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  1. Intresting but sorry to say hun but it is only maybe half or so accurate . I really thank-you for taking the time to look for me <3
  2. JeskaFaye

    I had a great time connecting with people I met at the workshop while doing the 10 people circle of "You are alot like me" I met some really special souls and I wish I would have got their info to keep in touch. Maybe we will meet agian <3 I am so greatful that I was able to attend the workshop! <3
  3. JeskaFaye

    I attended the Syncho-Workshop on the queen mary yesterday and bought the Process book <3 Thank you! I just bought the Process book at the workshop yesterday on the Queen Mary!I am so happy I went to the workshop yesterdat!I was a magical experince! I had a really bad car accident when I was a child and I never really worked through it all.
  4. JeskaFaye

    What is Shadow Work exactally? I am a newbe and very curious. I figure this is the best place to ask? please elinghten me <3
  5. JeskaFaye

    Isle of Man I recently learned I have ancestors from The Isle of Man or The "Isle of Manx" I am learning it was a very magical place. If you know anything about this place please let me know? I am gathering all the info I can.
  6. JeskaFaye

    I was in a bad car accident as a kid. I still get visions of me crashing when I am driving or just in the car all the time but I try to shake it off and muscle through.I don't know what else to do?
  7. JeskaFaye

    TED Talks is so cool! Teal should do one!right?!
  8. JeskaFaye

    How about Costco on the weekends.They just abandon their carts in the middle of the isle with their kids and babies to get free sample snacks. LOL
  9. JeskaFaye

    Laughing reading this to my boyfriend!he hates waking up so much!
  10. Whos going to the Sychronization Workshop this weekend? Hi there everyone! I know this is a place for introductions but I thought i would ask here since I havent got any feedback from my orginal post asking if anyone is going or has gone to any workshops? (if there is another link ,my apologies & please tag me) Who is going to go to the Queen Mary?Roll call I am attending with my Aunties! I have been raving about Teal and finally talked them into going!We got a room on the ship! They both do not know what a treat they are in for.I am so looking forward to share this time with them,Teal and YOU all! ~cheers
  11. Hi there! could you possibly tell me my birthday reading? My birthday is March,9,1982. Thanks
  12. It was such a perfect night Glad you enjoyed it too! I love Warpaint!My favorite thing to listen to at bath-time
  13. JeskaFaye

  14. New Artist Musicians Perfomances Shows? seen or descovered recently. I seen Depeche Mode this past weekend. The opening band was amazing and I wanted to share it here with you all. It's called Warpaint and they blew my mind! <333 The band consist of four very talented ladies that remind me of of whimsicle pixies! Check them out below It was a magical night One of my close friends gave me her ticket last min for the show because she had to work.I went alone.I met many friends later but it was really nice to go to a concert alone(which is odd for me) I sang and danced my heart out to every song(well except the new ones or the ones I cried like a baby to!lol!) with hundereds of other fans The Hollywood Bowl under the stars. Anyway I am rambling now... The reason Im making this post is to have a new place to put inspirational artist that have recently stood out or bloomed inspiration in some way or another,
  15. JeskaFaye

    So happy I am not the only who sleeps with cystals <3