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  1. @Vanja Zucchiatti dont worry, they are not leading. They are just for the show.
  2. to me it was normal in my family to be treated very poorly, to get insulted, humiliated, ridiculed, beaten up, torutured, shamed. the whole "getting treated like a peace of shit"-programm. this was normal. it took me some time to unlearn that. so to learn, that i am actually worthy of getting treated nicely and respectfully, no namecalling or getting beaten up. my first boyfried shock-presented to me the nice-potential, the second boyfriend humiliated me just like my family, i even had to unlearn from this guy afterwards. and so it went on and got better and better... now when
  3. @Lina77 yes, im thinking the same. I think: THIS is total bias, to think you can shield yourself from ..yourself, actually.
  4. my-alteregos-and-me

    Total BS

    i just read a book about moonology and it says: full moon its time to forgive and let got ... what? and? does it work? there seems to be an actual cult around "forgiving" and "letting go". everywhere they talk about it. but how does that play out in peoples lifes who live under those practices im wondering... i mean it already feels selfabusive to expect of yourself to just "forgive and let got", i honestly perceived it as a push back and ignorance when other people for example told me stuff like that.
  5. backpain; you can already read her article posted here on her page under "articles".
  6. well, my backpain went away after doing more sports and a littlebit of muscle-workout...xD and comes back when i do not do enough sports. dont know exactly where the line is between my inner an outer. my body just needs movement...
  7. My boyfriend and me once "invented" a movie that would have a person like me or us in it... it was really funny and quite interesting
  8. There is not even an emergency, there are just stupid rules and regulations without solid medical backround. Its a show and it would not be a gaslighting when you would not see that the reality is way different and far more normal then what the media tells it is and want you to believe it is. so insane and annoying...
  9. selfprotection i think. by wanting to be in control of whats right or wrong they are protecting parts of themselves that they are scared will get hurt or are hurt when people do or think things they perceive being a threat to their identification (which was built up by traumatization) ...
  10. Its so annoying when someone tries to convince you of their truth and tries to stuff arguments into you and shame you more or less openly or secretly for your own truth that may not be their truth...
  11. I think she said it all. The de-shaming is so important. Its the same with DRUGS. When drugs are illegal there will be a million ways to bring the drugs trough the back door and there will be a lot of different drug-war and a lot of dead people. If it was legalized, there will still be the addicts, but the tension and the focus could be a different one; you could actually adress the issues more openly. to adress the underlying pain on BOTH sides is also so important. to just shame one side for their thoughts and feelings will only fester it, because when you feel that
  12. I dont use facebook and dont know what she posted, can you repost it here please? Thanks! And i totaly agree with your post above; i dont feel good about her allusions to dystopia as well... i wish she could get more precise.
  13. @Reid Pattis im glad you found a solution for now and hopefully for a long time. i found out that there are different solutions for me, but in the recent times i realized several times that i actually are too stressed and under too much tension so that i really needed to chill and i could only achieve this with the mental goal to get even "bored"; i was never actually bored but i needed this inner goal to get my mind chilled just enough to calm down my system. so i wanted to make sure to reduce outside reasons for my hyperactive mind and body. sometimes this didnt work so well
  14. Hi, i have the same issue since my youth actually, in the recent time it got reeeally extrem, the most extrem since a very long time. i mean i sleep only maximum 3 to 4 hours a night, with some nights just 1 hour or less... i feel horrible and my body shivers.. really strange. the only thing i see working for me is, when i try to get really bored and relaxed over the day. I mean things have to get actually boring and slow; that means i have to avoid mental stimulation and stressors at all coasts. I need to avoid mental and emotional arousal, no topics and issues that activate me very much
  15. she really has a thing going with not wanting to do the dishes
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