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  1. Morpheus Wildcard

    so awessome. Meaning for days
  2. Morpheus Wildcard

    You made a couple very good points. @Inquisitor i agree with you that if people are in that much pain the absolutely should be able to end it all if so they choose to. But I've found that There are better ways. In fact there are ways to kill your ego without killing yourself for good. for ex. There is a reason why they call ayahuasca "la pequeña muerte" -> "the little death". if you catch my drift. Si if someone has a death wish they should be able to satisfy that desire but it doesn't have to be a permanent death.
  3. Morpheus Wildcard

    Welcome @ElaAdamek and greettings from Venezuela. We got a nice community of people willing to discuss all kinds off topics here. *insert kiss on the cheek*
  4. Morpheus Wildcard

    Keep it up Emily. Im still on your team, even with the complains. I feel Iike i might know of something that could help you. I'll be DM soon.
  5. Morpheus Wildcard

    I just smoked some weed and this makes sooo much sense. Peace...
  6. Morpheus Wildcard

    I deleted all of my videos recently because i wanted to get more clarity about some of the subjects i'll be covering. #HowFunny. Different parts of me want different things. Go ahead and make some videos if you feel the call @bruna
  7. Morpheus Wildcard

    I feel YOU , baby Demeter. I really do... Dealing with narcissistic parents can be very painful. And it becomes even more painful when you live with them and start taking on the some of the atributes yourselve. [+]Not being able to own shame( ergo the need to think themselves as good even when they know they are doing bad shit) [+]The need to always be right, even if it means gaslightting the shit out you. [+]Taking responsibilities from you to control you while making themselves the victims of your otherwise "irresponsible" behavior. And the list goes on... But let tell you, that we are not alone is this. Narcissism went through the roof in the 70s and 80s. Seems like a a lot of "business people" figure out that they could make money by diluting people into believing that the best way to show themselves and the world, how much self-love one has. Was by getting in debt to buy the stuff they were happy to sell. This create a generation of mindless consumer with Narcissistic Disorders. Yet i don't want people to think im that im against capitalism or money. But marketing , especially the dark side of marketing got us all fucked. We are the generation that followed and we are still part of it to some degree. However , many of us , right now , feel the call to heal ourselves so we can help heal our parents. The call to dissolve our egos in order to dissolve the collective one. We are a generation of wounded healers. And thats beautiful!!!
  8. Morpheus Wildcard

    Yes, i've heard people refereing to this archetype as the "wounded healer". Very interestting , i plan on making a video about this soon!
  9. Morpheus Wildcard

    Dear Emily , it feels like you are making progress. You seem to be getting in touch with some of the things you've been sweeping under the carpet. For understanding must come acceptance. From acceptance comes forgiveness. #LeadingToSelfLoven v dwelling in the darkness can be very exciting , hell it can even be fun... Just remenber to balanced it out with self-compassion and helpping others. (That you are already doing trough sharing your experience on here) Have a great weekend baby demeter
  10. Morpheus Wildcard

    Hello Emily and happy birthday from Venezuela I took my time reading some of your latests posts and i saw myself in many paragrahs. #IsRelatableGirl Journalling is awessome and so are you for taking the time to write. *insert points for realness* Any way , I notice you were having problems with the epstein barr virus. Well, Im not a doctor but i think that means... [+]Lots of dark greens (kale ,brocolly , spinach ,chard) - mix those with fruits and make delicius smoothies. [+] Turkey tail mushrooms - Amazing for boostting imune function! [+] Losts of Vitamin D. All right, happy birthday again... Peace.
  11. Morpheus Wildcard

    Hello there @Mariya , i know of a few things that may help you your migraines. 1) Lost of phytonutrients(Green beautifull food) in combination with healthy Fats to get good blood-flow in your brain. 2) Lion mane mushroom stacked with Niacin(vitamin B3) and vitamin D3. 3) Cannabis with very high CBD content and just a little bit of THC to get the entourage effect. Hope you get better. Report back to the community your experience. Lots of Love!
  12. Morpheus Wildcard

    at least one day a week i'm miserable as fuck.
  13. Morpheus Wildcard

    this is great...Really enjoyed your latest post. Very relatable and well written. Have you ever thought about written some poetry? Keep it up girl. live and learn!
  14. Morpheus Wildcard

    Meditating for someone else is not very different from praying. I personally pray everyday, for people , for the planet, for a cause o just simply to have a closer relationship with the gods. Praying is POWERFULL, so choose wisely what you are going to be praying for.....It might just come true.