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  1. Miami was so awesome. Teal, thank you so much for coming to Florida. Finally a workshop i can drive to. WE LOVE YOU TEAL!


  2. I'm driving to Miami for the Synchronization Workshop. Is there anyone who would like to carpool with me? When i get back i plan to develop an intentional community in the Tallahassee area. Join me? Contact me directly at or phone/text 850-459-5390


  3. Pastor George

    Taking Requests

    Yep. Nationalist and racist sentiments popping up every where. Pandemic used as an excuse to further erode personal freedoms and increase federal control. But, the really scary stuff is the potential for complete environmental collapse world wide. Is all the social and political unrest really a symptom of our collective unconscious recognizing the 5th great extinction event that is already upon us? We are the dinosaurs and the world can't support us, we've grown too big.
  4. Pastor George

    Taking Requests

    Teal you do such a great job helping people with individual needs and guiding them through relationships. I feel ungrateful asking for more but you used to occasionally drop hints about what you see happening in the world. A while ago you said something about world war 3 and how we don't even realize we are in it. I know you have to steer clear of politics but what do you see that we are blind to? I think it would help if we could all see each others fears. Many of the folks who I disagree with on politics have great fear of the "other" race, color, religion, culture and nationality but they don't see their own fears they see danger, hate, anger, resentment and risk. Perhaps because there are real differences and because a lot of folk are loosing losing their livelihood, security and hope for a better future. The fears are real but the blame is misplaced. Help us see ourselves and each other as in this together and cast a vision for a better future! Love casts out fear but how do i love those who hate me and would do me harm merely because we disagree? Teal, Be Blessed, you are a blessing.
  5. I remember being a long haired student walking with friends and a young woman with kids crossed the road to walk on the other side of the street to avoid passing us on the sidewalk. One of my first experiences of being so different that others would fear me. I realized this was what people of color felt when others rejected them just because of their color.
  6. Pastor George


    Thank you Teal for healing Christmas and freeing Christmas to be an expression of our souls!
  7. Pastor George

    Christmas Story

    Christmas can be whatever I want it to be! We have an over extended family and so Christmas has become a family event in a much more open ended way than most would imagine with a table filled with those we know have no where else to go and no one else to be family with. The feeling around the table is much more like the true spirit of Christmas than the socially stressful and demanding Christmas that is so common. Make your own family, your own traditions and then you can own Christmas in a whole new way, in a whole new world. Thank you Teal for being the Mother of this Teal Swan Tribe and bringing a new sense of freedom to the concept of family!
  8. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Cool Cuanza and a  warm Winter Solstice to you all! Well almost. It's the bottom of the year and I always seem to find myself in a bit of depression with this season of loss of sunlight and loss of Son-light where crass consumerism eclipses the Christian celebration of the birth of the Christ child, God incarnate into the world. This Solstice seems uniquely dark, ominous and auspicious. After a year of Covid pandemic panic, politics and economic depression the potential for WWIII, Armageddon seems appropriate to follow the grand conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. And yet in spite of all this doom and gloom, hope springs eternal that light follows darkness, joy comes with the morning. How will we transform ourselves and our world with the coming of a new year?  Be Blessed, be a blessing!

  9. Peace; to be able to turn off all the internal dialogue and just feel the oneness and peace. Turn all the prisons into healing centers!
  10. Pastor George

    Haunted Painting

    Thank you Teal for sharing her, she seems so inquisitive wanting to see what's going on around her but the thing that drew my attention was her hands and her fingers. How graceful and sensitive, was she an artist? a seamstress? But on closer inspection her fingers seem out of perspective as though they are moving in some unnatural way. They seem too long to be wholly human and yet so graceful and delicate. And yet, there's pain there too. Take good care of her!
  11. I give up. The stress has gotten to me and I'm ready to quit. Between the Covid threat, the guards, the co-workers, the administration, none of them seem to have my back. I suspect they see me as a threat to the status quo and I learned a long time ago to listen to my gut! It breaks my heart.
  12. What a timely introduction. I've gone back to work in a prison psych unit only to find the addiction treatment to be largely absent due to budget cuts over previous years. I'm lobbying for more addiction treatment where I work and because of my background as a provider administration is responding positively.
  13. Diabetes and addiction have often been compared and I agree there seems to be a link here! I have type 2 diabetes and have to take oral medication daily. That's perfectly acceptable in our society where self-medicating or abusing self with drugs or alcohol is not. But there is a physical link as well. the damage done by years of alcohol abuse can damage the liver and pancreas' ability to function properly and this produces a situation where we must address the lack of healthy function through diet, exercise and medication. Our attitude toward this can be negative, "oh poor me look at all the struggles I have to overcome," or positive "oh how grateful i feel, that i can heal myself through healthy living and overcome the damage i've done with simple medication." Addiction treatment includes encouraging an "attitude of gratitude" that allows me to forgive others and myself and move on with a healthy life in spite of the damage.
  14. Pastor George

    Why You Get Triggered

    What is really scary is when you see people you work with intentionally triggering their patients not to address the source of those feelings but to exercise their own power and feel superior as therapists.
  15. Pastor George

    Total BS

    BS indeed! We need the concept of forgiveness to give us hope and direction for without forgiveness there is no growth there is no possibility of letting go the hate that can consume our whole existence. I know you know this Teal and i have heard you speak of how your letting go of your abuse and forgiving the abuse freed you to become the spiritual leader you've become today. Yes, forgiveness and "I forgive you." become trite and over simplified to the point of corruption. True forgiveness is a long and messy process which has little to do with the abuser and everything to do with our own perception of ourselves as victims and as perpetrators. Don't take the hope of forgiveness away just keep teaching the messy processes of enlightenment so that we can understand how this all works together for good in a perfect world we have yet to discover but need to seek. Love you. Be Blessed you are a blessing to us all!

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