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  1. Bridget888

    Chicago Workshop 2018 - 1/2

    Oh also love love the insight about Christ being a buddiest and his teaching was simple love. That helped with the struggle I had with religion, him, and how to be when engaging with my friends in religions. And ...... “connection” being the only focus was great because I was lost in what direction to take until I asked my self what and where would cause me to connect in the way I always wanted. I got the answer to the first step to take to do that. Sooooo thankful for this video!!
  2. Bridget888

    Chicago Workshop 2018 - 1/2

    That was amazing!!!!!! I can identify with all off them! Also I have gone through that great pain Teal spoke about letting go of my family and everything I knew. I faced death in every aspect. Great news I survived. It took sitting in the pain and feeling it all, which my skin felt was on fire, my soul felt it was on fire too. Likely I had a great therapist who told me I wasn’t crazy for doing what I was doing and feeling the way I was feeling.
  3. Bridget888

    Santa Fe, New Mexico

    Thank you @cyrystalrob great information! Very kind of you to take the time to share this information with me. I read it a few weeks ago but I just now had the time to responds to your kindness. I am thankful for Stephaniey's question because that was more on dot of what I was asking related to the vortex. Thank you for answering her question as well. Bridget
  4. Bridget888

    Santa Fe, New Mexico

    I wish Teal did a video on Vortexes: what they are... what they do... and so forth.
  5. Bridget888

    Preventing Suicide

    Hi how do I watch this interview she is talking about?
  6. Bridget888

    Autoimmune Disease

    I think this would have more likes but it was difficult to find in your feed. FYI
  7. Where is this blog she talks about? What day does it show on the blog post b/c I don't see one related to this date on this post? Plus it is extremely difficult to find her blog on the premium page.
  8. Bridget888


    I feel the same exact way! Thank you for describing it so perfectly so I can explain it to others who may not see my perspective.
  9. Bridget888

    Focusing On Loss

    Holy smokes! Super helpful! Describes my mom perfectly and my friends/relationships patterns! I'm excited to see the healthy patterns develope from this new insight!
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