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  1. Elin

    Hello, I have purchased the Completion Process book and when i try to claim the discount code i get this message: Please Log In. The page you are trying to access is not available for Guests. Error code: 2C137/3 I double checked that I am logged in, then i tried to log out and log back in - and still get the same message. Would appreciate any help :) thanks!!
  2. Elin

    Wow Brilliant, love those quotes and the point ur making! Thank you for questioning my belief about if it's a problem, I can work with this
  3. I have, it's been crazy, so much is happening
  4. What do you think would be the reason behind attracting mismatching star signs in relationships/friendships? Pretty much all of my friends/relationships has been the opposing star signs, and I always get into trouble with them! I want to attract compatible people for a change
  5. Elin

    What gives you meaning and purpose in life?
  6. What do u mean? whats wacky about dating?
  7. Oh I didn't think of that! I was thinking of the Community forum as a place for those who want to connect with people who already live locally. But people who are interested in seeking relationships, might be open to moving to them. The people who are open to traveling, could post in the "Member Introduction" instead maybe
  8. Elin

    Bentinho Massaro
  9. I live in Norway, Europe I think the timezone is called CEST here... But I'm pretty flexible with the times anyway, I dont work or study so i can join pretty much anytime
  10. Elin

    I've also been having struggles with my memory very much lately... I also struggle with concentration, short spawn attention and focus, much more than usual! I feel like something is going on ??
  11. Elin

    Hello @Silvia ! Varicose veins can be a symptom of blocking the flow of some of your emotions. I've been getting them too, and I found that any activity that allows me to express myself freely, especially by moving my body physically, really helps! What works for me might not work for you as the cause and treatment is different for everyone, but some methods of self-expression that works for me is dancing, swimming, playing with my dog, singing, meditating, showering, crying, shouting and punching a pillow, and allowing myself to feel my emotions and express them in whatever way feels good in that moment. What works THE MOST for me is learning how to breathe more comfortably, without unnecessary pauses in-between breaths, and instead have relaxed, deep and satisfying inhales and exhales. If breathing naturally feels hard, it can be cause of trying to run from emotions, so I then try to track which emotion I'm trying to escape, so I can instead put my full focus on it and embrace it instead of running. Healing varicose veins completely might entail searching for where the potential block of energy might be, and then heal it at its core. Also keep in mind that it might not just be negative emotions you're blocking, it could also be positive emotions. In my case I am blocking the energy of allowing myself to relax, so it helps a lot to do all sorts of relaxation techniques, to get that energy of relaxation and peace flowing. I hope you find something that works for you!
  12. Elin

    Hello, I have braces inside of my teeth on my front lower and upper teeth and my dentist told me that I need them for the rest of my life they look similar to this: I was wondering if keeping these there will restrict my flow of chakras in any way? I think my intuition is telling me to get rid of them, almost as if the braces are holding me back in a way if I keep them there. Some other info about my teeth is I have some fillings, removed my lower wisdom teeth, broke my front bottom tooth in half so the root is filled and the top half replaced with fake white tooth, and I have some unhealed cavities. I am trying to learn more about the spiritual meaning behind teeth problems and how to heal them. I love Teals video about finding the root cause of your illness or ailment, to see which aspects needs to be healed energetically/emotionally. A teeth "reading", or any thoughts about the topic at all would be greatly appreciated! Thanks <3
  13. Elin

    Oh beautiful advice both of you, Thanks! I'm already getting into the flow of following my own intuition, its definitely a great tool and works wonderfully! No need to calculate the calories haha