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  1. I think your reasoning is great. Unfortunately my computer has a virus from one of the live-streams earlier this year and now i can no longer use it. However the FB live videos have worked Everytime isn’t it just easier to create a private FB group and stream it that way? Won’t this be less stressful for the IT crew as well as all the people attending from home? Xx
  2. Can you guys please Stream this through another platform, because I won’t be able to access it through the website and it’s really frustrating. Thanks for your time ???
  3. I’m not sure if I should take part in the workshop. I would like to know what would be best for Teal and the people attending the Seattle workshop; It’s important for me to feel like I am not interfering with what other people are doing unless it is assisting them. I need to know that it’s in the best interest of others because this will ultimately benefit me too (I think). Well I’m hoping that at least asking the question is a step in the right direction for me; as opposed to worrying about making the wrong decision. Thank you
  4. Same, I have it quite often but it’s it’s in the form of thought and feeling so it’s difficult to put into words. It’s why we/I feel so alone. I have this need to connect which is so intense its like a wound that can’t heal but it’s not just for my sake it’s for the sake of the world. It’s like my soul is looking for someone, who can understand me on a level that isn’t physical; where our mind and energy needs to meet becoming the same and there’s no words for it. I know this is achievable, I don’t know how I know but I do: this is how we should be - to truely understand everything and everyone we need to feel them every aspect of them but we need to feel ourselves first. It all starts from one original thing like a seed, as it sprouts and it forms roots, branches and leaves and every part of the trees looks different because once it sprouts, external influences dictate what happens. Ohhhh this doesn’t cover what I’m trying to express, but it’s just a rough general example ??
  5. Haha, that’s funny and sad at the same time.
  6. @Crystal Rob I tried to do this Rob. Nobody seems to be able to hold space for me, I can hold space for myself but it makes me sad because it just validates what I’ve always felt which is that I’m alone.
  7. This video made me cry. I can’t express myself openly because i feel unsafe when I do. Nothing is right in this world and yes, it’s great we’re ‘waking up the world’ but the spiritual community is just as messed up!! Why are we all so incapable of recognising suffering in someone else when it doesn’t present how they expect? Do we just push people away until they comply in some way?
  8. Rob I love your random need to comment on everything hehe! It makes me laugh ?. Well actually it makes me feel a whole range of emotions but that’s probably because my mind doesn’t seem to accept one perspective, which is actually pretty traumatic since I don’t know which perspective is intended. But that doesn’t apply to your comments, or maybe it does. I guess it depends, again. ANYWAY... this is why I don’t communicate. Shall I post this or delete it and leave only the first two sentences... hmmm I’m going to leave it, even if it’s purely for entertainment purposes ?
  9. Thank you Rob, it’s really nice of you to say something to try and make me feel better about how I handled myself. @Crystal Rob
  10. It explains why I felt that everyone I spoke to during that event was me in one or many ways. I freaked out a bit.... Soul streams....hmmm @my-alteregos-and-me
  11. Absolutely, thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I appreciate that you’ve taken the time to respond and share ?
  12. Ok so clearly my internal guidance system is messed up, so I have absolutely no idea what I need or where to get it from ?
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