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  1. Kilian786


    Hi, I thought about (and tried) to become vegan before. It's a really difficult change. I have been mostly vegetarian since I was a child and I tried a one month only rawfood diet and loved it at the time. Buut its super hard to know whats healthy and what not, there is so much conflicting information. I would loooove some teal food guides and receipe videos or more detailed information. Or at least just some links to good sources of information.
  2. Kilian786


    Hey Teal! Can you make an ask Teal episode on hard work? I mean the good kind that one is really supposed to do. I am having trouble with this. I have certain work that is really important to me and it's still f***ing hard to do ^_^
  3. cmon, I'm sure many of the fans truely care about you guys! I do for example : )
  4. Helloo, here a piece of my mind for anyone curious ? I've had good experiences with mirror Affirmations. They really changed a lot for me that I don't know how I would have changed otherwise. It felt so right for me and made me a lot happier and more confident. It also sometimes felt weird though, when the rift between the affirmations and the rest of my life felt too big. I still use them 10 minutes twice a week or something, its different now, much easier and relaxed, and less intense. A nice subconscious support in the background as support, instead of completely foundation shifting stuff. All that being said I also did emotional work and stuff so I did both the bandaid and the woundylooking ; ) The bypassing thing got me here. I don't think I am a big bypasser (I guess I used to be one) since I often very honest with myself, but I think I still do it regularly. Soo I will look out for this.
  5. Kilian786


    You appeared in a dream of me today teal:) An older Woman was standing in front of you. She was telling you of her troubles and you did your thing with her, helping her. Then it happened. Something appeared out of her, first a chicken, then an elderly Man. The woman was there in place for this man that she was hiding, who was really the one having the trouble. You (Teal) were really surprised about this. You didn't know about the man before. It was a pleasant suprise, you had your open mouth surprised shining laugh. Then I woke up. It was a really nice dream, one where I knew I was connecting with deeper parts of me, feeling body-energy-sensations in the dream. Having this quiet, peaceful, clear and intense qualities to it.
  6. Uh yeah a Europe Trip! I wanna go to one of the workshops:D I live in Vienna and I would most certainly buy a cheap plane ticket or Bus to another city if necessary.
  7. Kilian786


    Well, when I become a dad I will buy this book.
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