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  1. If you can’t tell by my username, The Neverending Story is my all time favorite book. I read it 4-5 times as a kid and I still revisit it as an adult. It has been a point of wisdom throughout my life, teaching me about the law of attraction (Auryn = do as you wish) and shadow work (the Auryn grants wishes deep in your heart...which ultimately leads Bastian down to the mines where he carefully unearths all his true dreams and his true self). I highly, highly recommend it to kids and adults alike!
  2. Auryn


    I always love it when Teal discusses the things she struggles with personally. It’s why I loved her blogs so much back in the day! Knowing that she struggles makes me feel better, and it makes me trust the insights she teaches. I can see that she applies them to her life (“walks the talk” so to speak) and it helps her - so I feel like “I can do that too!” As far as regret, I regret not speaking up and being honest when people have hurt me. I’ve cared way too much about “not hurting feelings” - but that led me to superficial friendships where I felt unseen by others or used by others. I t
  3. Auryn

    Gaslighting and Doom

    Happy Birthday, Blake!!!
  4. I love these videos you and Blake do together! You guys have such a deep friendship - it inspires me! I'm not sure what book or movie would represent my personality... Maybe The Neverending Story. Ever since I read that book when I was 10yo it's been my guide in life. I think about it very often - especially when I'm "going through something." Only within the past 6 years did I realize Bastian's journey in the second half of the book is all about manifestation to heal his traumas. I think that resonates with my conscious focus - I'm always trying to make sense of myself and see how what I
  5. Auryn

    Childhood Story

    As a kid and teenager, I was obsessed with the Little Mermaid - both the Disney and Hans Christian Anderson version, although the HCA version resonated more deeply with me. In that version, the Prince marries another woman, the Little Mermaid never gets her voice back, and she ends up killing herself. That definitely matched how I felt with my parents. My dad and I had a "complicated relationship" (ie: covert incest) and I've struggled with feeling enmeshed, treated like a pet (not taken seriously), silenced, and passed-over by men in my life. I had very dark days where I felt powerless and su
  6. Auryn

    Lucid Dreams

    I've had a few dreams where Teal and Blake visited me! It didn't go well... In two of the dreams they were assessing if I'd be able to join them on their mission (Teal looked like the alien in Alien in one), but I couldn't. I was frustrated with their requests and terrified of them. Lol. So weird, because I enjoy following and learning from Teal (and Blake) in my waking life ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Auryn

    Teal's Resistance

    I always like to hear what you're working on personally, Teal. That's what I loved about your old blogs. It helps me feel less alone and like "if she's struggling with these issues, then it's okay if I'm struggling too!"
  8. Auryn

    Recipe - Teal's Tamales

    I love Graci Thanks for sharing your traditions with us, Graciela! And I hope you guys make more of these videos! I love seeing the community doing stuff together!
  9. I was a little worried to read your blog about Hawaii, Teal, but I'm pleasantly surprised! As a native Polynesian (Samoan), I've seen and felt the exclusion that's inherent in Hawaii. There's a little bit of it in Samoa, but not as much. I think it might be because Hawaii was completely screwed over when they accepted trade deals with the US. The monarch was overthrown by the US - making it essentially stolen land. That exclusion feeling hurts... I danced hula for almost 10 years and never felt like I could get close to the culture. I always felt pushed away. I really really like how you
  10. Auryn

    The Re-Do

    So excited for the energy diagnosis of Hawaii! I'm half Polynesian and have always noticed the dissonance in realities between people on Hawaii. It can feel lonely and frustrating. The native Polynesians feel invisible/wronged/pushed aside sometimes, and all locals struggle to make a living (it's so expensive there), while vacationers treat the island like Disneyland, not always appreciating the cultures that have lived and thrived there for generations.
  11. Auryn

    Follow Your Joy

    So excited for the cookbook!!
  12. I recently got into an "argument" with anti-Tealers on Youtube recently. It's funny, the more the anti-Tealers attack your fans (ie: me), the more dedicated I become to what you stand for, Teal! They're obviously very triggered by you. I pray that they only remain a nuisance and not a danger. Lots of love to you and the Teal Tribe <3
  13. Within the past month I've finally begun to grasp that my healing journey will never ever end - which has honestly been tormenting me with shame. I've definitely felt like a failure for even needing to be healed or feel better. I've felt like a loser who can't figure out how to be happy. I'm glad I read this blog post again - it helps to remind me that being unhappy is not a failure, it's totally normal, and that I'm going to be riding these waves for the rest of my life. Thank you so much Teal. PS: I view your Spirituality 3.0 as the "how to" for riding those waves!
  14. This idea of empowerment while acknowledging dependence on other people has honestly been a difficult concept for me to grasp. My mind tends to view dependence as a bad thing and independence as a good thing. I definitely think it's due to our Western Society, but it's also due to the emotional incest that I grew up with (which I think is more common in nuclear families than most people will admit). I was taught at a young age that I needed to take care of my parents - be their therapist, marriage counselor, or real-life teddy bear (so icky). Subconsciously, I recognized their inappropriate de
  15. Wow, so many insights in one post: "We do not get better by overriding or overcoming our difficulties. We get better by understanding and accepting them. " " The greatest sense of freedom comes when our actions flow directly from feelings." "But it is universal truth that being productive (doing) is only beneficial if it enhances happiness (being). Individual achievement is only beneficial if it enhances communal harmony. And thinking is only beneficial if it stems from and enhances feeling."
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