I want to have a clear idea of what to do so I don't fuck everything up more stupidly than necessary. I suppose I could just start with living somewhere that has everything I need. I do have an idea of where that is. And then believing that I can have my own community and not play a role as a small, suppressed, shameful person. And embrace the idea of all social traditions in the dimension of their intent to allow people to get together and have fun which is foundational to what I've always wanted in the first place but on another level rejected. And not identify as an outsider and be an origin instead. And be an origin so good and righteous that shame wouldn't make sense. By the way, I am a man. I still feel like I will probably be resentful for the rest of my life, maybe I can still enjoy it, but I don't know. It feels like I chose to downgrade severely on the fun part of life in a way that damages fun forever. orthorexiaclub4everrrrrrrrrrrrr
  14. - I imagine that because all I have learned and experienced in all of this time is just a lot of disappointment and that I was misguided by my beliefs the entire time, so I feel like I have the knowledge of a 12 year old + how to live in a very different way, but I feel like because my youth was so empty and pathetic and so much of it just amounted to years of repetitive alone empty destructive sad disappointing frustrating time, instead of at LEAST having some kind of youth where perhaps I was troubled and stupid but at least I had the balls to take action other than lying in bed, which clearly yielded negative results for years straight and wasted so much time. - Lack of mirroring yes, emotional neglect probably, but I also just completely gave up on life by 18 when I decided that I hated my body and thought I could never be happy the way I am. So I isolated myself and distracted myself from the idea that I was failing miserably and went on antidepressants because it was the only solution that was ultimately offered to me in response to my chronic panic attacks and phobia. Then I just played out an awfully disappointing life and also was only hanging out with a narcissist who I will not blame for anything but just as an idea of what was going on, would shit on everything I liked or wanted to do or was and every way I acted and pointed out how stupid I was all of the time. I was too weak to decide to have my own identity so I just let myself play a bit part in someone else's life until I eventually couldn't sustain my life with my sickness and moved back home to finish school, late, almost having dropped out, while dying of orthorexia, and then I spent the next 3 years here trying to find some alternative way to make a living and how to just live a safe life where I have as little responsibility as possible. Now I want so much more than that but I've already fucked up all of it, and this entire time I haven't had friendships or relationships or engaged in activities or learned about the things in life that interested me. I am completely unfulfilled in every aspect of life and I fear I will be insatiable forever. I can hardly stay in the moment at all because my life is so pathetically and disappointingly empty and it's completely my own fault. It just makes me so resentful and yet I know that resentment is the opposite of what makes everything better. I can't see the good in this. Even if I learned something from it, I believe that I could have learned it in a different way where I could have gotten a lot more out of the experience. Having this disappointing of a life is just unacceptable to me. I try constantly to see the benefit of it being so lacking but I keep coming to the conclusion that it was ultimately bad and it shouldn't have happened and I picked one of the worst potentials anyone could ever pick.