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  1. jm105


    Why do they die? Is it because they receive the reality that is a match to the person they are channeling and the "hardest role" is the one who is a match to death? Or is it because they are channeling someone who doesn't exist or is dead so they die too?
  2. jm105


    My experience is the opposite. No one wants to have sex. But that doesn't mean anyone wants love either.
  3. Please whoever edits these videos add a compressor to the audio track so that we don't have to have the volume all the way up when they're whispering and then it's BLASTING when someone bursts out into laughter.
  4. jm105

    Money Issues

    Okay diamond snorter
  5. There should be a zero tolerance policy for holding the mic a foot away from your face and whispering on stage
  6. jm105

    Chicago Workshop 2018 - 1/2

    49:40 Teal's "coping mechanism-oriented spiritual teacher" voice is hot
  7. jm105

    Frozen in Time

    Help I'm frozen in time and I'm extremely resentful about it because I know I made it happen, I kept myself frozen
  8. jm105

    Preventing Suicide

    DON'T BE LONELY t-shirts
  9. jm105

    Shadow Reasons

    Eat them
  10. jm105

    Creating Pain

    You're gonna die
  11. Omg Teal's automaton voice
  12. jm105


    No you didn't
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