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  1. Pastor George


    So glad you are speaking out about forgiveness. It's been very powerful in my life but I've found it very hard to share.
  2. Yes, I understand that people take advise out of context and use it to justify their actions especially when they need to blame their choices on someone else but I also learned that my advice could be tainted by self serving needs. I was relieved to be able to retire from the roles of pastor and counselor and focus on my own growth and development. In terms of splits within the brain I would love to hear Teal's thoughts on a book by Julian Jaynes called "The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bi-cameral Mind." I think it was revolutionary in it's time and points us to the ro
  3. Pastor George

    Lizard Friend

    Has anyone else noted the loss of insects? I've seen a dramatic drop in the number of insects on the car windshields and in the garden. There are a number of recent articles about the 6th great extinction. (The last one was the dinosaurs.)
  4. The Teal Team Greater Reality Show. Let's do it!
  5. Pastor George


    Hi Teal, looks like fun, who are your friends? Are they members of your community? We'd like to know more about the people you live with and who are part of your life, if that's okay with them.
  6. Frequency Holograms; great idea! Perhaps Teal and family could communicate with the folks at Mad Machine Films to work together on that!
  7. Pastor George

    Help The Homeless

    Thanks Teal! Good point. People are always very generous when there is a natural disaster on TV but seldom are people motivated to become involved as a long term volunteer with agencies and organizations that help people overcome their struggles. It would be a huge benefit to many of those agencies to has Teal Tribe members who has overcome some of their own personal issues as volunteers. We can offer hope and insights that most people lack. Completion Process practitioners, ever consider offering scholarships to homeless folks? Be Blessed, be a blessing.
  8. From Quantum Gravity Research.
  9. I've been watching YouTube videos on Cosmology and String theory and was fascinated by a discussion of 8D quasi-crystals and how they can be depicted in 3D geometric designs. These designs have a strong resemblance to Teal's frequency paintings! See what you think...
  10. Pastor George

    Santa Barbara

    Neahkahnie Mountain juts out into the Pacific Ocean just South of Cannon Beach, Oregon is the most magical place I have ever been. The native people say that God walks on Neahkahnie and I believe it.
  11. Pastor George

    Sugar Moon

    Why is it that there is "nothing better than Christmas"?
  12. Pastor George

    The Point Of Life

    Cosmology suggests that the Big Bang was the moment when all the matter and energy in the universe was created. This seems consistent with Source creating our 3D universe to explore the concepts of self and other, universal self consciousness?! The divisions continued and expanded until it reached the stage we are in where the universe in its proliferation of self and other has produced beings capable of perceiving Source and self through the structure of the very divisions that created them. Are Angels aware of their self without the physical incarnation of humanity to separate through? At wh
  13. Pastor George


    Thankful for those indigenous cultures that we have attempted to obliterate in our ignorance that have transmitted their spiritual traditions and shamanistic cultures for us to find as we become aware of the spiritual wasteland we created in pursuit of power and plenty. How appropriate that black Friday shopping should follow.
  14. Reminds me of the forests in Oregon and Washington state during the winter when the sun is so low in the sky and driving is like being in a tunnel and when you do come out into the sun it dazzles your eyes. Perhaps that is an apt metaphor for life searching through the dark forests of physical reality only to be dazzled near blindness when we finally come into the light of enlightenment. It takes some getting used to.
  15. Pastor George

    What Are Angels?

    Juan de Yepes y Álvarez or St John of the Cross was a major Christian mystic. I need to read more. Angels; Hidden cause of miraculous events?
  16. Pastor George

    What Are Angels?

    As Stephen Covey says, not an earthly being having a spiritual experience but a spiritual being having an earthly experience! Minds blown, heads exploded, I didn't get it until you laughed at the end. What must it look like when you say things like that and then look out into your audience totally unfiltered and see/feel peoples whole worlds being shattered, restructured, turned upside down and inside out. No wonder you have such a wonderfully wicked laugh. The truth is often the last thing people want to hear and the hardest thing to live with.
  17. Pastor George

    Frozen in Time

    In addiction treatment we called this "arrested development." When we began using drugs to deal with our issues our progress stopped because we had chosen to avoid our issues instead of facing them and integrating them as Teal has so eloquently described in her Completion Process book. Once we go back and see where we got stuck we have to address the developmental issues we avoided. For me forgiveness has been a powerful tool to get rid of the anger, hurt, hate and frustration that I escaped using drugs. I often encouraged others to seek role models for a lifestyle that would be more healthy.
  18. Repeatedly when doing addiction counseling, shame was the emotion that seemed most likely to trigger a relapse. Helping us deal with shame in a healthy integrated way could be revolutionary in the evolution of addictions treatment!
  19. Pastor George


    Is the opposite of empath a psychopath? I see how my growing up with a grandmother who was very neurotic and manipulative made me very sensitive and i used that to become a very good counselor, able to read the clients feelings and body language, get in their heads and help them see themselves and their dysfunctional patterns and change.
  20. Cosmology, string theory, has given us the idea that our perceivable universe is a 3D hologram of the multiverse that we can postulate mathematically but can't see or sense directly. But what we can perceive is the effect the multiverse has on our 3D hologram. Like watching the moss swaying in the wind, we don't see the air but we see it's effects. Gravity keeps us in place on the surface of the planet, can't see it but we feel it's effects. God, source consciousness, spirit, spiritual beings, can't be seen but we see the effects. When we open our spirits to the non-physical dimensions we begi
  21. Pastor George

    Nourish Yourself

    I had the same flash. Get out their and share the joy, quit worrying about all the stuff that has to be done. Share the joy first then you can share the stuff and enjoy getting it done!
  22. I'm surprised no one asked about sex during menstruation. Some women find it helpful in relieving pain and greatly appreciate the man being willing to share the experience.
  23. Thanks Teal. Lots of people within Christianity love Jesus but struggle with the dogma proclaimed by institutional churches. and yes I agree lots of people profess a faith in Jesus as their savior but act in very unchristian ways. Few teachers differentiate between Jesus the man and Christ the Spirit. Seldom do we hear an understanding of repentance as being sorry for what we have done that hurt ourselves and others and a need to change and do better. Most christians seem to think you get forgiven so you don't have to suffer the consequences of your (sinful) actions then you can sin some more
  24. Pastor George

    Double Snow

    Awe so cute1 all our furry friends are rescues but what fun to share time with them all.
  25. so glad to be back! The power came back on after the hurricane and I get to see and hear Teal and all my friends here. Missed y'all.

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