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  1. Gwydion1987

    Childhood Story

    Little Mermaid. (the original) Also Sleeping Beauty and Swan's Lake (the ballet). All of which have to do with being controlled, feeling isolated, limited, sad, not fitting into the cultural narratives (something else is going on), wanting to be free, seen and loved for who I actually am. Wanting to be appreciated. Wanting belonging with someone who really loves me and being willing to be disobedient and rebellious to get there. Now what does it tell me about myself and my purpose that in two times out of three I (as the lead character) commit suicide because I'm not seen and loved or betrayed and heartbroken? Guess I better hang on to the alternative endings where my prince figures out he wants me, fights for me, lifts this curse of suffering from me and I do end up loved, free, seen, wanted and happy.
  2. Gwydion1987

    The Most Difficult

    Thank you for sharing your perspectives! Makes me feel a little less insane. I have been mostly struggling with trying to navigate the world in a way that does acknowledge where people are on this divide and being as respectful as possible while also trying to figure out when and how to take a stand. Parts of me want to only share space with like-minded people and recharge from aggressive reactions I got while other parts of me want to awaken people around me, but the latter feels really exhausting. Thank you for helping me clarify this to myself more and more.
  3. Mmmh. It says video can't be played due to it's 'data protection' settings ... It actually says that about all of your videos I'm trying to watch. Weird.
  4. Gwydion1987

    Preventing Suicide

    Exciting!!!!! <3 I'm working a lot with suicidal teens in my job and all your work is so helpful with all of that! THANK YOU GUYS!!! :*
  5. Gwydion1987

    Spiritual Pet Peeve

    Oh, I read it and watched most of Teal's videos. Somehow this was still new for me, though. I can't remember this dynamic to be addressed specifically.
  6. Gwydion1987

    Spiritual Pet Peeve

    I would so LOVE if Teal could unpack the whole relationship between self-love, loving others and receiving love - and clarify what's linked how and what isn't. Would make an awesome Ask Teal episode I think. Yes? ^^ <3
  7. AMEN!!! Would love to read that book!
  8. Gwydion1987


    Also would love to know if the whole interview is available somewhere. ;) Sounds very helpful!
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