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  1. Lesa Spravka

    For Yourself

    ...and I connect with my crystals.
  2. Lesa Spravka

    For Yourself

    I can’t believe no one has said this yet but the best thing I’m doing for myself is ‘giving up’. With the help of your by rapid relaxation meditation. Thanks
  3. For myself I see that I usually worry about the worst case potentials and that those potentials almost always never happen. And to get busy looking at lovely new potentials. Regarding more collectively I feel people seeing the potential of something good about the new American states presidency. And I think you’re saying that’s not necessarily going to be so. Right?
  4. Of course I noticed the possible nakedness but I was really thrown by hardly ever seeing you with hair on both sides look. I was like oh this feels so different.
  5. Thanks for your perspective. I love the expanse of it.
  6. Lesa Spravka


    She’d think I need better hair. And she’d be disappointed we haven’t found someone to hold us.
  7. Lesa Spravka

    Are You Relaxed?

    Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Sanity. I think I watched Ralph Smart for the last time when he mentioned “We Are The World” was NOT about ego. But seriously... I’m suckling off your updates. So grateful for you both.
  8. And remember that Everclear song Wonderful with the lyrics “I want the things I had before like a Star Wars picture on my bedroom door.” I love that song. It’s actually about fighting gaslighting.
  9. Lesa Spravka

    Sun Dog Prophecy

    What a great update!!! Thanks!!!
  10. Love those ideas. I just upped my environmental game. Thanks!!!
  11. Lesa Spravka


    Thanks Teal. I’m moved by all the comments reflecting on their resiliency. For me it’s helping me decide that I must do things more concretely, materially. Less thinking about it. Thanks for this direction.
  12. It seems like this a lot but that’s a lot of contrast to my Xmas this year. I hope it’s ok to say that.
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