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  1. Waterfall


    Teenage kid holding on too his cell phone. Thats a bit the same or different? Felt strict taking it away but that was the only way I could help him understand and remember how we communicate and look into his eyes. Tried to help him understand his own Power dynamic Control thing and show understanding for how he felt out of Control and helpless.
  2. Waterfall


    Hm. Now, Id like the deffenitions, too, to play and fully understand my own conciousness. To understand my Choices in life and were to go. Perhahaps my son would be big enough to play such a game soon.. simplufied perhaps. A good conversation Tool. My father gave me one important advice when I was Young: Learn to prioritize. And also told me how important Money was even though I had anticapilalistic tendencies I still today have a good hang on my spendings and what I own. Just need to declutter all the stuff People give me that they think I need. Hm. We are all in some kind of process. And Yeah. Painting stuff is fun, I figured too. My batroom has a bit of blue in it now gonna do some Purple in the bedroom closets I think Been painting all of my rooms in cheap Paint last 3-4 years so I actually started that process before, shes just reminding me of the fun in it... Good thing.
  3. Waterfall


    Rain, forest, sea, nature at large… Hm. Perhaps we should have Threes in Our living rooms all year round. Christmas all year? That would be that smudge special made for Christmas then. Different spices. Hm. Thats a thought. Allthough such Things as Dragons Breath appeals to me and Cedar Three.. and such.
  4. This is different from how this helps me. You havent done nothing wrong but love yourself first. Or People will keep thinking they can do Things to you. I had some guy Express his anger on me and reflected it uppon him to have a deep conversation With his friend. These couldve and wouldve done me crimes but didnt. Now Im 37, not 20. And as a mother will not allow anyone offending me without a reply. Anyhow, good Luck on Your Journey whatever that is. I let someone go myself when I was Your age. Nothin much to do. Cause they took my friends. All of them. By making me feel guilty and insecure.
  5. Yep. Ive been seeing some dudes trying to twist Your Words and make you a bad person. Its whats been done to me for years. Been all alone in the start. But now having a great deal of support theres even a greater treath. Like. If I cant be treathened to silence theyre gone do it some more. Even when the Whole town/area/country/world have seen the truth. Been called insane for protecting my own right for a normal life. And preservation of me and mine human rights. Cause you know, in the richest country in the world. The poorest guys has no rights for covering juridical expences. Some of that helplessness yep. But dont give up. Cause. Its gonna break. One day soon.
  6. Waterfall


    Hm. Just staying at home. Washing my car. Eating moose. Marinade from berries picked this summer. Lighting candles. Missing my kids. WHo are not alowed to stay With me cause Im not as miserable as the gouverment wants me to. Seeing New year forecasts of JP sears, Lee Harris and Teal Swan. Hm. Kings New Year Speech. Values. Right.
  7. Theres lotsa possible futures... and lotsa Things I wanna do... But … No, Im thinking they will happen. Like World travel. Thats gonna happen. Hm. Having another baby... that's probably not goint to happen. Unless its outside my uturus in some kinda machine or in another whoman With an egg extracted from me. Cause my head wouldnt take one more. Hm. Well… Aint gonna say that aint gonna happen. And I just might marry an african an get 50 step children from all of his wives moving here to my country to, seems like Our princess is about to do that so I dont have to. Actually its a question to hard to answer. It's Like taking the probability ride of Hitchickers guide to the gallaxy and having someone ask you… well, so were'd you like to g o ? Hm. *pushing button* Anywhere I'dd find the love of my life and have my children safe ad happy, living my dreams, be creative and travel around and see Things. Hm. Yeah one might get hit by a truck one day, but why worry, until that day, u know… theres lotsa Things to prepare to world travel and it's not for People that's had a relatively easy life With everything served on a plate and no challenges, I don't think it is.. nope. Nuff for aswering question. See if i can find some dessert. Oh… Yeah there's the neverending band dream. Thats gonna happen… I cant think of anything that aint. Hm. well Usually they dont end like I think my dreams if they involve men. Thats usually. Now this ones involve… well imagine yourself With Your spiriutal gifts. Gonna find somethin that Works.
  8. Waterfall

    Living A Spiritual Life

    We used to give presents to Our animals too. Or I did. My dog got a New ball each year cause he just chewed it up. (This throwing ball thing I figured later womeone told me stresses dogs, butt...) Or a bone.
  9. Over here theres always been a tradition for putting birds on Threes (they should be real ones for sure, but kind of niecely made pieces of art. Theyve been makig some real Nice ones over here, birds With feathers. Since we're so far North the act of birdfeeding has a lot of superstition around it at times of Christmas. Winter is when nature dies and Wakes up to life again. Birdsongs are some of the first signs of spring and feeding the birds With last years corn/bread was good Luck for New life to come both for humans and birds, true growt and crops. I have a humming bird and a couple of owls on my Three.
  10. Waterfall

    Teal Painting Her House

    Yes… Alwys thinks a long time before I make up my mind. Not until summer anyway, like some fresh air when I Paint. Used to have a bathroom when I was a little With some pattern on the wall looking like skin flossing of, so maybe pink is a bad Idea. Depends. Hm. I have some blue left in my basement though so dont have to buy any…
  11. Waterfall

    Teal Painting Her House

    I cant stand the color white it reminds me of hospitals... perhaps I should Paint my bathroom too then… Hm. Pink, perhaps. Cause I already have blue in my bedroom Green in the hall Purple in the living room I thought the Next thing would be to change the floor to something slightly more soft when I got the money Unless I suddenly decide too flee the country cause its ruined by the authorities Like Every country Hm. What to do With this space Obi wan
  12. Waterfall

    Collective Blindspot

    Im old Egypt they painted those black curly lines under childrens eyes to protect against evil...
  13. Sometimes it is really hard to know who to trust as a parent and sometimes theyre very ignorant of Things they shouldnt. Sometimes its because they cant admit to it ither times they were to tired to Catch up everything, and maybe society demanded more of them than they should have, this is true especially when it concerns kids. Like to us in my country, youre given the right to say Your oppinion but if you disagree to much With the majority of the population they fid someway to get you out of the way, like mistreath you and diagnose you, or bully You out/ignore you, withc is especially easy if they have one other parent that agrees With them… when they later find out that the parent that agrees most With them also has incredibly destructive effect on not just Your own but all of the kids... they kind of start panic,... hm... Now If Things dont change at that point, and they start to see … me, withc is the parent in this case... you see when my mum was raising me she did everythinng they said nomatter how bad it was, they were all morrons who expected children to just obey and shut up, respect religion/authorithy. Just like many elses story.
  14. Waterfall

    Teal Tribe Down

    well Im in a difficult phase but I actually also feel its a kind of healing prosess at the same time on the outside Things are Dangerous so I need turbo healing and high awareness.. I dont feel left out.. I just dont attatc that easily to anyone anymore. My friends are my friends and they come and they g o . Ive not regret choosing to follow Your Premium for a year now allthough the Activity have been less than expected Ive seen what youve been going trough yourself, as you show us pieces of you.
  15. Waterfall

    Beauty Products

    I didnt think you used any kind of Products... I also like a lot of those Things. Ive been using cocoa oil an only that on my face day and night for a really long time, Works very fine. Needed soe grapeseed oil on my legs for troubled veins earlier this Autumn. I just got the idea of using it after seeing a Commercial for some Product by cooincidence With that thing in, and since I had some in my cupboard witch I bough by a mistake another time, I could just use that… Its funny how Things/ideas show up...when you need it... And when I use make up I use the mineral make up...
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