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  1. So amazing to read what you have written about my home this past 4 1/2 years. Exquisite. I know a woman here known as Aunty Pua (Puanani Mahoe) . There is a term for her that she warns not to use. One can say a Hawaiian Shaman. She and I shared many esoteric views so she shared things with me about Maui. Her ancient Mother is named Hina. She lives in Haleakala Crater. It is the Female Energy of the island. Her ancient Father is named Beru. He lives in Iao Valley. It is the Male Energy of the island. She passed over last year on the 14th of February. She is home with her ancient family now. Thank you Teal
  2. Love that Teal. I've known my Life Purpose for a long while now, to Help People. I'm excited about what you said that we are not Rebuilding but building something for the very first time. I love to Help People Achieve Their Goals. I especially like doing this with people in the Arts - since I personally love the Arts . Last year - I met my twin flame (TF) - and we spoke of my managing her future artistic creations. Last year sure was bumpy but also so transformational as my TF pointed out. The fact that I also Met my TF - for the first time this life, makes it already - quite a - First Time . She is also the one who introduced me to you! The road still feels bumpy due to - she and I are both busy doing the Completion Process and figuring ourselves out. We also both wish to become Completion Process Practitioners. In my past I have been successful with my Life Purpose - but wandered from it. I have felt for sometime now - that I want to get back to my purpose but do it in a new way - using the instruction of our intuition. Oh - glad to hear it will be softer this year too . CHEERS !
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