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  1. I want to be liked, loved, respected, but the people around me expect me to take care of the property, them and everyone else and so i become their enabler unless I hold the line maintain the boundaries and tell the hard truths. They want to dump their responsibilities on me! I hate it and I try to turn that into teachable moments but it's so hard not to lose myself and my peace in the process. HELP! Any suggestions? Ditto!
  2. Pastor George

    Non Commitment

    Sounds like we all have "hidden agendas" even with ourselves whether we are conscious of it or not.
  3. SAMHSA has great material on the Recovery movement within the Mental Health community. Use that to question and change practitioners perspective if they won't listen to your concerns. Message me if that doesn't help. There are way to make formal complaints against abusive or neglectful practices and practioners but first try to educat them this is very new cutting edge stuff.
  4. I spent most of my working life in caring professions from ambulance service to substance abuse counselor. We are always codependent on the people we serve and tend to get trapped in seeing them as their illness or injury not as people. We also can find ourselves needing to keep people seeing themselves as sick so we can keep treating their illnesses. Hey Teal, how about helping us transform the medical and psychological communities in the same ways you've recommended we reform prisons and criminal justice! I love helping people and it's a greatly satisfying way to spend a career but I admit i
  5. Resistance is the fear of change! It keeps us from moving, keeps us rooted and grounded in our comfort zone and is an enemy of growth and change. On the other hand it prevents us from making poor choices without adequate consideration of the consequences.
  6. Universes like subatomic particles in our Quantum existence slip in and out of existence all the time!?
  7. I know Teal may not see my comments directly but someone from her team does so when I say Teal it's with the understanding that I'm talking to the team as a whole, whoever is listening. You listened, responded and thought about it. That's enough for me. I'd love to attend an event but I'm limited financially and physically from that kind of travel. Maybe she'll choose Tampa or Atlanta for an event and I'll be able to attend and visit family at the same time.
  8. I recently had to address inclusion from another perspective. My church denomination recently voted to maintain the traditional view of LGBT folks as unacceptable by church standards and deny them the right to same sex marriage in the church and ordination as ministers. This flies in the face of what I feel about civil rights and the inclusiveness of Christ's message, the universal availability of God's forgiveness and the history of the Methodist Church in first supporting slavery and the recanting that and becoming the United Methodist Church by reconnecting with all the groups who separated
  9. It's like she's asking teal to perform. "Show me a trick."
  10. Pastor George


    Dear Teal, please don't be upset. The hate and anger you get is a measure of how effective you are at challenging people who need someone to tell them what to think, what to do and how to live. You make people think for themselves, look at themselves and help them open up to the opportunities in their lives to grow and change. You don't tell people what to think (brainwashing) you teach people how to think for themselves and find their authentic selves (enlightenment). Keep up the good work. Be Blessed, you are a blessing to us all, even those who hate you!
  11. Hi Teal, so glad you are in Florida, we are in Tallahassee and we love it here too. There is a county park near Lakeland called Lythia Springs that's a great memory from my childhood. The springs and sinkholes in Florida are some of the most magical places in the state. Wakulla Springs and the historic lodge there are another example. Come see us when u can!
  12. Pastor George

    Feeling the Feelings

    You speak of it being not ok to feel. I get that. i remember being a child and having my grandmother who raised me saying, "Oh, you don't really feel that do you?" In other words, "I can't handle that truth, that feeling, so you can't feel that or I'll have to address what I feel and do that led you to feel that." I denied my feeling because I didn't want to cause her pain. I'm still working on that 50+ years later! It's hard to express my feelings when I know it will cause another pain but I have learned to express them more objectively so as to offer the other insight into the pain they caus
  13. Pastor George

    Toxic Masculinity

    Teal, have you seen any of the interviews of Jordan Peterson the author of 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote for Chaos ? I think you'd really like his perspective. He's a social scientist and very insightful in his analysis of changing gender roles.
  14. Pastor George


    I like that, "forgiveness is the choice of not wishing any evil... upon the other person." My step father made my life miserable and I wished much evil on him but I was convinced that I should forgive him because my anger was eating me up inside. I knew I had succeeded when I realized i hadn't thought about him to wish him harm for months! I had grown and accomplished much in my own life. I no longer needed to be angry at him.
  15. Pastor George

    Not Novocane

    Recognizing the pain as a signpost to find the source of our dis-ease allows for healing at a deeper level. Shadow work dives into the subconscious mind to discover the root causes of our most dysfunctional behaviors and the most damaged aspects of our unconscious selves. It's called shadow work because consciously we only see the shadow that's thrown across our lives when we first try to address the pain and suffering it causes us and others in our lives. Some times we cause it healing the inner child because so much of the unresolved trauma we've experienced arises from traumatic events that
  16. Pastor George

    Containment Fetish

    Being humble is the willingness to step aside so others can step forward. Humiliation is being forced to step aside so others can step forward. Love is taking others as part of ourselves and choosing to put their needs first. Domination is being forced to take someone as more important than ourselves and giving them power over us. Intention matters, motivation matters, perspective matters. Doing the right thing for the wrong reason still is not healthy though it may be a step in the right direction. Poor audio makes it hard to hear Teal in this.
  17. Pastor George

    Worst Snow Storm

    They've found frozen mastodons in Siberia that still have spring flowers in their stomachs. Talk about flash frozen!
  18. So is Pronoia a combination of prana and paranoia? I get it, I think, the deper I dive into the shadow self the more I see of the sickness around me. Is becoming sensitive to others pain hell when you are overwhelmed by all the pain we see?
  19. Please don't die Teal stay warm we love you. I understand feeling morbid and obsessed with death especially when everyone around you wants to dump their responsibilities on you and you are already overwhelmed. We seem to have created a world that is so complex and stressful that we can no longer cope. What's next? Is it time for our society to self destruct to make way for a new world? I'm ready. Take me now, Lord...
  20. Pastor George

    The Catalyst

    I suspect they could open a window into another reality!? I remember seeing a meditation technique using two mirrors reflecting each other that would allow the person looking into them to see beyond our reality.
  21. Pastor George

    The Catalyst

    Yeah,absolutely. But they didn't seem to take it that way. I kind of get what they were saying in that dealing with these infinite concepts and experiencing the extra-dimensional reality available through meditation causes us to feel like we are no longer part of this reality and we begin to seek ascendance to a higher plane.
  22. Pastor George

    The Catalyst

    Thank you Teal. I suspect this is why many spiritual teachers want to teach coping mechanisms that bring their students peace because they can't face the constant pain that is inherent in constant revelation. In ancient Jewish tradition it was said that a man could not look into the face of God or he would die. We can't absorb pure truth without being overwhelmed, we can't absorb all the wisdom of the universe our minds would explode. Be patient with us and with yourself. We can all be better, do better, see better, but as in nature there is an ebb and flow to human affairs and we need time t
  23. Pastor George

    Question Reality

    Interesting, Teal, that you should be bringing this up right now when I'm reading about 8 Dimensional Quasi Crystals providing a key to understanding both gravity and quantum dynamics. The possibility of a universal theory opens so many doors to the world you seem to be able to experience directly. Take a look at Quasi Crystal projections and see if they aren't directly related to the frequency paintings you share with us.
  24. Pastor George

    Always Work Mode

    I feel your struggle with owning a company. We are trying to do community within the context of owning rental property and it has been a constant challenge to focus on healing and loving people while addressing the legal, financial and logistic requirements of owning and maintaining these homes. It often forces us to search our selves and our shadows when conflict arises. I'm looking forward to a reality TV show that allows us to see more deeply into the machinations of the community and become more familiar with all the players behind the scenes of Teal's Tribe. Be Blessed, you are a ble
  25. Pastor George


    Lioness, it sounds to me like you are a match to that because you are needed to change the situation by being a role model for both a good work ethic and greater sensitivity for fellow staff and patients alike. Fulfill the need for a better model in your team and draw satisfaction from a job well done not others approval. Teal's "Octopus" technique can give you great insight into how others feel and how they have gotten trapped in a negative pattern.

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