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  1. Difference of intuition I am interested in Your perspective about this. I met in my life either personally or through internet people who received intuitive messages in all kinds of ways. My partners for example: one say coloures, other fellt energies, other heards "words", the last one was able to perceive with all senses about all kinds of "spiritual dimensions". My intuitive experience: I do not see other realms except - when relaxed and looking at the sky I can see small "bubles" which for me fellt right that they are devas of the planet. Sometimes I saw like the space in front of grass was shaking. When looking within I saw quite often a central source and around it all kinds of rotating stuff, or something like a sun moving in the space with vortex following, then there was a space and "boom" something smashed into it and it got divided into 2 parts and I entered in, or I was flowing through "portals/tunnels". I do not hear except - when I hear buzzing sometimes and when I focus within in the head I perceive like there would be waves entering. I probably can smell that certain things are good or bad but not certain experience with that worth mentioning. I do feel a lot and I learned a system to understand - to me this is connected with chakras or body centers. That is the heart is the gateway for the Oneness of the Soul, the thymus is the gateway for my Higher Self and pineal for the akash and innate. Why is it that my intuition is so different than for many others? What is Your personal way of receiving wisdom "from within"?