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  1. Lesa Spravka

    Life In One Word

    Teal’s latest frequency painting “personal truth” has felt like It catalyzed more clarity on this so I’m changing my answer from “sad” to “ridiculous”. It carries more of the anger I have for the level of human pain this human life has. Maybe it’ll change again.
  2. Thank you Teal. This is great information. I’m sad about all my negative thoughts. Of course more so knowing some people can see them. (sigh).
  3. Lesa Spravka


    I liked your presence with missing your moonstone.
  4. A blue shiny plastic cube. Like hard plastic. . Could not see thru it. I was 100 feet away from the cube. The ratio to the desert was 1:100,000. The ladder was leaning against the cube and was white shiny strong plastic. The horse was tan colored and facing the cube but about 3 feet away. Bareback. With rope hanging from it’s neck. Flowers all different colors about nine of them randomly surrounding the cube from around 1 foot to 3 feet from the cube. The storm was just hard rain but had not come yet about 6 miles away. I do believe my friends are so strong and I guess I support them. I agree that I don’t let people in. This is fun. Thanks.
  5. My desert island food choice is artichoke hearts too.
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