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  1. George Potter <>

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    to hello

    Dear Marianne,

    What a national treasure you are! No one has asked me to reply in my own words since Obama and his kitchen cabinet. I believe we are now too late to stop the coming environmental collapse we have caused by our disdain for life and failure to be good stewards of our world. Even if that is true we can't stop trying to mediate the damage and renew the natural systems that support all life on earth.

    Our currently fractured political system began when churches began to build their own schools to teach the Moral Majority values of creationism and obedience to higher authority that was embodied by right wing preachers and right wing politicians. The political solution involves recognizing that the fears of the people on the right are real and what they see and fear is true but that the 1% and their self seeking politicians have seen an opportunity to exploit these fears to gain power and manipulate the system for personal advantage.

    We need to love the right but hate the lies, we need to speak to the peoples fears but tell the truth about what it will take to save the world, you of all the candidates can do that because you feel the pain and know that Trump has tapped into the "shadow soul" of America. We fear the uncontrollable violent uncivilized Other, whether Black or foreign they are the source of all our problems because they are the source of our fears so it's easy to point that fear into a justification for banishing them from our shores, jailing them to protect our families, targeting their children, seeing them as inhuman and killing.

    The truth is the only way to combat fear is with love! We need to revision immigrants and minorities as our salvation, their working can save social security, their labor can rebuild America, their diversity can reignite the American Dream as available to all people all races all religions world wide. Their love of the earth as shown by their worship of nature can re-green our country and our world through wise use of resources and partnering with good science to mitigate the coming environmental collapse that "Inconvenient truth" that apocalyptic vision from Silent Spring and The Day after Tomorrow and others..

    It only takes a moment to kill, it takes a lifetime to grow a man or a tree. Love encourages growth and loving change, it encourages unity in our diversity, it encourages good stewardship of resources and points to sustainable practices as a way of safeguarding our grand children's future, it points to peace and it expects we will all share in both the bounty and the pain, it points to the commonality of fears and loves we all share regardless of color, language, culture. If we focus on what we have in common instead of our differences we are all the same  We can't kill those who are the same as us, they are us! We must share with those who have less by teaching them how to have more and they can teach us how to be happier with less and appreciate having time for family, friends and fun.

    I hope this helps! I'd love to continue the conversation but i gotta go now. Love and peace...


    1. Pastor George

      Pastor George

      Hey Teal what do you think of Marianne's campaign?


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