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  1. Nailed it 100%! I grew up in Phoenix. I felt incarcerated by having to black out my room to keep it cool and never go out doors unless necessary. I suffered with painful eczema all 26 years of living there. Shortly after moving the hell out of there I discovered I had Valley Fever, the fungus you saw, and through muscle testing revealed I had contracted it as a child. Coping is the perfect word short of just outright suffering. I never knew joy or even knew that I liked to be outside living there. My jaw about dropped when I read acclimating to Sedona will leave you dizzy for days. The last time I drove up there from Phoenix to spend the afternoon I got so so dizzy being up there. Unreal. Though breathtaking, I'm not sure how anyone can live up there either. The energy is definitely intense. Great diagnosis!
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