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  1. Dominique32

    Your mom is amazing and you are really blessed to have had her and to have learned so early im sure that has saved you alot of inner child work. Maybe you can try really being present with yourself after the thoughts pass go into your body be completely present with yourself and try to understand what the sensations and messages are trying to tell you especially if they are repeated images. There is a message there. Usually any form of pain or discomfort is a call for attention in some area of your life where a need is being unmet or where a fear is present an unbalanced Solar Plexus can also cause nausea.
  2. Dominique32

    Thank you for taking the time to respond I'm thinking it might be subconscious areas in my life that I could work that are manifesting through dreams.
  3. Dominique32

    Haven't gotten this far yet but sounds like your advancing on your journey and losing your sense of self. It will pass as everything eventually does just try to learn from the experiences. Maybe keep a journal of what happens just before and after you go out of body. Then you can gain some insight if there is a pattern. Just don't feed the energy with fear.
  4. Dominique32

    Thank you so much. You have given me advice that will stick with me for the rest of my life and I will always be using my heart as my compass for now on.
  5. Dominique32

    I'm having the same issue. I know teal has video that she recently made called Don't think about it. Hope that helps you a little.
  6. Dominique32

    Im so happy for you and congratulations for getting that far on your journey!!! Wait until you start seeing the higher self in everyone you meet. Yes this is an amazing feeling I have felt so connected at times that it has bought me tears. It's really beautiful when we come to the realization that we are connected and everything in life is in its perfect place.
  7. Dominique32

    Spiritual Dreams I have very vivid dreams almost nightly to the point where im waking up 5 to 6 times a night writing. Most of my dreams are fear based visions about outcomes of my future. Should I view these dreams as guidance for the future or is this an indication that I need to work on fears in my life. Anyone else able to predict the possible outcomes of their future and if so what has been your experience
  8. Dominique32

    Feeling Stuck Lately on this journey I have been feeling so confused lately about what do next. I know that not worrying and just being is the answer but that's alot easier said than done. I know the pure self doesn't search it just is but I feel like I'm not going anywhere I feel so stuck right now. My mind tries to tell me what I should do but the direction that I'm pointed in doesn't seem like the right path. Anyone else feel stuck or like they don't know what to do next?
  9. Hi there, 

    New to the community hoping to connect with others who are on a journey of becoming and embodying their highest self.