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  1. Name: Temuka Question: I'm so afraid to become an adult (They have a big body and old face) and would like to go back in time and become my 12-years-old self again. What advice would you give me? I understand that my question is not guaranteed to be answered: I understand that my question is not guaranteed to be answered
  2. Difficulty with talking to people Hello, I have a struggle with talking to people. No matter how I try, I am so anxious to talk with new people. At first, I thought it is just because I am in a different country and speaking different language and then I realized than I have this struggle even in my native language. I am so afraid of boys, specifically. Could anybody help me to overcome this struggle, please?
  3. The Law of Attraction Hello, How long does it take to manifest what I need? I know it is difficult for you to say, but I am in need of 5000 euro and it feels like I will manifest it like 5 or 10 years later. Just what do I need to do to attract it into my experience? Thanks you.
  4. Thanks, I will try to see myself from other people's prespective.
  5. Physical Appearance (feeling ugly about yourself) Hi Guys, Feeling ugly about yourself can be tough, especialy in today's society. I would like to know if it is possible to change your physical appearance (getting bigger eyes, getting clean skin etc..) using the Law of Attracyion. I know the answers I might receive from you, like "Physical beauty is not everything, develop your inner beauty and it will reflect outside", "Don't change yourself just to be liked by other people", "Inner beauty and being healthy are the real beauty" or "You should accept yourself the way you are" and so on. I also know I want beauty to be liked by others. But that is not all of it. I want it because I want to feel better about myself. Right know, I am so depressed because I feel like I am the ugliest creature and cannot fit in this world. No, I can fit but I don't want to be weak and ugly. I attempted suicide for couple of times. So, please, tell me what you think I need to do.