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  1. Camila

    Maui & The Gaia Vortex

    So fascinating, so its gaia creating that vortex
  2. darn I wish she had shared some examples of connection games or exercises to do on these day ? love this however, a lot!
  3. Camila

    Tidying Up

    Not gonna lie but when teal soeaks about and is tapped into the mainstream trends like this i freakin love it! Also as a person who loves minimalism and intentionality im so glad shes doing it too!
  4. Camila

    Ping Pong Of Shame

    With this and many of teals teachings i am slowly learning how to become a better friend, im very grateful. I have been a terrible friend in the past to the point that i had no one. I am aware now of the value of friends and how to treat them to develop deeper connection.
  5. Camila


    Please teal team make more of these as her son and teal allow and feel comfortable with. I have a four year old son and want to know how to explain different things and universl truths to him (of course I will make it simpler for him but its a good start)
  6. Camila

    Always Work Mode

    holy shit . a tv show??? i'm scared and excited, so much work! I can't wait for the details. You two are so adorable.
  7. Camila

    Splits In The Body

    Love this update. Also sorry teal and team for the crisis... the dark side of fame and workshops and therapy... people blaming you for their actions... scares me
  8. This sounds amazing, I have no connection to any holiday, and I would be so excited to finally have one that I really care about. Christmas is my husbands, and it slowly becoming more my own and I am finding joy in it. But I really want Connection Day to be mine and to set up traditions with my son and friends and family. <3 <3 <3 <3 (oh, I was also there in LA, it was a pleasure seeing you live for the first time!)
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