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  1. We only have 4 dwellings on 2 acres in North Florida but it's still a constant struggle. No good deed goes unpunished but it doesn't go unrewarded either. It's such a blessing to be living in community even with all the ups and downs. I feel for all the people who live alone and need a panic button to feel safe. I see the dynamic balance between opposites; privacy vs community, struggles vs rewards, playing out in our lives and those around us. To be able to step back from the immedeate problem to see the big picture always makes life in community worth while. Come see us when you can.
  2. Thank you Teal for reminding us that intention and perspective do matter and in such a way as to transform the world. I live in a trailer on a property with others who've come here for help. What a gift! to be able to have a place and help others navigate the struggles by providing a place for them to grow in love and peace. I walked out onto me back porch recently and was stunned by the beauty of my overgrown yard and patio. North Florida has both a summer of tropical rain and warmth that turns everything green and the bite of freezing cold in winter that makes you long for summer with season
  3. Pastor George

    The Boulder

    If you see a need you've heard the call!
  4. Pastor George


    I like what you say and feel you've taken the analogy to the next level. I only mean to explain mean to explain things in terms of the natural dynamic balance that always results from opposites moving in different directions. Light and dark, hot and cold, etc. move like the tides and we need one to define the other. You are right to question the difference between desire seen from the material realm as different than in the spiritual realm where it's all desire and can be transcended.
  5. Pastor George


    Opposition and desire, two forces trying to move us in opposite direction create that dynamic tension that allows us to potentially control our progress through the universe. All desire and no resistance is over extending, over whelming, over shooting the goal, overdoing. Resistance without desire is static, stuck, without movement, without purpose and eventually without life. It is only in the dynamic balance between the two forces that controlled and intentional movement is possible. Balance and consciousness are the keys. Being conscious of both desire and resistance and balancing the two o
  6. Pastor George


    Peace and Joy my friends!
  7. Pastor George

    Metal Deathtrap

    Poor baby, sorry you hate flying, i love to fly but I don't because of airlines and TSA and airports and all that commercial stuff. We hit turbulence enroute from Dallas to guatemala and everyone else is screaming in fear and i'm like "Whoopee! ride em cowboy!" If you're not afraid to die what's there to be afraid of?
  8. Pastor George


    We always focus on the victim but if the whole family has to change, how do we change the abuser who is so hungry for love and so insecure that he has to take it from someone who is powerless to resist and is unable to attract healthy relationships, or accept them when available, due to his self hate and his own trauma?
  9. Pastor George


    How do i find who in my ancestry i am following and expanding on?
  10. Pastor George


    Is being a spiritual guru sometimes feel like being a prostitute? Do your followers want to put you in the role of their servant? I know i felt that way at times when serving as a pastor of a church. "Your job is to serve us how we want not serve God or serve the lost outside the church, serve us." The implication was we own you, you do what we want!?
  11. Pastor George

    Frozen in Time

    Are spiritual teachers codependent on their followers? Do they need followers to be stuck, frozen so they can fix them? Just as doctors, nurses and counselors need patients to be sick so they can heal them? And, charge them for their services!
  12. Pastor George

    Gucci Guru

    You go girl! Ride the wave, enjoy the ride, overcome hate with love...
  13. How ironic that the Polish version of the "Completion process" Has breaking chains on the cover! But then that is what the book is about isn't it, breaking the chains that bind us so that we can achieve health and wholeness?
  14. You have the answer, you told us how you do motherhood, you live in community! Community is what we lack!
  15. I had planned towork the Group Exercise after the workshop. I found one person who wanted to do the same. My internet connection locally crashed and I couldn't watch the workshop live but now that the workshop is up on my premium channel I can't find my partner from Spain on facebook! Very frustrated with tech! ISO partner from Spain who wanted to do Group Exercise and anyone else who wants to join us.
  16. How about helping people make decisions based on reality. Do the math. Someone on a fixed income buys a car they can't afford then has to move in with their retired parents to keep from having it repossessed saying "I'll take care of you." but can't.
  17. Pastor George


    It's hard to be social and do shadow work. I'm still Involved with the church, Celebrate Recovery, AA and local organizations that do good work around mental health, criminal justice, homelessness and my own overextended family in an intentional community. It's hard. But, I'd rather be here trying to help and heal than sitting in front of the TV complaining about how the world is going to hell and doing nothing about it! Love y'all. Peace.
  18. Thanks for making these available online! I have accessed a couple and I find the technical issues distracting. I think I'll try doing the group exercises after this time and not even try to watch the chat box so i can focus on one thing at a time. Keep up the good work!
  19. Thanks for this and all the workshop clips you do. It is sometimes hard to hear and understand Teal. Her voice is soft and husky and gets lost. If i turn up volume I get distortion. Better mics? Idon't know. Am I the only one having trouble?
  20. Pastor George

    Health Freak

    Thank you Teal, for sharing so intimately. Reminds me of a situation where i was in a meeting of counselors and a friend had a new FitBit watch that told him to exercise if it didn't sense adequate movement. I suggested this could be dangerous, it could become a behavioral addiction. He wasn't familiar with the term so i used the example of an addict who began exercising because it was healthy but then began to be so compulsive about the exercising that it began to interfere with family time, he exercised despite injuries cause by the excess exercising and ignored other healthy activities, soc
  21. Gosh Teal, You got me nailed here! Going through a life of hell feeling trapped by the people I love and want to take care of. Seems to me to bbe a big connection between Disorganized attachment and Co-dependency. When you are trying to help someone and it's not helping then it's not help it's enabling. Or as Jean-Paul Sartre said, "Hell is other people!" Comment?
  22. Pastor George

    Animal Cruelty

    Atunement or atonement or both?
  23. Thanks again Teal! What you said about co-dependence and narcissism reflects what i have been seeing but couldn't put into words nearly so succinctly. Could you address this again at some point in the relationship to all the allegations of sexual abuse and impropriety going on in politics and the entertainment industry currently? I don't know how much longer I'll be with you, my HgbA1c recently went from 9 to 12 both of which are too high according to my Doctor. i see him today and expect he will prescribe Insulin to lower it. We can't stay in this incarnation forever and I have few regrets,
  24. Thanks, that made my happy face for today! I've had butterflies and dragon flies land on me. What an honor!
  25. Pastor George

    Time To Respond

    Perhaps if you take on the archetypal warrior woman persona you can address these allegations as a duel between forces of good and evil and that will help keep all this in perspective. We love you. Lots more people need your help. If these people want to spend their energy interfering with that then they are interfering with all of us gaining and growing into the spiritual beings we are intended to be. Be our hero , take on the forces of evil and throw them into the fire of their own jealousy and hate!

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