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  1. Lesa Spravka

    What's In My Bag?

    I carry bamboo chop sticks and bamboo regular fork, spoon and knife because I don’t like the taste of metal in every single thing I eat.
  2. Lesa Spravka

    Dreams and Purpose

    Good question. My first guess is a theme of being very involved in working with people. There’s so many people around in my dreams. I know cause I wake up and I’m alone.
  3. Lesa Spravka


    Thank you.
  4. I had to think of a horrible experience I had to realize that being nice never seems to work how I want it to. Well it’s not really a personality type but more of a coping strategy. And I’m guilty of seeing people’s shadows that Teal helped me see makes me feel safer.
  5. Among many I like mookaite (sp?). I so want to know my mineral and plant. Amethyst is my birthstone, don’t know if that matters but I don’t like to have it. I ask a friend to ask my higher self why and the response was because I don’t need it. I did your spirit animal meditation and found out my spirit animal is a ladybug. I loved how you said in your video that it’s our job to study the energy of our spirit animal. Because now I’m so much more accepting of that energy in me. At first I was so disappointed to find out all ladybugs do is eat aphids. Like nonstop all the time. Because I so judged that energy as negative but when I stop judging it and just notice the focused, one step at a time, manipulating energy I can see how I do that in shadow and can then consciously do it in a positive way. Basically by applying it to what I love. and I thank you for the warning about tough stuff coming. That helps me ride it a little better.
  6. Lesa Spravka

    Parallel Realities

    I think people need to see this about their pets too.
  7. Lesa Spravka

    Best Book Ever

    I wasn’t sure if telling you ours was what you were looking for but I’ll take the opportunity. For me 3 books have woke me up in an ever expanding way: - Compassion and Self Hate: An Alternative to Despair by Theodore Rubin (at the time I was in despair and I was so happy/relieved someone knew that despair existed. And it woke me up to knowing self hate existed in me) - The Birth of Pleasure by Carol Gilligan (sp?) (A look at how pleasure is systematically suppressed in us) - Fear of Life by Alexander Lowen (Teal recommended in her eidipus (sp?) complex video. It seems the answer to everything to me).
  8. Lesa Spravka


    Thanks for sharing.
  9. Lesa Spravka

    Personal Truth

    I truly appreciate this product. The daily updates. Thanks.
  10. Lesa Spravka


    I’m feeling very seen this morning with this. my recent experiences were with two families related to me. The futility was in seeing how the only two men, one from each family, are actually hurting the women they propose to love. And allowing my genuine sadness is what led me to see this is the reason for my futility. They seem so far from seeing how suppressing their genuine emotions is turning them abusive. super sad about this. maybe I’ll now know a man that can muster humility and compassion for himself.
  11. It’s not so much that I’m brutally honest but I’m not gonna take the bull shit people are pushing. I’m not. And I don’t like fluffy descriptions that aren’t based on feelings. And I don’t like long text in general. Just get to the effing point. This could all be based on the trauma of constant gaslighting.
  12. Lesa Spravka

    Invisible Trauma

    Once in a CP like healing I saw myself as baby loosely held with faceless armless people around me that I knew was my family. The healer asked if I could go to the baby and hold it. I felt and said I believe I have nothing to offer the baby. Just then it came to me and I said “I need support” and right then a being popped out of a curtain of air with the energy of “oh my god she finally asked and I GET to step in”. It so gently came up behind me and put its arms around my arms and right then my heart beamed with light and then the baby’s heart beamed with light and our hearts glowed bright and we naturally gravitated toward each other. My heart never ever felt like that before. It was totally new, it seems to me. And never before was I even aware I needed support. It was like I said I need support for the first time in my life. Just saying all this to show how knowing what was missing can empower healing.
  13. Lesa Spravka


  14. Lesa Spravka

    React VS Respond

    Beautiful. Thank you.
  15. I’ve loved watching your early video interviews when interviewers questions seemed so jack-assy and you would not respond with any anger or defense back. It was something I totally wanted to learn.
  16. Lesa Spravka

    Taking For Granted

    My first thought is I’m pretty dang grateful for everything. And my angst comes from others not being present and mindful to the world with me. But I’m sure I take something for granted. I’ll let you know if I figure it out.
  17. I thought of one. I’m in a burning building and there is only one way out. Through a window. The window is high up. And I don’t have a ladder.
  18. Lesa Spravka

    Own People

    So glad you’re using this metaphor. Very helpful. Thanks.
  19. Lesa Spravka


    A lovely combination of both of yours. I try and try and try to lessen my material and verbal impact on the world that is most identified in me being a self proclaimed minimalist. And I want to be a minimalist because I don’t want to spend my precious life focus on things that don’t matter so that I can focus on things that really matter like connecting with other human beings. So I have the expectation that everyone one wants the same thing and should be available to connect with and want to connect. But I’m still not finding many that really want to connect. But I truly do have a few friends who do take the time to connect with me. But still. I’m still lonely.
  20. Lesa Spravka

    Childhood Story

    Thanks for asking and sharing. I would say The Wizard of Oz. Although I wonder if it was special because it was shown on TV once a year so the time was special and the kids were invited to watch. But i liked it. A lot. So. I loved how emotional Dorothy was. She freely got angry at Miss Gulch and freely complained to her aunt and uncle about how mean Miss Gulch was. She was best friends with her dog. Her dog was her best friend. She seemed to be so loved by the family that did all the work on the farm. She didn't seem to have to do much. Her troubles were the subject of the whole movie. Judy Garland sang with so much emotion. And Judy was so brave. And stood up for herself. And she was so happy to be home. Mostly I liked how special Judy was. I was special because I was the youngest but not respected.
  21. I like the book Messages from the Body by Michael J. Lincoln. He’s passed but he also has other books that are about bodily features and what the underlying unexpressed emotions are.
  22. Lesa Spravka

    The Most Difficult

    Most difficult...that my isolation is worse.
  23. Just that question about what was the most painful experience of my life...brought back me making a mistake at work that resulted in me being suspended without pay for 10 days. It involved every relationship I had. My co-workers, my staff, my bosses, Human Resources, my then partner, and my sister. Maybe I’m writing about it here so my pain can be seen. I love that you reminded us to think of every relationship we have. Man, relationships are hard.
  24. And the way you explain how energy actually works...well it made complete sense when no one else did.
  25. I think I want the truth because what others deemed as desirable or a reason for happiness never worked for me.
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