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  1. About the spiritual personality. I did it for 6 years. With the "spiritual group" it was a tai ch and than suuuper high healung course (3years). And the healing tehnique used was the "going to higher self". I did not ginish that course. The teacher was/is an abusive person woth HUGA ? spiritual personality. Most of us experianced desintegration instate of integration and growth of spiritial personality. We isolated our selves from phisicality and got totaly lost. So i am not a fan of this technique it can end up as spiritual bypass. Higher self persoective is great. But it has little veeery little knowing about phisicality... so why use plane to ride the roads???
  2. Yep, so it is not about keeping freedom in the box is about being aware in relationship. You see you, he gets to see him. The feeling that you find somebody like him... is the intuition that you will repeating a pattern that hurt you before (long ago). The invitation to stay in the relationship will work only if there will be awarnes so you get to transcend this pattern. And then you will be ready for different partner. And yeeea... i read the comments above, freedom is freedom, freedom is happy. Rebelion is angry. Dogs running free??? Wild... no boundaries... realy???????
  3. Just frirst few moments ... and I can see myself there. Great observation about your husband reflecting the (as you call it ugliest) child part of you thatis starwing for love. I like the idea of feeling the freedom inside, knowing that you have it. It is your choice to be in this relationahip, so when you dont feel free you dont feel free. But you are atending to your inner starving child and you are interacting with husband whom you love... and life happens on conections between people ... (and all thigs:). ... looks like you don't need to be free no matter what... because you are free.. and then in this freedom relationship dynamic happens and you feel control in contrast... but this dynamic is a lesson for both of you.
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