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    That completely makes sense, i ve felt that before
  2. Elena B

    Chicago Workshop 2019 - 2/2

    i am not sure if there was any jealousy from Teal, at least i did not pick that. She started talking about his stage is when she prompted him to receive the attention he was getting on 'her' stage and he confessed he is not feeling it. that is when Teal prompted that he would feel it when he feels the one running the show, this is where 'his' stage came from and she was encouraging him to get the attention he needs in all kind of ways. I dont think she was limiting him, just making him aware it will be better for him to go straight for what he wants. At least that was my take on it.
  3. Elena B

    Las Vegas 2017 - Part 2/2

    Why am i seeing this so late? I guess i m seeing it when i know myself better but it was so good to receive validation in the need to acknowledge my sensitivity and sensory needs! Thank you so much for that
  4. i feel internally conflicted on the sleep part. i know that i snoozed off a lot when attempting to meditate, but i can for sure say that it got me to a stage where i could relax and that was good for me as i had a lot of built up tension in my body before and anxiety. i ve also heard at times that a lot of healing is done in a sleep state so i still have it on my mind that maybe it was what i needed at the time and it still helped me. I am also slightly confused how to go about a feeling that i may be 'avoiding' but then i am actually feeling the fright of a part of me not wanting to go there, not feeling safe, not feeling ready. how does one not become avoidant if a part in them is screaming against it? i have taken myself in intense feelings kind of disregarding the vulnerable part (as i didnt know better) early on and sometimes i do not feel able to take myself full on into the emotion. i do feel i am more able to feel the emotion, in a way i am still feeling the emotion but unable to say get through a situation where this emotion is felt. maybe i am not resisting the emotion itself, but the anticipated action that would occur if the emotion wasnt there in the first place? i got to reflect a bit longer on this. But it does feel i am siding a lot with my vulnerable parts these days and not throwing them under a bus but maybe not providing other support or expansion either?
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