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  1. Sweet and dear Teal, know that from my point of view you are a wonderful human being, who I consider very precious to me, as just your pure existence and presence brings so much joy and inspiration into my world, imagine how much your work and ideas add to this. There is no other way for me than simply and heartfully love you and I'd love to convey it to you through firmly hugging you with all my feminine softness, tenderness and gentleness. It deeply saddens me that you still encounter betrayals and opposition that hurts you and makes you feel powerless and unwanted. I feel that's especially dishartening when this comes from women, as there could be so much nurturing love and creativity in our banding together. If we just dropped the plain old perspective full of fear, anxiety and victimhood that makes us believe that we are threats to each other, and started seeing the true abundance that lies in us, in our Earth and Universe. Then we could finally open up to a new world full of possibilities we couldn't even imagine before, because we were running in circles, blinded and seperated from each other with our fear and old pain - Come on now! This attitude, this old perspective served us already, there's no need to repeat it endlessly! Why not start anew?! Let's interact with each other without same old fearful, pessimistic expectations and be rather surprised with each others brightness and radiance ! May you be even much more gentle with yourself, Teal, and may you feel your own incredible strength and courage despite your fragility! Sending you lot's of love, warmth and tenderness and wishing you awesome and joyfull surprises each brand new day!
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