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  1. Auryn

    Miami 2021 - 2/2

    This was so emotional - I was crying a lot when the woman worked on integrating her baby aspect. I could absolutely relate. Thank you Teal and the Miami folks
  2. Auryn

    Trauma Can Look Like This Too

    Haha, I love how Graci chimes in Also, this concept is wild! I knew “small” traumas were important, but I never really thought about how important they could be... thanks for sharing this!
  3. Auryn

    Sleep Minerals

    I’m sorry about your family’s loss, Teal that’s so sad/scary Also, thank you for sharing about sleep stones! I love hearing your insights on crystals
  4. Auryn

    Taking Requests

    Here are my requests: - more behind the scenes about your community! I’d love to see what your team members do every day. - I love it when you talk about higher-level, “how the universe works”, esoteric type stuff. Especially understanding other consciousness (aliens, crystals, plants, etc) - I miss your old blogs so much. You used to talk about your dreams/going out of body, and I LOVED those. Learning about how you processed personal traumas inspired me and made me realize “oh she actually walks the talk” Thanks for sharing so much with us Teal You’re a beautiful light in this world when everything can get so dark. I’m grateful for you!
  5. If you can’t tell by my username, The Neverending Story is my all time favorite book. I read it 4-5 times as a kid and I still revisit it as an adult. It has been a point of wisdom throughout my life, teaching me about the law of attraction (Auryn = do as you wish) and shadow work (the Auryn grants wishes deep in your heart...which ultimately leads Bastian down to the mines where he carefully unearths all his true dreams and his true self). I highly, highly recommend it to kids and adults alike!
  6. Auryn


    I always love it when Teal discusses the things she struggles with personally. It’s why I loved her blogs so much back in the day! Knowing that she struggles makes me feel better, and it makes me trust the insights she teaches. I can see that she applies them to her life (“walks the talk” so to speak) and it helps her - so I feel like “I can do that too!” As far as regret, I regret not speaking up and being honest when people have hurt me. I’ve cared way too much about “not hurting feelings” - but that led me to superficial friendships where I felt unseen by others or used by others. I think I could have had better friendships and partnerships if I knew it was okay to make other people a little uncomfortable. Strangely, this regret also has to do with what I regret doing: I regret cutting people out of my life with no explanation as to why. Because I’ve believed that no one can handle “my truth” - it led me to cutting people off cold-turkey. I guess I wished they would have chased after me and asked what was wrong, but that never happened and I never got the satisfaction of explaining my point of view.
  7. Auryn

    Gaslighting and Doom

    Happy Birthday, Blake!!!
  8. I love these videos you and Blake do together! You guys have such a deep friendship - it inspires me! I'm not sure what book or movie would represent my personality... Maybe The Neverending Story. Ever since I read that book when I was 10yo it's been my guide in life. I think about it very often - especially when I'm "going through something." Only within the past 6 years did I realize Bastian's journey in the second half of the book is all about manifestation to heal his traumas. I think that resonates with my conscious focus - I'm always trying to make sense of myself and see how what I'm "going through" relates to things that happened to me in the past. Also, Bastian moves on whim. That's totally me, and it can be super frustrating for people. I have a hard time maintaining a routine because my heart calls me to rearrange things in my life quite often - every 3-6 months. Thanks for the question, Teal! It's fun to think about this stuff!
  9. Auryn

    Childhood Story

    As a kid and teenager, I was obsessed with the Little Mermaid - both the Disney and Hans Christian Anderson version, although the HCA version resonated more deeply with me. In that version, the Prince marries another woman, the Little Mermaid never gets her voice back, and she ends up killing herself. That definitely matched how I felt with my parents. My dad and I had a "complicated relationship" (ie: covert incest) and I've struggled with feeling enmeshed, treated like a pet (not taken seriously), silenced, and passed-over by men in my life. I had very dark days where I felt powerless and suicidal... It's been a long road to get to the empowered place I am in now (thanks in large part to Teal and the Tribe), and I still have a ways to go before I find a partnership in which I feel respected, taken seriously, listened-to, and chosen by a romantic partner hopefully not much longer!
  10. Auryn

    Lucid Dreams

    I've had a few dreams where Teal and Blake visited me! It didn't go well... In two of the dreams they were assessing if I'd be able to join them on their mission (Teal looked like the alien in Alien in one), but I couldn't. I was frustrated with their requests and terrified of them. Lol. So weird, because I enjoy following and learning from Teal (and Blake) in my waking life ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. Auryn

    Teal's Resistance

    I always like to hear what you're working on personally, Teal. That's what I loved about your old blogs. It helps me feel less alone and like "if she's struggling with these issues, then it's okay if I'm struggling too!"
  12. Auryn

    Recipe - Teal's Tamales

    I love Graci Thanks for sharing your traditions with us, Graciela! And I hope you guys make more of these videos! I love seeing the community doing stuff together!
  13. I was a little worried to read your blog about Hawaii, Teal, but I'm pleasantly surprised! As a native Polynesian (Samoan), I've seen and felt the exclusion that's inherent in Hawaii. There's a little bit of it in Samoa, but not as much. I think it might be because Hawaii was completely screwed over when they accepted trade deals with the US. The monarch was overthrown by the US - making it essentially stolen land. That exclusion feeling hurts... I danced hula for almost 10 years and never felt like I could get close to the culture. I always felt pushed away. I really really like how you noticed that the plants have very strong spirits! Hawaiian culture (especially through song and dance) treats each plant/flower/wind/rain like a conscious being. I also love that you can feel the kapu (taboo) spells in the land! I felt it SUPER strongly when swimming off the shore in Kona where King Kamehameha used to live. It scared me to my core! Kapu and "spirits" are very strong in Samoa. It almost feels hard to move there because you feel crushed by it - like you're standing in a very crowded room. Fun, I hope you get to do more exploring in the world! I love reading your energetic diagnoses!
  14. Auryn

    The Re-Do

    So excited for the energy diagnosis of Hawaii! I'm half Polynesian and have always noticed the dissonance in realities between people on Hawaii. It can feel lonely and frustrating. The native Polynesians feel invisible/wronged/pushed aside sometimes, and all locals struggle to make a living (it's so expensive there), while vacationers treat the island like Disneyland, not always appreciating the cultures that have lived and thrived there for generations.
  15. Auryn

    Follow Your Joy

    So excited for the cookbook!!

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