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  1. Hey Shelby, check out my reply on you visiting NZ, things spiritual and healing and the fact we have a B&B halfway down the North Island in Hawkes Bay. I didn't put our accommodation name there - will leave it to you if you're interested.

    Love and Light. Rob

  2. Shelby222

    Your all so far away, but not so far lol
  3. Shelby222

    Hello all from SETX, I'm Shelby and I'm from Orange. If anyone in this area would like to connect and share perspectives, please feel free to message me. It would be nice if people from this area can start gathering and sharing ideas with other like minded people from this area. Never fear, we are here!
  4. Shelby222

    My husband and I will be traveling to NZ next year. I would love to connect with some people there before we go and then meet up when we do
  5. Shelby222

    @AbsoluteWave I suppose i see where you're coming from with the social conditioning. but does it really matter what you were and weren't taught if when it happens you FEEL hurt from the lack of connection? I do feel communication is a very powerful thing. My husband and I argue and fight sometimes but we ALWAYS work it out as its happening to get to the root of the problem, and then we fix it. It's defiantly not easy but it works! we even had an issue before with him cheating. it hurt. but i was willing to figure out what the issue was and since then we have been more connected than anything ive ever experienced before.
  6. Shelby222

    As with most things I suppose there two sides to every situation. One the one hand I can see how one would turn to cheating if their needs aren't being met but on the other hand, from the position of being the one being cheated on, it causes pain and distrust. But then again everyone is different. there are many people out there that don't mind an open relationship (then it wouldn't be cheating, would it?) I guess the real kicker would be to find out what your true needs are. If that includes being with many people than one would need to find a person that is okay with that in order to prevent hurting the other person. If its just that one is unhappy in their relationship maybe we need to work on communication and fixing the problem instead of causing new ones that only lead to hurt?
  7. Shelby222

    @tengerchild I do believe you're right. Its horrible to see all this death and destruction but at the same time i see people waking up every single day.
  8. Shelby222

    just horrible.
  9. I can relate too. I try not to judge but sometimes it's aggravating not having many people around me who aren't awake as I am. But I know that I am not perfect and shouldn't expect them to be. Practice understanding. Also search for what makes you happy. Follow your dreams and the universe will reveal the type of people your looking for. Also, probably my most important piece of advice is this, never stop looking. Never assume someone is or isn't a certain way. Just like someone has to get to know you to know your depths, you must get to know them. Even if they aren't enlightened like you are, as long as they don't bring negativity into your own life they can serve you a purpose and you can serve them too. You never know, you may be just what someone needs to see the light. Never give up! You can message me if you feel like trying to connect and share perspectives.
  10. Shelby222

    Hi Kevin, I am not in your area but I too am always looking for someone to connect with. Mabry we can chat and share perspectives?
  11. Shelby222

    For me, it's being able to stop and observe the negative ones first. A LOT harder than it sounds. So if your thinking something "I feel worthless" or "nothing is going right for me", if you're able to realize your thinking those things as your thinking them, you can stop and willingly think something else, something positive. So if you feel yourself thinking "I am worthless", stop, and find a positive. Think of some one who cares about you or think of a skill or talent you have that YOU feel proud of. It does take practice because most of the time we are too consumed by the negative feelings. But try to start noticing your thoughts as having them.
  12. Shelby222

    The only 2 times I was able to astral project was when listening to binural beats. Never any negative experiences. Most of the time I just fall asleep.
  13. Shelby222

    So my husband told me today that next year we are going to go travel and go somewhere we've both always wanted to go... New Zealand! So I'm wondering if there's anyone out there who would like to connect until then and then possibly meet up when we go? We've both never been out of the states, barely out of Texas so this is going to be an adventure and I absolutely CANNOT WAIT! Our souls need this!
  14. Shelby222

    Nice to meet you. Your a good ways away.