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  1. i dont perceive her to be "political incorrect". i think there are a lot of oppinions and political positions to support today for which you will socially get burned like a witch and get confronted with pure violence and shameing, so that your scared to actually express an opinion. i havent heard of her anything like that so far, on the contrary, everything very political correct on her side, like being against trump or being pro migration or similar topics... those opinions people "should" have today to be a "good person" ... if you dont youre like the worst person on earth. im so annoyed by that. i think im feeling veeerryyy strong resistance to not being allowed to have an opinion that people dont want to hear and dont want you to have because its not "political correct". people dont want to hear and see things that you see and they want to forbit to have an opinion about what you clearly see, but they dont want to see. they want to gaslight it away. there is always this aura of punishment around them when you have the "wrong" opinion which you are just not allowed to have and you have no chance to ever get heard in that opinion, because its forbidden. with your "wrong" opinion youre getting burned and tortured and shamed and hated and hurt like medival witch, so that you conform to what is wanted from them or from society. then you have to put up with just anything that comes with this whole situation of being muted from your inner truth, your opinion and your problems that go along with that. you have to just let it happen and you have no way to say anything against it or to make it stoooppp. nightmare feeling. i haaate it so much. im so angry because of that, i feel like one of the most inauthentic people on earth because of that and i secretly hate people for that. there is so much anger and fear and shame at the base of that.
  2. my-alteregos-and-me

    Middle East

    a pitty that the audio again is so bad. i barely can understand what is said even with full volume. i would like to know and understand more about whats going on in the middle east right now and why their issues are coming over to europe now ... sadly she never talked about it. only about american, euopean, russian and chinese problems, nothing about middle east, their religion and the violence. i mean maybe from where she is sitting its funny to laugh about to get the head cut off, but i dont think its so funny over there or for european people at the moment who geht into their religious motivated acts of violence...
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