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  1. Ramziya1


    So cute
  2. I think it is done so that people look like “crazy” and not trustworthy. And when it is time to make a new controlling move from the government, people will look like irresponsible citizens who cannot make a right decision for themselves, and those decisions have to be done by “them”.
  3. Ramziya1

    Teal's Resistance

    Thank you for being authentic, Teal!
  4. Thank you for this amazing content, guys!
  5. Ramziya1


    I got scared and sad when watching the documentary "Liberated". It is such a sad truth...
  6. Ramziya1

    Chicago Workshop 2018 - 2/2

    I love Graciella a lot. The minute I saw her in one of Teal's videos I felt energetically "I wish I had a friend like her, because she would not reject me." But, unfortunately, I do not have any friends like her.

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