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  1. Awa

    Stability Aid

    So beautiful!!! Thank you Teal!
  2. Awa

    What We Love About You

    Thank you so much Teal
  3. Awa

    What's In My Bag?

    Thank you Teal! That was fun! And I was always complaining about people not seeing my smile! You gave me lots of ideas! thank you
  4. Awa

    June 16th

    Happy birthday Teal!
  5. Awa

    How To Love Yourself Q&A

    So powerful. Thank you Teal
  6. Awa

    Energy Technology Pt2

    Thank you so much Teal!!
  7. Awa

    Energy Technology

    Thank you for the video! Does anyone have the link to purchase the nano wand please?
  8. Awa

    Picture Time

    It was such a beautiful day! So grateful for having this moment with Teal???????
  9. Awa

    The Bigger Picture

    Can’t wait Teal!! So exited!!!???
  10. Awa

    Splits In The Body

    Sorry Teal, sending you lots of Love?????????
  11. Awa


    It makes so much sense!!! Wow I love this explanation??, I remember becoming a professional at predicting my mom moves when she used to hit me younger... Thank you so much Teal??????

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