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  1. Teal you do such a great job helping people with individual needs and guiding them through relationships. I feel ungrateful asking for more but you used to occasionally drop hints about what you see happening in the world. A while ago you said something about world war 3 and how we don't even realize we are in it. I know you have to steer clear of politics but what do you see that we are blind to? I think it would help if we could all see each others fears. Many of the folks who I disagree with on politics have great fear of the "other" race, color, religion, culture and nationality but they don't see their own fears they see danger, hate, anger, resentment and risk. Perhaps because there are real differences and because a lot of folk are loosing losing their livelihood, security and hope for a better future. The fears are real but the blame is misplaced. Help us see ourselves and each other as in this together and cast a vision for a better future! Love casts out fear but how do i love those who hate me and would do me harm merely because we disagree? Teal, Be Blessed, you are a blessing.


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  2. I remember being a long haired student walking with friends and a young woman with kids crossed the road to walk on the other side of the street to avoid passing us on the sidewalk. One of my first experiences of being so different that others would fear me. I realized this was what people of color felt when others rejected them just because of their color.

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  3. Christmas can be whatever I want it to be! We have an over extended family and so Christmas has become a family event in a much more open ended way than most would imagine with a table filled with those we know have no where else to go and no one else to be family with. The feeling around the table is much more like the true spirit of Christmas than the socially stressful and demanding Christmas that is so common. Make your own family, your own traditions and then you can own Christmas in a whole new way, in a whole new world. Thank you Teal for being the Mother of this Teal Swan Tribe and bringing a new sense of freedom to the concept of family!


  4. Thank you Teal for sharing her, she seems so inquisitive wanting to see what's going on around her but the thing that drew my attention was her hands and her fingers. How graceful and sensitive, was she an artist? a seamstress? But on closer inspection her fingers seem out of perspective as though they are moving in some unnatural way. They seem too long to be wholly human and yet so graceful and delicate. And yet, there's pain there too. Take good care of her!

  5. On 8/24/2020 at 11:49 AM, Shawn Tadunittume1 said:

    Diabetes comes to mind.  Like when the self-loathing/overburdening leads to addictions and then later on in order to survive diabetes the person has to inject insulin instead of drugs.  And on top of all that if the person overcame addictions then there is a risk of injections triggering a relapse into addictive behaviour.

    Diabetes and addiction have often been compared and I agree there seems to be a link here! I have type 2 diabetes and have to take oral medication daily. That's perfectly acceptable in our society where self-medicating or abusing self with drugs or alcohol is not. But there is a physical link as well. the damage done by years of alcohol abuse can damage the liver and pancreas' ability to function properly and this produces a situation where we must address the lack of healthy function through diet, exercise and medication. Our attitude toward this can be negative, "oh poor me look at all the struggles I have to overcome," or positive "oh how grateful i feel, that i can heal myself through healthy living and overcome the damage i've done with simple medication." Addiction treatment includes encouraging an "attitude of gratitude" that allows me to forgive others and myself and move on with a healthy life in spite of the damage.

  6. What is really scary is when you see people you work with intentionally triggering their patients not to address the source of those feelings but to exercise their own power and feel superior as therapists.

  7. BS indeed! We need the concept of forgiveness to give us hope and direction for without forgiveness there is no growth there is no possibility of letting go the hate that can consume our whole existence. I know you know this Teal and i have heard you speak of how your letting go of your abuse and forgiving the abuse freed you to become the spiritual leader you've become today. Yes, forgiveness and "I forgive you." become trite and over simplified to the point of corruption. True forgiveness is a long and messy process which has little to do with the abuser and everything to do with our own perception of ourselves as victims and as perpetrators. Don't take the hope of forgiveness away just keep teaching the messy processes of enlightenment so that we can understand how this all works together for good in a perfect world we have yet to discover but need to seek. Love you. Be Blessed you are a blessing to us all!

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  8. Normal learning takes place in the brain as patterns of neurons firing reinforce th neurons ability to produce the neurotransmitter hormones that are required for the neuron to fire. So in the completion process the brain is flooded with neuro transmitters which then allow new pathways to form and begin the process of replacing the old pathways that need to be "unlearned." So during the flood other pathways that have been ignored or repressed also fire and allow us to feel things we had shut off in our brain in order to deal with the overwhelming nature of these sensations. It's kind of like when we shock the heart muscle that's lost its ability to beat in a coordinated rhythm. We flood the neural pathways, that allows them to reset themselves back to healthy coordinated pathways

  9. Hi Teal, glad to hear you got some time off and wilderness time to feed you soul. I agree we're all in this together and we can help each other over come the gas lighting but my feelings of doom are fed by the reality of the major extinction event we find ourselves in and corona just seems to be  a symptom of this larger doom which literally threatens to remove our species as it currently exists on this planet. Can you speak to this?

  10. Thanks Teal, that makes a lot of sense. Wilhelm Reich wrote The mass psychology of Fascism in the '30s detailing how the family structure of an authoritarian father created a society who idealized the strong man/dictator form of government that led to Hitler and the Holocaust. He paralleled the authoritarianism of the family with the authoritarianism in government and showed a relationship between family structure and societal structure. We are struggling to throw off that need for authoritarian rule and become more truly democratic and integrated. I also thing the principal is related to the current movement within families to a single female parent household with increased leadership in government and business by women. Healing family relationships will result in healing societal relationships and we will be able to be better integrated individuals and society.

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  11. On 7/3/2020 at 9:25 PM, Alma Devereaux said:

    I know she just got done telling us not to project negativity into our futures (aka scary uncertainty), butttttttt..... who else feels like this was like a "prophetic" daily update..... like "oh the world is about to dish out another gamechanger in the next couple of days, so get ahead of this wave."😬

    so i went back to work recently but i don't think I'm going to last. I applied for a job because I was bored to death with staying home and being quarantined. But, I took a job where i drive an hour and a half to get to work to work in a secure facility with mentally ill prisoners. I love the work but the drive is killing me. I'm talking severe crushing physical fatigue. it interferes with my being able to do my job and all I do otherwise is try to recuperate. If i can't take care of myself how can i take care of others? I think the universe is showing me i can go back to work but that jumping into something beyond my physical abilities is just me showing off my willingness to risk my own life for others. I want to help those in need and this mentally ill incarcerated population my be my target, my calling. So I think I am going to back off and see if i can transfer to a closer facility or just apply other places. it's a wild ride I'll just have to see where this river takes me!

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  12. I think my favorite mineral is Quartz. As a kid it was like a low grade diamond, as an adult I found fascination in how the world looked through it. I knew that what i saw there wasn't the same as what I saw in the world without it. i was also fascinated by quartz ability to give off an electrical current when stressed. i had a quartz radio I built as a kid. No power or battery yet it could sense the radio waves and turn them into a sound I could hear! How does it know?

    I think my spirit mineral may be iron pyrite or "fool's gold" flashy, sparkly, gold in color but of little worth compared to the real thing. I could also call this my shadow mineral because it's how I feel about myself at times. Trying to be something I'm not or impress people with my potential but failing to live up to their expectations.

    so i went back to work recently but i don't think I'm going to last. I applied for a job because I was bored to death with staying home and being quarantined. But, I took a job where i drive an hour and a half to get to work to work in a secure facility with mentally ill prisoners. I love the work but the drive is killing me. I'm talking severe crushing physical fatigue. it interferes with my being able to do my job and all I do otherwise is try to recuperate. If i can't take care of myself how can i take care of others?

  13. So what's the up side of all we are going through right now? What with the Corona virus pandemic and the political and social extremism where will we be in a year? 5? 10? What's coming. Seems to me it has to get worse before it can get better. Total Fascist dictatorship and more concentration camps. Government condoned violence toward progressives? Leftist? Socialists? Gays? New and deadlier viruses? Computer viruses? Collapse of civilization? Nuclear war? Famine? when do we come out the other side? Is there a new Eden a new world after the collapse?

  14. On 6/8/2020 at 2:30 PM, Ingamun said:

    QUESTION!! I have done, for instance, a lot of work around sexual trauma for myself, and at some point I was kind of lead to create positive "first time" experience for myself. I basically imagined it to have happened, but it was very intense and felt extremely healing. Though it came out of CP it was not really part of it, but more of an afterthought, to fill the void or lack of a positive experience (which I have plenty of). Is this a legit way to do it?? ❤️🙏

    Isn't this like generational healing where we heal our generational curses, the trauma that's been passed down to us through generations of dysfunction? I think it opens up a huge area of therapeutic visualizations for all sorts of trauma and neglect.

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  15. 43 minutes ago, Holly Webster said:

    What about when the part of you that has been victimized feels like it needs the person who did the hurting to acknowledge and take responsibility for the pain caused...? I struggle with reaching the step of compassion, because this part of me feels that my ex is stubbornly unaware and unwilling to take responsibility.

    First you'd have to heal their brokenness then they'd begin to see the pain they caused. Because right now all they can see is the pain they feel.

  16. 25 minutes ago, Jem said:

    To be completely honest, i dont want compassion. I dont wanna connect, i want to be as protected as possible from individuals and infrastructures who hate me and my people.

    That's when we give away our liberty freedom and power and trade it for safety from people who may not have our best interest at heart.

  17. I'm dealing with this in a very personal way. My (half) brother came to visit in February and is still on the couch. i love the guy but feel thoroughly used and abused both by him and his sisters who dumped him on us without telling us what they'd been dealing with. He needs to be under better care and supervision than we can provide but he's here so we are dealing with it. Corona virus quarantine, social distancing and government services shut down have all contributed to the unworkability of the situation. He is severely depressed and isolating but also I suspect dealing with bi-polar issues and unable to find balance in his life so he is cycling between grandiosity and isolation. He also has some very real and serious physical issues for which he seems to take no responsibility. Yeah some times I just want to put a pillow over his head, metaphorically of course. He triggers both my care taker side and my fears of being used and exploited. His situation tries my patience, waiting for the VA to reopen so he can see doctors, waiting for his inheritance to come through then watching him start multiple projects he's not been able to finish and multiple jobs he's not been able to hold onto, makes me crazy, anxious and resentful. We can do this but it's going to take a lot more time and resources than we expected when he first arrived after asking to visit for a couple of weeks almost four months ago. This too shall pass but until it does watch out, it's going to be a wild ride!

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  18. Respond not react! I'm familiar with the concept, I'm also aware of the chess game of manipulation and exploitation that exists within our society. We are certainly justified in being horrified by the violence against people of color and people calling for justice, but if we react against the cops who perpetrate the violence we ignore the underlying culture of racism and authoritarianism that shields and protects the corrupt cops. These cops are reacting to the pain and threats they perceive as a part of their jobs and their bosses, the corrupt racist administrators within the system, shield and protect them because they see their job as the maintenance of the status quo. Turn the head and he body will follow. Support the positive conscious and progressive officers and administrators who honor and support peoples right to peaceful protest and work together to change the culture and standards of accountability within the administration and the quality of law enforcement will rise with us!

  19. Thank you Teal. I love you Teal. You speak truth to power. I was a part of that mainstream system that's not working and what attracted me to you and your teachings were the many ways in which you saw what I had also discovered from the inside, that the system doesn't work. We are co-dependent on our clients in the counseling field. That professional distance and effectiveness are contradictory. That childhood trauma was at the root of all kinds of mental health issues. The criminal justice system is broken and in need of systemic reform since it has become self perpetuating to the point of bankrupting society both financially and in terms of wasted human capital. Our society in general has become so complex and stressful it's making us all crazy! Thank you for all you do, you and your team. Keep up the good work, be blessed, enjoy the ride!

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  20. On 5/18/2020 at 3:34 AM, BeyondTheRim said:

    I don't see how I can heal another individual's trauma. Not in my control.  Nor can I go back in time an even if I could go back in time, changing the past affects the present and the future upon return. But the conundrum. Why would I have gone back in the first place since there is now no trauma. Out of the extremes. 

    If you are talking about current, present day generations healing traumas, It could be possible to heal 'generational' traumas. Of course it requires two to tango. Both parties have no control over the other, but each can influence the other.

    You are looking at generational trauma from a worldly point of view not a spiritual point of view. Your spirit is not limited to what is, but can interact with past, present, future and all possible alternatives. Even on this limited 3D earthly plane you can heal others trauma by example, through intellectual interaction, loving touch and mere presence. Reiki, massage, counseling and collective worship all seek to accomplish this kind of healing. Please don't limit yourself so severely, you have a much greater effect on the world and the people around you than you can possibly know.

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  21. I disagree, kind of, I think we focus on healing the upstream trauma and dysfunction in the spiritual realm. Praying the love of Christ into past dysfunctions changes the whole vibration of that generational curse and heals generations past heals relationships as they come down to you and that then shows up as breaking the stronghold of generational curses for the future generations! So yes you see the greatest effect in the future generations but you do the work with the past often generations already passed from this world to change the dysfunctional patterns in the present and moving forward into children and grandchildren.

  22. Roy Rogers! Most of you won't remember the old TV show but Roy was a modern day cowboy who took care of cattle owned land and made a place for others. He was often asked to help by the local sheriff but at the end of the episode he went home to Dale Evans his wife and back to the place where he belonged. I grew up in my Grandparents home so i never really felt like I belonged there and i always wanted to be in a place where i could help others who were lost and alone and didn't fit in.


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