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  1. Teal, you look more like a regular person, a daughter, than a spiritual teacher aspect of you. I like that part about you that I didn't know much about till now.
  2. Hana Homsi

    Narcissistic Service

    Best thing I've heard in years. Service to others + codependent = self abandonment and self destruction I love love love this. Thank you for this awesome perspective, Teal!
  3. "There is no dilution to this place" is so on. It's thick, full and succulent in many ways, nature and people. I am a bit overwhelmed sometimes but it is nice to be surrounded by that much energy. Thank you for this blog. It's spot on.
  4. The mentality of the locals is very similar to that of Hawaiians here. Even the energy of the volcano is a bit similar but probably different. I would love to hear what you will experience here on the big island.
  5. Thank you so much for this encouragement. I feel more hopeful. I have stayed so small all my life fearing criticism from outside but for a long time I have this internal built-in self-criticism that kept me here. Diving deep into my pain to shed my old skin. You are awesome, blue whale!
  6. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! I love this! Thank you so so so much, Teal!
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