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    I can't help but wonder how this relates to your relationship to those who have so much resistance to you. Apparently they are expressing a difficulty with accepting the healing you offer because it will require them to question and reject their previously held beliefs and dogma in favor of an authentic exploration of their shadow selves who may be using these beliefs as a coping mechanism for their pain. But why do you feel their resistance so acutely? Is it a struggle to accept that in challenging these closely held beliefs you expose your own need to be loved and cherished and the anger tha
  2. Pastor George

    Resistant To Teal

    Dear Teal, you are such a dear person. You obviously care so deeply about your people, those who come to you looking for solace and relief from pain and frustration. You knew you would face frustration and resistance when you took your message public and you expected to be threatened by those who's preconceived notions of reality or theology you threaten to overturn or contradict. Honesty is always the best policy even though it can free us from many of the illusions we hold dear. Just know that we love you and care about you too, as you care about us. Even when we disagree or feel uncomfortab
  3. Pastor George

    Self Gaslighting

    I understand that only 10% of the information we receive in face to face interactions is in the words and the rest is "non-verbal." Body language, tone, posture, pheromones and electromagnetic fields all contribute to the other 90% So yes, I think so. Your feelings don't lie and being sensitive, empathic to others is, at least in part, a higher form of communication! I'm hard of hearing having lost hearing in my left ear since early childhood and that has made me more sensitive to the non-verbal communication. We lie with our words, it's much harder to lie with our feelings.
  4. Pastor George

    What Causes Bipolar?

    Thank you for the sub titles. How does "fixed" look? In bipolar and in schizophrenia, are the feelings still present but the individual is able to cope with them or are we talking a complete reintegration of the self or something in between like a progression from coping to integration?
  5. I think Teal is saying that we manufacture the pain of loss or lack when we misinterpret the spirit guide for a solution to our need for physical touch, love and reassurance, things the spirit guide can't provide.
  6. Have you tried floating in a sensory deprivation tank to simulate the womb? Thanks for the captioning!
  7. Teal said, "some men like high maintenance women." My wife says I love my work so much I married it. I spent 15 years as a pastor and councilor. Yes, Teal I'm sure you could be included in that group. Oh by the way, the crazy ones are the most fun!
  8. Thank you Teal for sharing that. Your other tattoos look so esoteric and the Seal of Self Mastery seemed to be in another class by itself. I suspect that your attraction to competition skiing and skating also have aspects of facing fear and challenging yourself. I have wondered if I could be of any help in facing fear? I spent 10 years as an EMT/Paramedic and I got into the emergency medical field in part to explore my relationships to fear and death. It was a trans-formative and illuminating experience. Thanks again for sharing, especially the part about hiding your scars. Be Blessed, you are
  9. Love you guys! Authenticity ROCKS.
  10. Zac it sounds like you are in love with the idea of owning a house but not in touch with the reality of buying a house. I remember buying my first house and it was a dump, needed lots of work and even more landscaping that's why it was for sale by owner. But fixing it up, making it what I wanted and landscaping and gardening were even better than i could have imagined. Welcome home!
  11. Pastor George

    Seal Of Alchemy

    I'm curious about the tattoo on your back Teal. It looks similar to USAF symbol. Is it from when you were skating? Speed?
  12. Sounds like we need more teaching and clarification on this Teal.
  13. Pastor George

    Dream Job

    Sound quality very poor. Don't they make mic covers to prevent wind noise?
  14. Pastor George

    Sky Ice Moon

    Moon goddess, how fitting
  15. Teal I love the way you come out and say what you are feeling and how you are addressing your own problems. Suicide is a response to a situation where the individual has lost the ability to resolve their hurt and fear any other way. They feel trapped and are willing to do anything to relieve the pain. We attempt to treat this from an individual point of view but to me the real solution is a societal one. We have created such a complex and stressful society that many people come to a point of being unable to navigate this impossibly stressful world they live in and "end it all" in order to stop
  16. Thanks Josephine that really helps! What Teal is talking about then is very similar to healing generational curses. The sins of the Father... Going back and healing the effects of those family influences and abuses by changing our spiritual and emotional responses to them!?
  17. Sadly I can't understand Teal due to poor sound quality. Camera to far away to read lips.
  18. Pastor George

    Work Ethic

    Certainly reflects your work ethic!
  19. Sorry very hard for me to hear. To far away to read lips.
  20. Sorry my sound quality was so bad i couldn't understand what was being said and the visual so distant i couldn't read her lips to compensate. Please do more stuff on type 2 diabetes
  21. Go for it! sounds like you've thought a lot about it.
  22. Pastor George

    Expecting Rain

    Sounds like you are talking about Faith. The little girl in the story had faith that it would rain everyone else expected the prayers to not be answered and were a match to disappointment. If everyone had had the faith the little girl had they'd have brought their boats to navigate the flood!
  23. So I hear you saying: acting is acting like the character or role you are playing but in method acting you are acting as the character or role. You become the role but lose yourself and the same is true for channeling. Both are forms of possession but voluntary, you give up your self to assume the role but you risk losing yourself in the process. Possession is involuntary loss of self then to another entity or persona? I have witnessed personality dissociation where an alternate personality takes over in response to fear or stress. That's scary and spooky! The person changes into a comple

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