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  1. Celinne Foi


    Teal ,so Please to hear authenticity inspired You.somethime I am inspired by my own choice of not excepting privilege,elite and chose to leave the country ,home,friends, to unknow,until today I ask myself why I did made that choice. any other human will embrace,be ecstatic,happy of the opportunity I had and yet I reject,because I did not and do not believe in communis!i know it is real,never heard of case like,I pay a high price.that is my choice.I loVe Pazle.and one day I Know I will see the whole picture.LoVe You,family,team,You work??
  2. Celinne Foi


    I realise people who criticise Teal,are desperate to promote themselves though her.
  3. Celinne Foi

    Frozen in Time

    I understand,thank you?? LoVe ???too??
  4. Celinne Foi

    The Healthy Way

    Thank you Teal for Always Makeing Clear and way Out of.??
  5. Celinne Foi

    Those People

    Neglect is huge on “those”humiliation,ignorance. Teal,thank you for bringing it up,it is overdue to look into and make proper changes,??
  6. Celinne Foi

    What Is CP?

    LoVe CP,LoVe Puzzle???
  7. Great team, Great Heaven on Earth?
  8. Celinne Foi

    Chicago Workshop 2019 - 1/2

    Passionate Perfomance??
  9. That is the energy we need feel in top shape??
  10. Celinne Foi

    Sergio's Love Song

    Amore Mio? yeh,language make difference, Bravo!!!
  11. Celinne Foi


    I am ready to take action ,specially under You instruction. Yesturday I had an idea all Yogi to go into the Prisent & help the hopeless to get hope in mind,body. Spirit. Teal Please help??
  12. Music to my Soul.16 06.1918 We will Conect to Celebrate the Conectoin! Teal Birthaday !!! That is Our Birth Right. Thank you for Genuine Generosity ??
  13. Celinne Foi

    Hot Chocolate

    That is the way I LiKe ️~:} Must be French style
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