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  1. I don't know how you do it Teal. To face the antagonism, hatred and fear from people who don't understand what you offer or who can't face the challenge of your authenticity is far more than i could stand. I feel deep appreciation for you being out there in the world. I know it's not easy and I know you are both driven and threatened to do your work. I applaud your courage and your tenacity. Keep up the good work. If you are ever in Tallahassee FL feel free to visit. Enjoy the ride!
  2. i enjoy these blogs because they are the lighter side of Teal. Affluent and entitled? sure but so what? She puts herself out there to her public in ways I can only imagine dimly if at all. If you want the deep painful gut wrenching stuff she does watch her workshops She goes deeply into peoples issues with them and comes back out bringing light to the darkest deepest most painful places in their souls. I have to forgive her for the timing since production delays can put the blog days or weeks behind the events that inspire them. But hey if you don't like what's here then find what feeds your n
  3. There are some aquariums that have windows into underwater environments that give you a taste of being underwater and submarines you can go on as well.
  4. Pastor George

    Teal's Pet Peeves

    Love the sinner, hate the sin? Are we capable of separating the person from the action? Maybe, but it can certainly be a cop-out. I know I'm not supposed to hate but I do so i'll say I love someone but I hate how they treat me and/or others. Not very authentic, sidelining? What do y'all think? Teal, I love ya honey but i just can't dance!
  5. I STAND ON THE SIDE OF FEELING Thank you Teal, once again you have elucidated many of the things i have seen and felt as a counselor and pastor. I was unable to put them into words. You speak for us all. When our training goes against our heart, we as "professionals" have to muzzle our hearts and go with policies and procedures that protect us and our profession; not our clients or our hearts. "What's wrong with this picture?" It's what many if not most of us have thought or felt, if not said. We have failed to admit that we are codependent on our patients. If they are not sick then how c
  6. Pastor George

    Gifts of Safety

    Haha! I have my own satin pillow case, not decorated. Hurricane Irma headed our way. Makes me mindful of what is really important in my life and satin pillow case is a biggie!
  7. My wife's B'day was Thursday the 24th. We went to the beach. Nothing fancy just go to the beach, set up the umbrella, sit on the beach, play in the water, watch the birds and the porpoises and the fish. The clouds collect on the horizon in the direction of home. we eat the picnic lunch we brought with us and sit on the beach and play in the water. The clouds began to head our way and the distant thunder and lightening began to suggest it was time to head home. We stopped for ice cream before leaving the island and on the way home the universe presented her with the best birthday present, a dou
  8. Breeze, sorry you are so far away. We live on two acres with 4 dwellings and are attempting to be both an intentional and therapeutic community. It makes for an intense existence but worth while in multiple dimensions. Start your own tribe, community get together and buy or rent a farm or building and move in together. Stay in touch. i want to hear how it goes if you do. Peace!
  9. Growing up in the South the former Confederate states in the US I am all to aware of the racism that exists. In a College English class almost 20 years ago the issue of racism was discussed.Most of my fellow students were 18-22 recent high school white and privileged they didn't think it could happen here again it was all a thing of the past. I was the only older returning student and i assured them that yes there were still people who felt that way and who would appear if the economy took a nose dive. It did and here we are. Thank you Teal!
  10. Dear Teal, I feel your pain and see your point. So sorry you are going through this. We live in an intentional community and are the central figures in that community. We have been dealing with a similar situation with a family and community member who feels jealous of others who get more financial benefit from the community than she and being family feels entitled to prioritize other needs over her contribution to the community. On the one hand i feel the need to confront her on her priorities as they effect us all. On the other hand I see the opportunity to help her address her issues around
  11. Pastor George


    My grandmother took me away from my parents when I was less than a year old. It changed everything in all our lives. If that hadn't happened everything would have been different.
  12. Thank you Teal for your openness and candor. Always a thoughtful and emotionally revealing experience. Throughout the blog I kept thinking how my connection to God/Source has given me a sense of unconditional love and belonging and connection that allow me to let those in my life who need to disconnect to do so without most of the trauma you describe. Hasn't always been that way and I'm far from perfect but it allows me to "give it to God" and fall back on my connection with that universal love . It also gives me a route to connect to the other who rejects me as another child of God. Just as y
  13. Do I smell a Teal Swan Cookbook coming?
  14. Teal,Trauma at a young age causes such trauma! Trauma Informed Care seeks to speak to this trauma and the physiological changes in the brain that result. Please, Teal, check out Trauma Informed Care as an answer to this kind of early toxic trauma!
  15. Pastor George


    Maybe the reason the dominant vibration is powerlessness is that we are powerless over so much of what seems to be happening around us. When faced with powerlessness and frustration I find it useful to pray asking God to take these issues and deal with them. "Let go and let God!" Seems to work best when i go to bed and I would otherwise be lying awake worrying. I give it all to God and count my blessings. I sleep like a log and wake up to find much has been resolved. I either have the answer, the problem has or will resolve itself or it has ceased to worry me. Be Blessed Teal, you are a blessi
  16. Pastor George


    The process could also include celebrating the return of the individual after a period of intense interaction with more advanced and enlightened members of the group in order for amends to be made and healing to take place. The abused need to see the abuser from a different perspective as well in order to overcome their own pain and experience healing.
  17. Pastor George


    Dear Teal how sweet of you to care about the people who are abusive to the tribe, and within the tribe. It's not fair to submit the tribe as a whole to the abuse of a few dissenters who are angry and dismissive, belittling or demeaning. Their abusiveness can be seen as a cry for help and a desire for power and identity in a world that has made them feel powerless and faceless. I can highly recommend the documentary Paper Tigers that follows students in an alternative high school where Trauma Informed Care techniques are used to help them overcome their traumatic histories. I work with a homele
  18. Teal I am so sorry you are feeling such pain. I can't imagine what it must be like to live such a public life, trying to give to the world and to be attacked for that. But, I do understand some of what your attackers feel. In speaking the inconvenient truth about light and dark and sharing how spiritual teachings that focus on the light but deny the dark do us a disservice you've under cut the foundation of their belief system. Those who have to have an absolute to believe in, those who need to be a part of the one and only true way and cannot see outside their tradition or their guru or their
  19. I was in a Christian Men's study group and the leader asked me, "What do you fear most?" almost without hesitation I answered, "Loss of self." Thank you Teal for this amazing and intimate sharing of your loss of self. You never cease to amaze me.
  20. If we choose to call ourselves Christian then we have to accept that Jesus changed the world through sacrifice and suffering. So being Christ-like or Christian means to accept sacrifice and suffering as our way to peace. It is only in my humanity and fractured broken frailty that the need for oneness with the divine can be satisfied by becoming one with the spirit, one with God, one with the universe, one with each other. Be blessed. If you were in the Miami Airport on Saturday you got to hear a preacher cuss! Massive frustration with American Airlines, lack of adequate assistance for those of
  21. I just got back from 3 weeks in Panajachel, Guatemala. At 5000ft elevation the temps are much more moderate 70'sF high 60's low but the air is distinctly thinner. Walking around town visiting friends from the states who do a coffeehouse ministry Porch de Salomon that hosts teams from the states who do mission work. I made a point of avoiding tourist activities in favor of getting to know the native Mayan people who are the people who the teams serve. I spent a week exploring the Lake Atitlan area with a local guide Miguel Boch who took me to local villages, to local churches and to places most
  22. Thank you Teal. Doing drug abuse counseling I became aware of how toxic shame is to our recovery. It's usually at the core of a relapse. We look back at our past feel ashamed of all we've done and fall back into self destructive behaviors trying to kill the pain we kill the patient. May the universe bless you in your metamorphosis, keep your fox side strong and wise for a Blue Whale is a challenge and a huge target for those who seek to destroy rather than to create. Be blessed, you are a huge blessing to us all!
  23. I have been talking to the people who own Eden in Atenas a small BnB 9 rooms about buying it and turning it into a healing center. I imagined a place of peace and healing with meditation, massage, Reiki, prayer and caring. There is alao a clinic in Atenas that uses Ibogaine to help people overcome their addictions. We could offer aftercare services to them as well. Damon and I have been talking this up on the Teal Tribe Facebook page and numerous people want to invest mostly small amounts 2-3k. My Recovery Ministry property in Florida is up for sale. I leave for Guatemala 3-11 and hope to be i
  24. I did something like that in my teens in the 60's. I left home and traveled for a year. Grew my hair long, shipped out on a tanker, hitch-hiked across the country and explored the spirit world as well. Time to go again. This time to Guatemala and Costa Rica. This time I am older, less healthy and less thin but still up for an adventure!
  25. I'm trying to get on the train but it may be too late for me. I've been putting off going to visit friends in Central America for years because of family and property responsibilities. Now suddenly all those things have opened up but my age and health may interfere. I believe in miracles and I serve the Lord of Light so here I am Lord. Send me!

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