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  1. Waterfall

    Acceptance Challenge

    What happened last couple of weeks was parents spending lotsa more time With their kids. So does going back to normal actually have to be bad? Perhaps people Reach a common understanding that the School system actually does not provide as much to the kids as the parents are able to. At least not those concerned With their own Health.... witch is the ones we will see the most of. btw I might be leaving you guys due to economical reasons. Be following Your Youtube updates and twitter, and the books Ive bought.
  2. Waterfall


    Thank you!
  3. Waterfall

    Expectations Exercise

    Hm. Now what if my authorithy figures in childhood consists of more than just my parents, like my grandma and other relatives, Teachers and so on, and that I was able to learn from all of them? I think I expect nothing fromt the authorithies, just to be left to figure Things out on my own as always…. (?) Hm. And then theres the advantages, like I could espect to be taken care of physically but neglected in other aspects. Fear of being controlled, need for freedom. Being blamed. And then them regretting and being sorry for the incidents that happened. Hm. Yeh. Similarities. Must visualize somthing better. Cause theyre so stuck in the old my parents. On the other hand. I was not afraid in situations were my siblings were.
  4. Waterfall


    I really think what was is wasted…. all of the Whole Facebook, modern life, party king, thing… at the same time I am a really into traditions and history person. That is preserve what was good from the past, witch almost was about to disappear. Like the Gardening, making clothes and Furniture self,... we cant all rely upon newer Tech. But they might help us... create a substainable, more effortless society. Were we can spend all of Our time... well. Preserving the Things People turned away from that was good. Living With nature. By conciously applying Tech in the future. See what you mean if all of this age of machines were wasted and polution we would not have the opportunities to evolve it into something more concious... well… self councious cars and... well only if we can keep up Our etics and humanity will we prevent the Terminator scenes and rather make it a 70's futuristic Movie clean scene of joy and Tech serving us for a common good. Taking ourselves for Our diversity. Not Our faults. Noone needs to be fixed, they just need to live their life in no harm for others. I think you should do some Gardening in Your resourt center by the way. Resourt. Resurrection. Restore. Resource... whatever.
  5. Waterfall

    Self Sabotage

    Harness pants Get back into abudance Teal! Its not as dark as it looks. This virus took all gouverments by surprize dont think all People are… surprised. Some has been prepping for a change for years. Hopefully a green change, no matter what gouverments says. Chill…. And then soon for the Braveheart "Freedom!"
  6. Waterfall

    Tips For Now

    I kind of dont take emotions in instantly, ive always been this way. So, Ive been in a fearful, draining hard situation for a very long time this does not change anything for me … but might. So I use the time before my emotions set in to prepare for change. Well. Calm my mind anyway. Clean the house. Witch always was one of my "bad" sides.. so theres some self Development here. Im kinda opposite than the rest. I get shut out exept from in higly intelligent populations, for being different. Now different is needed. Feel like gathering energy. restore a bit and do something. Perhaps this is the time People are actually going to see my strenghts and that I was right all along. My ex thats been bothering me might just wanna change his ways, or have to cause in this case I am much stronger. And its obvious. Or going to be. Have to be. And does not feel fearful. Perhaps I am Ahead of you in my fear digestion. Cause of other Things. Support and help and communicating, how u communicating. Is … Will increase. Recharge… do the clean lifestyle. Teal was speaking about the importance of strenghtening the immune system in her 2020 forecast so I really felt this thing coming… speakin bout Our icroscopic enemies the germs. So her surprise blast me of a bit... shes been preparing us without knowing. And even though Ive been kinda restricted by econoy, Ive been thinking like: well if I cant do THIS, what OTHER thing could I do... using my knowledge. Using what I have as I finally got to tidy my Space in january, february, one year after the New years resolution to do so. Seeing my Resources more clearly. For those of us who had a very hard time. We're prepped to deal With this. But I also think of my familiy. Weve had some outlashes and real in Depth fights past couple of years… So... Hm. Yeah, maybe theyre prepared for somethin like this as well, and remembering all the Things I told them all my life about the healthy life I choose ABOVE economy. Like I remember their cleaning advice (all their little hints and comments) as Im cleaning my house right now. Weve had ths shut of this Winter in communication and is stating to speak to eachother again. So. Hm... yep this deffenetly feels like a Natural cycle… Or as some tarot lady said it. A fire burning trough. Respect the elements. Dig the colours in Your Corona video Teal. And yep, my bathroom got some blue in it and my bedroom some Purple cupboards mongst the blue walls this winter Thanks, Teal I am glad Norway does not take as easily to guns as in America. But Yeah, some like stupidly naiv thinking this is a short term thing not knowing its the long therm change that I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR
  7. Waterfall


    Somehow Im not. Or at least not far away from my normal state of fear. I shall read that boo I bought a long time ago. From Teal. Bout Lonelyness. I feel like Ive been waiting for a change for a long time, just dont let others Control you… and do what I always do: everything different. I lived the swine flue during last trimester and both me and my child had a good immune response as a response to it. And we had the right Labour Health person With the most Down to Earth belief. Samic old nature values, to be more spesific. So no, the flu in itself does not concern me, but remembering how sick I was back then I dont really want it so just stay calm I Guess. Block out the News. Just take the most important pratical advices and follow barely to know how it evolves. This is the aspie..
  8. Waterfall

    What Would They Do?

    What would someone without the flu do`?
  9. Waterfall

    Demons Are About Unmet Needs

    So are you saying demons and deveopment issues are the same? Results of unmet needs? I developed a demon as a way to cope With....***
  10. Waterfall

    Delicate Arch

    There was some People bungee jumping trough that one time, like it was some giant swing. Video somewere on youtube. Or some similar Arch.
  11. Waterfall

    The Lesson Of Autism

    Same thing With an autistic parent, you wont make them conform into society, but that does not make them bad parents. You just have to Accept them as they are.
  12. Waterfall

    Self Sacrifice

    I didnt get my child out of selfishness but I felt joy and graditude and then regret for bringing it into this horrible world. Even at the hospital the nurses harrased ad made fun and wanted to establish Connection With the child without respecting me as a mother. Their behaviour is not to blame me and child for. Wouldnt get deffensive if theyd respect me… Having birth at a hospital was the biggest mistake I ever did. Exept for the hygeiene, witch you could easily get in a birth cottage With my good healthy stage, the social treathment I got was horrible, like a bunch of monkeys thinking they could do whatever they wanted With this female from another Place. I dont think they come from another Place than love. But this world has no love for them. This society does not deserve them.
  13. Waterfall


    Teenage kid holding on too his cell phone. Thats a bit the same or different? Felt strict taking it away but that was the only way I could help him understand and remember how we communicate and look into his eyes. Tried to help him understand his own Power dynamic Control thing and show understanding for how he felt out of Control and helpless.
  14. Waterfall


    Hm. Now, Id like the deffenitions, too, to play and fully understand my own conciousness. To understand my Choices in life and were to go. Perhahaps my son would be big enough to play such a game soon.. simplufied perhaps. A good conversation Tool. My father gave me one important advice when I was Young: Learn to prioritize. And also told me how important Money was even though I had anticapilalistic tendencies I still today have a good hang on my spendings and what I own. Just need to declutter all the stuff People give me that they think I need. Hm. We are all in some kind of process. And Yeah. Painting stuff is fun, I figured too. My batroom has a bit of blue in it now gonna do some Purple in the bedroom closets I think Been painting all of my rooms in cheap Paint last 3-4 years so I actually started that process before, shes just reminding me of the fun in it... Good thing.
  15. Waterfall


    Rain, forest, sea, nature at large… Hm. Perhaps we should have Threes in Our living rooms all year round. Christmas all year? That would be that smudge special made for Christmas then. Different spices. Hm. Thats a thought. Allthough such Things as Dragons Breath appeals to me and Cedar Three.. and such.
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