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  1. At least you seen to know what you want , props for that *insert aplause* But baby you have to remenber that the more personal the wound , the more universal it is. Don't be so hard on yourself honey. I can tell from here that you got many thing on your side that i know the right people will apreciate. But i do have to warm you that being needy for connection can , in fact make you vulnerable to peeple taht migth take advantage of your unmeet need. Go check out this video i made not so long ago. I've been in similar situations many times in my life. Suffering alone can feel like being in hell. So remind yourself that there are others out there like you, so maybe , you are not that alone after all! You are welcome here. Let us know about any thing that makes you feel alive or that you are passionate about. Peace!
  2. Yoo @Alex7 -> "beso" is kiss and "amor" means Love, also "de acuerdo" means Ok. Very interesting read @Garnet thanks for that! I do Belive there is a difference that needs to made between the "Ego voice" that Don Miguel is referring to. Because it deals with culturally sanctioned models of reality and serves for navigating the social matrix. And the "Logos Voice" as it relates to the concept of the holy other. Divine guidance and deals with the ancestors intuitive knowledge of the natural world. My next video is going to be about this same topic! 🙏🏻💫😁
  3. @Alex7 You are up to something BIG! Reallity is subjective and linked to the eye of the beholder. Therefore the act of perception is ALWAYS affecting on way or another the thing being percive. It gains consciousness you see, it becomes more Being like and Less thing like. It gets fucking enlighten! This is he universe doing it's thing, exponentially gainnig awareness of itself while simultaneously creatting a symbiotic link for expansion and novelty. You can do something similar with people , only that humans are not that good at handeling the "tension" that comes with that kind of overcharged energetic field. But objects, mineral and crystals sure can. So is the model for the basis of magical objects. But coming back to humans, one single individual can act as the proxy for many others peoples awareness...gainning consciousness and power in the process. And the expression the that kind of energetic outpouring of energy will take, as it manifest itself is What we call "Magic". #TheRealMagic And what can you do with this you say? Well is only limited by your imagination. *shinning skin , telekinesis, reallity zapping* to name a few. And forget about moving tin foil , what about moving big fucking rocks and planetary telephaty for a start. Like Ralph Smart likes to say, if every single human knew it's power we will be flying!
  4. Fear exist as a mechanisms top keep us from getting hurt. From this way of looking at it , fear is not bad. But the way you seem to approach this energy is , i think, the key here. You are talking about being afraid of losing control. Have you ever toguh that might exactly what you need? And im not saying to let yourself be consumed by that dark energy/entity , but to re-purpose it. Directting it , not necessarily controlling it( thats the ego resistting it basically). You need to choose you catalyst pro-proactively , or you might found youself on a , lets say , bad situation. @Alex7 Gave you a good subgestion........... Sensory Deprivation Tanks , Bioenergetic work , Boundery Dissolving Psycodelics and Other kind of Release Work( Have you try crying you heart out?? ) can all do the trick , but remeneber , you got to do your best to trust the process of catalysis that will take place. control is the Main self-preserving mechanism of the ego , be aware of this.
  5. Ohei tehre , you are very welcome!
  6. Best song in the world rigth now...
  7. @strangebotwin You are certanly not alone. And even tough you might feel like it. Its good to remind yourself that there is abundance of people everywhere. And even if your reallity feel separate from theirs , you can always reach out for people that will , at least understand what you are going trough. I felt like that for a long time , and still do some times. So i guess you are not alone after all *we feelings*. Self compassion ( that does not have anything to do with selfpitty) is the way to go for you. Stop carring so much if people see you as authenctic/outgoing or even as "yourself" and you'll naturally stop spendding so much mental energy on what you don't want. Hence , freeing up that energy to explorer new and inprove ways to express yourself in the range of emotions available to you when on the presence of others. Hope that helped....Let's us know how to are doing. Your are welcome here baby!
  8. So interestting , i never felt like getting into numerology , but good god i was surrprise for how enlightment/accurate my reading was. Name: Yes , sounds about rigth! Last name: Yep , i find myself on situations like this often... I cringe at how accurate this shit is! /******************************************************************************************************/ well thanks very much @Majda for bringing this interesting resource , i'll do a litle bit more research on the topic of numerology.
  9. Well, in my eyes , you seen to have a massive cognitive disonance. Knowing what to do , and not doing it can make us feel very powerless. This produces shame inside of you heart and that will lead you to more scenarios that mirror that lack of power..In your case , more specifically , lack of respect( or not being taken seriuslly ). Self hate and a fragmented ego , will cause you to spiral into self doubt and self destructuve behavior. But if you watch so much self-help , i can imagine you already knew that. My advice : Get your nutrition on point. Stop watching so many youtube videos that only make you feel more shitty about your current life situation. And for that boyfriend of yours..... He thinks you are stopping him from being succesfull and at the same time he is afraid of being left alone, so he gets and ego feed by capitalizing on your lack of power , to keep you close and at the same time he kind of resents you and feels ashame of you. And you are going to resent him for the exact same reason.
  10. This got to be your best comment on this forum so far @Alex7. Lolll! Such a nice synchronicity OP, im spendding a lot of my free time in a personal quest to find the truth behind the christian religion and cracking the "Davinci Code"... so far im feelling closer and closer by the day , to find out what was really going on at that time in history. Here we got a couple clues deliver my the bard himself talking about early gnosticism , hermeticism and christianity. #McKennaSummon
  11. Unhealthy Energetic Boundaries Aka. Fragmentation Hey what's up you all. *insert cool glases emoji here* I've been looking at Teal's material for a long time. But her latest video "Fragmentation (The Worldwide Disease)" was of special significance for me. Since, from the moment i can remenber, my personal way of dealing with trauma and the potential of re-experiencing bad emotions such as pain and dissapoinment( mainly this one ). has leed me to set in place a series of "Unhealthy Energetic Boundaries" deep within my essence. And therefore , my personal journey the last couple years, its been all about integratting those fragments , shedding light on them and in the process hopefully healling those ( a lot of time hidden ) internal energetic boundaries. Now i got a series of ways in witch i love to unbury. One of witch is , making youtube videos. Making this one helped me a lot , and gave me relive. And i hope it can bring the same to you too.! So , wath you guys think? What you guys think as the most effective way to release the energy around internal , unhealthy Energetic Boundaries? Sorry about my english. It is not my first *lenguaje*. Peace and love from South America...
  12. "Space brownies" are not for newbies when it comes to high-grade cannabis. Specially if they used some super potent sativa strain, that can actually, induce an LSD like ego-death experience. Is good to remind yourself that, Nobody dies from edibles!....even tough you might feel like it. . It is worst if you fight it , belive me. ( as with any plant induce ego-death ) Glad you are Ok dude! Next time be sure to know what you are taking. The people that make edibles do need to slow the fuck down.
  13. I can see you are curious to try them magic mushrooms. So i'll give you a piece of advice. DON'T EVER DO IT! No "gnomes and fairies" telling you cool stuff my friend. Im 99% sure, your self-preserving, condescending ass will get send right into the "MeatLocker". And good luck findding your way out after that. *insert scary looking Ashura guarding the door*
  14. jajajajajjaaj. This thread just reached new levels of epicness. I don't like fedding trolls on the internet. Particularly those wishing to derailed amazings threads by well informed souls like @moonpriestessa. On the other side. For someone how claims to seek truth. It looks like you got your mind made up already. You dont wan't TRUTH, you want to propagate your AGENDA. Your are, in fact , FULL OF SHIT. @Neptune I still love you tough, you remind me a litle of myself from a few years ago, to be honest. And more importantly... you reminded me of this AMAZING video i havent look to in a long time. #McKennaMindSmash Enjoy.