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  1. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Cool Cuanza and a  warm Winter Solstice to you all! Well almost. It's the bottom of the year and I always seem to find myself in a bit of depression with this season of loss of sunlight and loss of Son-light where crass consumerism eclipses the Christian celebration of the birth of the Christ child, God incarnate into the world. This Solstice seems uniquely dark, ominous and auspicious. After a year of Covid pandemic panic, politics and economic depression the potential for WWIII, Armageddon seems appropriate to follow the grand conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. And yet in spite of all this doom and gloom, hope springs eternal that light follows darkness, joy comes with the morning. How will we transform ourselves and our world with the coming of a new year?  Be Blessed, be a blessing!


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