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About Me

Currently retired and living with my wife on 2 acres outside Tallahassee, FL attempting to build an intentional community. We call ourselves Recovery Ministry because of my background as a substance abuse counselor and part-time pastor I have been able to cross the boundaries of both and bring spiritual healing into my practice as a counselor and psychological insights into my church and pastoral care. Being able to speak from both perspectives has given my a voice in government. I have testified before legislative subcommittees regarding funding for mental health, I have spoken in community forums about Reentry treatment in criminal justice and I am currently involved in helping disseminate information on Trauma Informed Care and Resilient Communities to the faith based establishment locally. I spent 10 years as an EMT/ Paramedic and learned a great deal about death and dying as well as developing my skills as a leader and teacher. I hold a BS in Psychology with a minor in Religion, a certificate in Performance Management and a Masters Degree in Instructional Systems from the school of Education at Florida State University. I also attended Portland State University where I studied Biology, worked with Dr Trygve Steen who was researching tissue regeneration, after having worked with Dr J Herbert Taylor at the Institute of Molecular Biophysics at FSU. I did personal research on psycho-pharmacology, eastern mysticism and western spirituality. I was taken by Teal's work on helping people address their shadows, recognize pain as a signpost for personal transformation and her willingness to offer so much of her material for free. I also resonated with her stories of suffering at the hands of religious extremists having witnessed the ignorance and cruelty of the church in my youth. I serve the Lord of Light and Truth and have come to see the powerful enlightening experience possible through a spiritual understanding of and service to the Christ Consciousness also referred to as the Holy Spirit.


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