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  1. Lesa Spravka

    School Memory

    I love your mom for that.
  2. Lesa Spravka

    Season Change

    Just stocked up on Tulsi tea. Thank you Teal!
  3. Because of this information I have gotten emotion code healing that targeted specifically my life from gestation to age 8. I'm confident it made an impact but maybe not as much a completion process does.
  4. Haha Gracie, good one.
  5. Lesa Spravka


    Anyone else's approval. (said with tears)
  6. Lesa Spravka


    That all people learn from Teal's teachings.
  7. Lesa Spravka

    Card Of The Day

    I’ve been so waiting for this app. I got it and all the options for spreads exceeding my expectations. It’s so awesome. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
  8. Lesa Spravka


    This hard to choose. My amazonite crystal keeps popping up.
  9. Lesa Spravka


    Dancing When I’m funny.
  10. Lesa Spravka


    Being seen. im seeing it as okness to write a book about my experiences.
  11. It's seems like the universe is geared toward forcing us to recognize our free will.
  12. Lesa Spravka


    It will draw attention to me and I only experienced non acceptance for 'me'. So I'm imagining pain in sharing myself. Clearly it seems I need to just accept this will happen.
  13. Just writing to solidify this teaching. It’s like what I learned from bed bugs. Well first, who knew my parents nightly mantra to me “don’t let the bedbugs bite” would eventually manifest that shit. I was an administrator of a 30 person housing facility for homeless women. So this place regularly got bedbugs. The more I learned about the bedbugs ways (what they need) the less afraid I was of them. I also had way less shame about having them. And I was great at soothing clients who had them about recovering from them. I can see how now this applies to the forces I’m stressed about. Oh boy. Heavy heart stuff.
  14. Home made (not Kraft) macaroni and cheese.
  15. Lesa Spravka


    I don't really get this question. But the previous comments help. Um I think a torch for truth? Or for everyone's emotions to be recognized and validated. Maybe because I can help others get in touch with their feelings? I'm already on this path so this is getting it more clear. But I guess the shadow torch would be...my family (like siblings and dead parents)...like I keep wanting them to love me for me. And they repeatedly are never available for that.
  16. Lesa Spravka


    I want an intimate partner/relationship right now in my life. Do things with someone makes life so much easier.
  17. Lesa Spravka


    Distinguish what love really is and live it.
  18. Lesa Spravka


    This time it’s “she searched and searched and searched for love.”
  19. Lesa Spravka


    Not being loved.
  20. Lesa Spravka


    She wanted to understand.
  21. Lesa Spravka


    Truly, the sound of sand rubbing up against itself.
  22. Lesa Spravka


    So validating. I wrote this upon waking this morning: "3-25-21 Woke lonely as hell again. Last night weird, nice, lovely, stabbing call with my friend. She lied to defend her position. I hate humans a lot of the time. FUCK."

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