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  1. Nina ♥

    Wow... speaking of the split that happens with teachers these days... reminds me of a moment in my life when I had my nervous breakdown (awakening) The mental emotional pain was more than I can bare... in a therapists office after thinking and going over in my head what I needed to talk about I hit a state where I could not even think a thought no more...My only choice was to be still... I then said to the therapist.. "what if all this isn't even real.... and life was just an illusion.."... (I don't know where that came from at the time but) he said.. " I would not think that way if I were you... that is to dangerous.."... I realised I had to help myself and focused on cleaning and then connecting with the trees..and slowly felt better! .. I would not doubt if in that very moment is when the split took place when the pain became to much to bare..
  2. Nina ♥

    I went through a bit of a nervous break down at the start of my awareness... I would go to the Dr. office 2-3 times aweek begging for help as I sat on the floor rocking back and forth with anxiety and fear..... finally she wrote me a letter. She told me to take it to the hospital and they will help me. I was soo afraid to go and hand them the letter. I was afraid of the stigma.. Afraid for my kids.. I reached out for more help through counselling after "meds" started to work.. waiting days to talk to someone I thought so much about my thoughts and fears that by the time I saw him it hurt to think and I could not think anymore... we talked some and at the end I said .." What if this world we live in isn't really real..and it is the dream.. like an illusion.." The Dr. said.. ."I would not think like that my dear" and ushered me from his office. From that moment on I realise I had to help myself... I started getting out for walks an connecting with nature and I started to get better...and started reading self help books.. my first was "I'm ok, your ok.".. It helped me to understand much! Thank you Teal <3
  3. Nina ♥

    I was watching a movie..."To the Bone".. a movie about anorexia... at 1 hour and 28 min... the daughter comes home from therapy.. Her Mother was recommended that she hold her like a baby and feed her because she did not connect and do that with her enough as a baby.... She made her a bottle with rice milk in it.... by the end of the scene ..the girl with anorexia agreed and the scene made me think of your topic on developmental trauma... <3 Loving ME more because of you!