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  1. I constantly end up with the worst people for me possible. I seem to gravitate towards them. Whenever I've had chances with good, kind, and compatible people I've done things to ruin that chance and gone back to the toxic people. This is a pattern that I've been going through since I was 18 and I am 34 now. When I am with someone good I find that I feel resentful of them. When I am with someone who is toxic I find that I automatically feel in love and romanticize everything of this toxic person. Habit I cannot seem to break.
  2. Roman


    I was expecting to feel insane during the new moon but oddly enough the feeling of emotional insanity didn't come till about two days afterwards.
  3. Roman

    Living With Teal

    I'd love to take the time to live with Teal and learn her on a human level and learn from her. This is something I hope I can manifest into existence someday.
  4. Roman

    Airport Travels

    I was offered a ticket by your gracious team but unfortunarely would not be able to make it due to short notice. Sending all my energy your way Teal!
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