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  1. Hi Teal, I love your energetic interpretations of cities and authentic writing. I was particularly interested in your Munich and Nice expressions. As I lived in Munich 5 years beside the Nymphenburg castle. Closed IS the perfect word, I had icy, but it's similar. I was hoping within those 5 years that it would warm up but it never did and I am kind of still 'healing' or making peace of this past fragment inside of me. My husband is french as well, having his family close to Nice and that was nailing it too. So funny, they do love complaining and it's what is uniting them, I thought that was the german specialty. I love their layed back overall feeling though. It looks all so easy from far and yet being extrasensory perceptive I honor your path very much! You are truly courageous! Much love to you and your community. Interesting is that my husbands dog was Philia. So many parallels, only that i am still kinda "hiding " with my traits... Well, who knows, something to overcome. In deep gratitude, Mandy
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