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  1. All too often I find myself thinking about random events that changed my life. Usually lessons that needed to be learned.. usually the hard way and more often the hardest way imaginable. All of which mostly involve relationships, or lack thereof --would be more accurately stated. Today while shopping I suddenly thought to myself how strange it was that an old friendship of mine went from so incredibly amazing to ending like a world war between two severely scorned women. I realized in that same moment the reason. We were quite different however there was one thing we had a perfectly matched vibration for... neither one of us understood love.. how to give it, how to receive it, how to feel it at all really.. and so with that ofcourse came little understanding of boundaries.. I personally had no concept and i KNOW she certainly had no clue. I've been following your work since May of 2015. You've helped me a great deal. It's fair to say because of your work I've learned, ATLEAST the 'concept of all that love is <and isnt> and how to have healthier relationships. And all too often i have these random thoughts and on the day or within days passing, it's become normal for me to check out your latest video or blog and find that it is the very topic your covering. Not always.. but often enough to keep me believing. Thank you Teal.
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