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  1. Hm... Question. I ust saw this quote of Yours one day about always doing Things the soft manner. If one feels like one is born to do Things the hard way and is really good about it, how can one og soft in an Authentic way? Hm...? Perhaps by being strict "With heart" so to speak and then do small soft Things in between? I think thats were I landed…. Now weres that spesific thing about dealing With changes, … needs timeline to watch again. Oh.. there it is, never mind.
  2. Waterfall

    A Message For Humanity

    I am not on Facebook... does not upset me.
  3. Piglet my sibling said when I was younger, but some say Eeyore. And I feel like that, too. Eeyore with a bit og Piglet in him...
  4. Waterfall

    Synchronization Workshop FAQ

    I found a button one day that said something like become volunteer host. I dont know were it is anymore after that small crash of the pages. Theres snow over here, too, and also metal. Shadow music...
  5. Waterfall

    Life In One Word

    Unbelivable But I wish someone would.
  6. The freedom to make peace with every country in the world. A marriage between all countries and dissolving of borders would that treathen our identity or would it make our differences and personalities more clear and accepted amongst eachother.... Hm...
  7. This is why Im not on Facebook, people waste time on totally useless stuff...
  8. Waterfall

    Funny Movies

    I found this movie Year One. Its a silly comedy witch is the perfect entertainment for a boy in pre puberty learning about religion and morals... Ive also seen Men in thights and Team America - last one is a very great parody.... I also like Monthy Python movies. Decent english humor.
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