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  1. Lana Fink

    I have 5 kids ages 5 to 14- I was unconsciously in shock the first 3 years of being a mother and then consciously in a shock for another 4 years. I couldn't believe that as competent as I was as a person, a professional, wife, mother, that being a mother was so fucking hard! I totally felt gas lighted and I was pissed. I started speaking the truth about how hard it was – it also gave other woman permission to feel it and say it as well. I really got in touch with what my personal passion and value of being a mother is and it helped me A LOT. I have no issue at all telling a teacher we will not be turning in reading logs, because we will not be reading, because I already know the kids aren't going to read and I don't have it in me to make them read. I do however, have it in me to tickle their back when they ask or acknowledge how they are feeling, or work out problems that are bothering them. I try and feed them something hot for breakfast before school but I also have no issue with telling them that if they can get up and ready in 10 minutes we will go get something at McDonalds. I would love to live in a conscious community where the woman who love to teach can teach the kids, the ones that love to play with them, can play, those of us wanting to work can work, and let everyone be able to do what they are passionate about. Thank you for writing such a REAL piece about being a woman and a mother!
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    Look at the big orbs and then there is a real small orb moving throughout the video.