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  1. Teal I love the way you come out and say what you are feeling and how you are addressing your own problems. Suicide is a response to a situation where the individual has lost the ability to resolve their hurt and fear any other way. They feel trapped and are willing to do anything to relieve the pain. We attempt to treat this from an individual point of view but to me the real solution is a societal one. We have created such a complex and stressful society that many people come to a point of being unable to navigate this impossibly stressful world they live in and "end it all" in order to stop the pain and suffering in the only way open to them at the time. To heal suicide we need to address the causes of suicide, not just in the individual but in the society in general. Isolation, frustration, economic dead ends, predatory practices at all levels of our economy and social stressors from all levels in our society make this a highly toxic time for many. You are one of the few leaders speaking out about this and how we need to live in community to combat loneliness, live healthily in order to avoid physical illness but also to lessen the stress we place on our planet's ecosystem. living in healthier relationship to each other in order to provide each other with a healthier environment to grow and flourish. Building a self sustaining community of like minded people both dilutes the individual stress of fame and insures that your message and your insightful wisdom will continue to be perpetuated even if you are not present to expound it. Take your vacations, enjoy your wealth, build your team, build an international community of awareness and enlightenment that can change how we see the world, how we live together to make a healthier world physically, mentally and spiritually! We love you Teal! Not just for what you do but for being who you are scars and all. It's always easier to follow someone who's been there themselves not just studied others. When you put yourself out there for all of us you make yourself a target for hate, anger and resentment but in doing so you also make yourself an example for all of us who are out here trying to find a better way to live a better life and make a better world.

  2. Thank you Teal for reminding us that intention and perspective do matter and in such a way as to transform the world. I live in a trailer on a property with others who've come here for help. What a gift! to be able to have a place and help others navigate the struggles by providing a place for them to grow in love and peace. I walked out onto me back porch recently and was stunned by the beauty of my overgrown yard and patio. North Florida has both a summer of tropical rain and warmth that turns everything green and the bite of freezing cold in winter that makes you long for summer with seasons in between that are glorious with change. We are so blessed. Enjoy the ride.

  3. I don't know how you do it Teal. To face the antagonism, hatred and fear from people who don't understand what you offer or who can't face the challenge of your authenticity is far more than i could stand. I feel deep appreciation for you being out there in the world. I know it's not easy and I know you are both driven and threatened to do your work. I applaud your courage and your tenacity. Keep up the good work. If you are ever in Tallahassee FL feel free to visit. Enjoy the ride!

  4. i enjoy these blogs because they are the lighter side of Teal. Affluent and entitled? sure but so what? She puts herself out there to her public in ways I can only imagine dimly if at all. If you want the deep painful gut wrenching stuff she does watch her workshops She goes deeply into peoples issues with them and comes back out bringing light to the darkest deepest most painful places in their souls. I have to forgive her for the timing since production delays can put the blog days or weeks behind the events that inspire them. But hey if you don't like what's here then find what feeds your needs. For me Teal is the real deal, honest, open, psychic, intuitive, gifted and as genuine as anyone i have ever found. Enjoy the ride. Be blessed, be a blessing!


    Thank you Teal, once again you have elucidated many of the things i have seen and felt as a counselor and pastor. I was unable to put them into words. You speak for us all. When our training goes against our heart, we as "professionals" have to muzzle our hearts and go with policies and procedures that protect us and our profession; not our clients or our hearts. "What's wrong with this picture?" It's what many if not most of us have thought or felt, if not said. We have failed to admit that we are codependent on our patients. If they are not sick then how can we demand payment to treat them for their illness? So we have the need to keep them sick so we can keep our jobs, our practice, our status, our profession. We teach them to deny their humanity, their feelings, their heart by denying our own and becoming more alienated from our own feelings and theirs. It's a negative spiral leading to death, denial and destruction. I have been blessed to be able to use my dual status as pastor and counselor to avoid some of these traps and show clients love when my profession counseled distance and to find paths for personal integration when my theology offered  judgement and condemnation. i sometimes feel like I'm living in a modern Tower of Babel with all of our professions hiding behind their various languages of jargon professing their own importance while sailing further and further away from sanity and mutual understanding. We say "It's complicated." it's not. The truth of our heart is denied and the fallacy of our importance is clung to like a floating piece of debris.

    Thank you for speaking truth to the power of professions and the greed of corporations. Be blessed, you are a blessing!

  6. Growing up in the South the former Confederate states in the US I am all to aware of the racism that exists. In a College English class almost 20 years ago the issue of racism was discussed.Most of my fellow students were 18-22 recent high school white and privileged they didn't think it could happen here again it was all a thing of the past. I was the only older returning student and i assured them that yes there were still people who felt that way and who would appear if the economy took a nose dive. It did and here we are.  Thank you Teal!

  7. Thank you Teal for your openness and candor. Always a thoughtful and emotionally revealing experience. Throughout the blog I kept thinking how my connection to God/Source has given me a sense of unconditional love and belonging and connection that allow me to let those in my life who need to disconnect to do so without most of the trauma you describe. Hasn't always been that way and I'm far from perfect but it allows me to "give it to God" and fall back on my connection with that universal love . It also gives me a route to connect to the other who rejects me as another child of God. Just as you and the Angel chased and caught Ale's inner child and connected with him.

  8. I was in a Christian Men's study group and the leader asked me, "What do you fear most?" almost without hesitation I answered, "Loss of self." Thank you Teal for this amazing and intimate sharing of your loss of self. You never cease to amaze me.

  9. If we choose to call ourselves Christian then we have to accept that Jesus changed the world through sacrifice and suffering. So being Christ-like or Christian means to accept sacrifice and suffering as our way to peace. It is only in my humanity and fractured broken frailty that the need for oneness with the divine can be satisfied by becoming one with the spirit, one with God, one with the universe, one with each other. Be blessed. If you were in the Miami Airport on Saturday you got to hear a preacher cuss! Massive frustration with American Airlines, lack of adequate assistance for those of us who have limited mobility and tediously repetitious security procedures caused me to have a complete meltdown, hoarsely screaming expletives and slamming luggage on the security conveyor I lost it. I ended up begging the supervisor to "just let me go home."

    I thought about my tirade later and was surprised to find no shame. I spoke the truth i expressed my feeling that I had every right to and I dealt with them as well as i could given the situation.

  10. I just got back from 3 weeks in Panajachel, Guatemala. At 5000ft elevation the temps are much more moderate 70'sF high 60's low but the air is distinctly thinner. Walking around town visiting friends from the states who do a coffeehouse ministry Porch de Salomon that hosts teams from the states who do mission work. I made a point of avoiding tourist activities in favor of getting to know the native Mayan people who are the people who the teams serve. I spent a week exploring the Lake Atitlan area with a local guide Miguel Boch who took me to local villages, to local churches and to places most tourists would avoid. The Maya met the Europeans with an advanced and peaceful culture who accepted Christianity and were accepted by Catholic Christians as fellow travelers. The Maya kept the old ways intact and overlaid them with Catholic Saints and traditions. They found a way to be both travelers in the spirit world recognizing the spirits of the earth animals corn etc and still accepting Jesus as Lord and God as creator. perhaps we could learn much from these simple, proud, devout and modest people.

  11. Thank you Teal. Doing drug abuse counseling I became aware of how toxic shame is to our recovery. It's usually at the core of a relapse. We look back at our past feel ashamed of all we've done and fall back into self destructive behaviors trying to kill the pain we kill the patient. May the universe bless you in your metamorphosis, keep your fox side strong and wise for a Blue Whale is a challenge and a huge target for those who seek to destroy rather than to create. Be blessed, you are a huge blessing to us all!

  12. I have been talking to the people who own Eden in Atenas a small BnB 9 rooms about buying it and turning it into a healing center. I imagined a place of peace and healing with meditation, massage, Reiki, prayer and caring. There is alao a clinic in Atenas that uses Ibogaine to help people overcome their addictions. We could offer aftercare services to them as well. Damon and I have been talking this up on the Teal Tribe Facebook page and numerous people want to invest mostly small amounts 2-3k. My Recovery Ministry property in Florida is up for sale. I leave for Guatemala 3-11 and hope to be in Costa Rica on or about April 1st. We could set up a corporation, partnership or other legal entity to own the property and an intentional community/ cooperative to operate it . Selling time-shares would be another possibility. We could certainly use your help in setting it up. Message me if you want to talk. Peace

  13. I did something like that in my teens in the 60's. I left home and traveled for a year. Grew my hair long, shipped out on a tanker, hitch-hiked across the country and explored the spirit world as well. Time to go again. This time to Guatemala and Costa Rica. This time I am older, less healthy and less thin but still up for an adventure!

  14. I'm trying to get on the train but it may be too late for me. I've been putting off going to visit friends in Central America for years because of family and property responsibilities. Now suddenly all those things have opened up but my age and health may interfere. I believe in miracles and I serve the Lord of Light so here I am Lord. Send me!

  15. I am so proud of you Teal. Your courage and your openness, your authenticity is remarkable and reveals the pain we are all suffering as the world turns toward intolerance, hate and oppression. It's not just you, people are being seduced by the sweet taste of self righteousness into intolerance and anyone who seeks to show them the painful truths will be ostracized, alienated and demonized. The strength of their reaction to you is a measure of the power and purity of your message. Embrace the pain and be an example of of overcoming by accepting the negative as part of what is. Your weakness is your strength and your pain is your armor. Wear it well for all of us the faithful and true and the unfaithful and resentful.

  16. I remember my Mother reading Tennyson's Idylls of the King to me as a child, it's an epic poem about King Arthur and Camelot and the quest for the Holy Grail. It opened up magical worlds for me as did The Lord of the Rings years later. I even called my self Strider after the character for a time.

  17. I am in Portland, Oregon.  Since landing here, I have been greeted with a juxtaposition of two opposing spiritual practices.  The first, “I create my own reality”.  The practice of controlling your thoughts so as to make life what you want life to be.  The second, “Control is an illusion and nothing more than a resistance to what is.”  The practice of awareness, acceptance and dis identification with the ego.  These two spiritual principals stand like a married couple whose love has soured.  In my mind, I hear them screaming at one another.  Each position is full of invalidation of the opposing philosophy.  In the middle, I can see the benefits and pitfalls of both positions.  I can see that I am being called to some awareness beyond both practices.  It is not developed yet.  This existential conundrum is in the pressure cooker of my mind and heart.  I am yet to see the finished product.


    The best prescription of resolving the conflict between these two conflicting views is an analogy by a pilot of what it is like to fly an airplane. The plane has an instrument called an artificial horizon. A graphic of the airplane sists on a line across the screen and as long as the nose is above the line then the plane is climbing or at least maintaining altitude. If the nose of the plane dips below the line then the plane is headed for the ground. In order to keep our lives in harmony with the spiritual realm we must keep our eyes above the line. But there are time when the plane must land , refuel and deal with the things of the earth and so then we must fly below the line taking care of our earthly connections. When my earthly responsibilities are taken care of I need to focus on the spiritual and fly above the line. When my spiritual life is progressing but I'm not taking care my earthly needs then I have to look below the line to address those needs. Many people never get off the ground and remain mired in the things of this world. As we begin to look up we become conscious of another world that co-exists with this one. Initially it's  seen but not experienced. In time with work we can learn to live in that world for longer and longer periods  but we keep falling back to earth eventually we learn to cycle between the two worlds above and below but never loosing track of what lies above the line even while dealing with the earthly reality. The we can walk the earth with grace and peace keeping our eyes above the line always aware of the spiritual aspects of all things. Once the things of the earth are cared for we can fly above the line and experience the other worldly peace joy and oneness our spirits crave.

  18. Perhaps the conflict between creation and acceptance is reflected in the fragment of a prayer ascribed to St Francis "God grant me the ability to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference..." How do we know whether a problem or situation must be accepted as part of the real external unchangeable world or is accessible to our creative spiritual potential?  There's the problem. Knowing the difference. We study and learn, we live and experience, we pray and we meditate. Over time comes wisdom and peace, acceptance, patience and courage. I'm awed by you Teal, the courage you have to share with us the deepest of feelings thoughts and experiences and even your own questions and struggles with how it all works. Be Blessed, you are a blessing, live long and prosper.

  19. I so agree with your comment that to thrive in Portland you must be active. I lived there for a number of years and found my rain parka was my best friend. I moved from there to the Oregon Coast, visit Astoria and Cannon Beach if you get time and if you can climb Neahkahnie Mountain. god walks on neahkahnie.


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