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  1. It was such a perfect night Glad you enjoyed it too! I love Warpaint!My favorite thing to listen to at bath-time
  2. Awsome!
  3. New Artist Musicians Perfomances Shows? seen or descovered recently. I seen Depeche Mode this past weekend. The opening band was amazing and I wanted to share it here with you all. It's called Warpaint and they blew my mind! <333 The band consist of four very talented ladies that remind me of of whimsicle pixies! Check them out below It was a magical night One of my close friends gave me her ticket last min for the show because she had to work.I went alone.I met many friends later but it was really nice to go to a concert alone(which is odd for me) I sang and danced my heart out to every song(well except the new ones or the ones I cried like a baby to!lol!) with hundereds of other fans The Hollywood Bowl under the stars. Anyway I am rambling now... The reason Im making this post is to have a new place to put inspirational artist that have recently stood out or bloomed inspiration in some way or another,
  4. So happy I am not the only who sleeps with cystals <3
  5. Synchronization-Workshop 12/9 Los Angeles Hey Los Angeles! Hello I am new to the site here <3 I found Teal on youtube a few weeks ago and I have felt more improvment in my happiness today then I have with months of therpy and 35 years of hidden layers of childhood Trama from a very severe car accident I was in as a child. I can not express how greatful I am to have found Teal and the introduction to the process here. I am eager to learn more so I am really hoping to make it to the workshop the December. I hope I can afford to by my ticket before it sells out! Question while Im here? Q: Have any of you ever been to any of Teal's events?Please share any thoughts with me?
  6. Heya Im a local! Anyone here planing on going in December?
  7. I just joined! Greetings from West Hollywood!
  8. well I always seems to connect or pull the High Priestess. I often pull many of the same cards regualrly. As for this post though, in the Birth card calculator I am this?
  9. High Priestess
  10. ~>.:please let me know if you like the sound of this?:.< This is my mates music and we are going to start a new project together~
  11. I always wonder about this too? I have heard many diffrent things? Im so curious to learn more <3
  12. We are not alone <3
  13. MARCHING DYNAMICS! ~.please let me know if you like the sound of this~. <3