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  1. I honestly don’t have words for the way this has made me feel. My heart is bleeding, with sadness, hope, and I can’t quite describe the rest, like someone unlocked the door to a cage I didn’t even know I was living in. It’s freeing and terrifying, haunting and just like.. this validating river running through me .. or something. Anyway I’m so grateful to you for having the courage and the strength and whatever else it all took to write this. Thank you.
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    I definitely have been feeling like this lately. I’ve only recently “woke” up, I mean I guess I always was, just in and out of being asleep and running from it. But I’m not exactly excited about having to deal with people who I know will question every type of “alternative” thing I do in the parenting aspect of my life. But it’s better than trying to fit in and do what I feel like is going to end up have severe consequences long term for her. Struggle is real, lol
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