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  1. addalight

    You're a nurse and you don't have enough money to last the month? Do you have kids? I'm a nurse so I don't understand the money issues but I can tell It's really hard to leave because you get that, " You can find a job anywhere" phrase, when you try to get a job outside of nursing. Maybe start where you are. I used to find that just as little as 5 minutes of meditation, cleansing, setting intention before work was immensely helpful. Check in with your self once in awhile; are you breathing? Do you need a 1 minute timeout in the med room when your coworkers are driving you crazy? Start small to check that overwhelm.
  2. addalight

    You might want to talk to the people at APMEX. They are really nice people with integrity. They have grown allot but I believe family owned.
  3. addalight

    All of these are 2017 so just putting it out there. I'm in Hudson and not near Asheville or Charlotte. I lived in AZ for 38 years. I would like it if Teal could do a workshop in the South.
  4. addalight

    I really don't know anything about physiotherapy. One of the things I'm wondering is does grounding happen with the PT? It could be grounded if the therapist is grounded. Sometimes IT people don't have enough physical contact so that could be helpful as well. Is there no way for you to be in nature and just do some walking there? I would say if you do the PT be as present when it is happening. Use the opportunity to make it a meditation. Maybe you could do a little of both.
  5. addalight

    I asked the 9th Dimensional Pleadian Collective once, why I thrive on chaos. They said you don't. You're just comfortable with it.