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  1. Casia

    What 2018 Is

    Ummmm... well it depends on who it is and what their intentions are. If they re trying to harm you or use it against you then it’s not ok, if they just want to understand you then I guess it’s only ok if they are willing to understand that what they see cannot be judged through a filter or perspective. Again what’s physical is subject to external interpretation. Teal as a public personality, is at risk all the time so you can’t expect her to show everything to everyone. Especially with her background, and what she’s had to endure. Defence mechanisms can seem brutal to people externally. And they are. But life is so much more than happiness, it’s about that pure essence that unconditional Love, that is everything bad as well as everything good. So this kind of love is really worth risking everything for. But then again, my compass is stuffed so maybe I’m confused and what’s inside of me can’t be found externally and I literally need to be retrained to understand the difference between someone else’s emotions and my own, and why they are different. What makes it different and why is it ok to walk away from someone? Not because I don’t understand the concept trust me I recognise why it’s necessary but I still don’t understand if this is what I’m supposed to be learning to do. Its like leaving little pieces of me in pain and not being able to help them. It’s the definition of feeling powerless ??
  2. I don’t understand?!? Can someone PLEASE explain to me WTF authenticity is? Because I’m really struggling to figure out what I am and why words to me are different to others because clearly something isn’t adding up
  3. I don’t understand?!? Can someone PLEASE explain to me WTF authenticity is? Because I’m really struggling to figure out what I am and why words to me are different to others because clearly something isn’t adding up
  4. @Angelica Minguez there’s no empowerment in knowing that if we don’t listen to our parents we will experience physical pain. That is classical conditioning to rear a child into thinking that the world is dangerous and ‘mum knows best’ and this applies to society and how we are expected to flock like good little sheep otherwise we will be made an example of. This is why no-one speaks out of line. Im at glass half full so I’m not going to get into this further. Ask Teal.
  5. It’s a parents job to explain WHY they should put their shoes on as well. How is he supposed to know the consequences if it’s not explained to him!? You can’t just train a child to do what you say without giving them the information they need to make the choice for themselves.
  6. Casia

    The Benefit Of Loneliness

    i want a relationship, but I don’t just want any relationship. I’m sick of being alone and attracting the wrong people. I know what kind of person I am when I commit, and I’m too scared to devote my time to Someone who is just going to use me. My last relationship was with a psychologist who was a narcissist and it was just after my mother died so he got the opportunity to mess me up quite intensely. Now I don’t know how to tell if someone is trying to hurt me or help me ?
  7. What frequency am I at my highest potential?
  8. Casia

    Harry Potter Street

    The few extra seconds of daily update is all the excitement I get from being premium. The thing that I always looked forward to were the live workshops but I haven’t even been able to take part in them because it won’t connect or freezes as soon as I do. It’s pretty devastating actually I really believe there should be a private FB streaming of the events or at least something more interactive /with some guidance. This is all too complicated and spread out and I don’t like having no direction.
  9. Casia

    Harry Potter Street

    How exciting! It’s so nice to see Teal and Graci together as well! It makes me happy ?
  10. Casia

    Confused Genetics

    Would Graciela be happier holding down the fort at Philia?
  11. Casia

    A Full Day Of Advice

    Maybe he want to go too! Poor pumpkin!! ?
  12. I think your reasoning is great. Unfortunately my computer has a virus from one of the live-streams earlier this year and now i can no longer use it. However the FB live videos have worked Everytime isn’t it just easier to create a private FB group and stream it that way? Won’t this be less stressful for the IT crew as well as all the people attending from home? Xx
  13. Casia

    The Pulse Of The World

    London is so beautiful. I loved being in the UK, the history the buildings everything is so breathtaking! Photos just don’t do it justice ?
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